November 16, 2013

Ambassador Susan Rice Surprises Nobody

Susan Rice was a bad hire and the American people saw it and the "Prophet" POTUS keeps her on staff anyway.

It is clear that what the American people want is irrelevant to the POTUS. He knows, he knows better and we should all step out of the way and let him destroy America.

Susan Rice says Santa Kerry is right and that she does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli construction in Judea and Samaria.

Again, we all know her record....That is why nobody other than the POTUS wanted her...
And yet...she is there...

Israel needs to do what Israel needs to do.
Take advise from no man and certainly from no false "Prophet" POTUS....

You know, the one JIMMY CARTER thinks sucks!  LOL 

Carter is just thrilled to bumped up a spot and to no longer be thought as he worst and most Anti Semitic POTUS of all.

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