November 14, 2013

US Spies on Israel, But Pollard's in Jail?

The United States promised Israel that Jonathan Pollard, who was convicted of spying on the US for Israel and jailed 28 years ago, would serve no more than a ten-year jail sentence, according to Pollard's former handler, ex-minister Rafi Eitan.

"He has served time for what he did, above and beyond what was understood at the time by the governments of Israel and the US,” Eitan said in an interview on IDF Radio. “The understanding was that he would not be jailed for more than ten years.”

Eitan said that Pollard has served more time in jail than anyone else convicted of a similar offense in the US, and apologized to Pollard “for his being in jail for so many years.”

US Promised to Free Pollard after 10 Years'

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