November 25, 2013

POTUS = Capitulator

This sad agreement with Iran by the sick little group of Nations may possibily be remembered as:

1) The beginning of the end of the Obama adminsitration

2) The beginning of the end of the Middle East

3) The beginning of the end.

4) The beginning of the Persian assault on Israel

5) The ...

Well lets put it this way. Only an idiot would think there is a chance of peace and capitulation by Iran. Just like the POTUS program of US wealth re-distribution, this is part of the POTUS's program to lower the US staus to be the same as the rest of the world ...
Removal of US exceptional-ism.....

The rest of the axis of Evil is watching this Iran negotiation very closely...
Expect multiple copy-cat tries soon.

The tipping point for Civilization, not Western...other than the West Civilization is already gone ...may already has passed.

The US needs new leadership ASAP!!!! 

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