November 25, 2013

I Am Not a Liberal Humanist

I am not a liberal humanist which in itself makes me ......not politically correct.

I am OK with that. The most forgiving person in the world who can't forgive me for
for being also unforgiving.

Meir Kahane said,

Why should a Jew not marry a nice, ethical, pretty (or handsome), intelligent gentile without this absurd farce of conversion?

Why not just be ethical without reference to Jews or non-Jews, for what in the world are 'Jewish' ethics.

It is because I believe the Torah as is, was actually, literally given by G-d to the Jewish people at the literal Revelation at Sinai.

I must admit it is certainly a compelling reason to be a Jew, and to observe all the Divine Laws of that Torah. This makes us different from other people.

I agree with Rabbi Kahane and want my children to marry Jewish people.

I don't accept the concept of marry someone who makes you happy and then have them convert if they don't happen to be Jewish.

If you believe in Tikkun Olam, explain why. Is it because of Kabbalah's sparks of Adam?
If so why reject the literal Revelation at Sinai if you accept the sparks.
Is it because you are a liberal humanist that is Jewish because anti-semites have labeled you and not because of Hashem?

Ask yourself...

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