December 29, 2011

The Real Coercion in Israel: By Moshe Feiglin

No coercion is good – religious or secular. Today, Israel suffers more from secular coercion than from religious coercion. Unlike the situation in the past, religious soldiers today are forced into combat with women soldiers. Unlike the situation in the past, Israel's citizens today are coerced into witnessing "gay pride" parades and other decadent behavior in their public space. Unlike the situation in the past, the settlers today are forcibly expelled form their homes against the will of the majority of the Nation. Unlike the situation in the past, non-Jewish immigration from Russia is being forced down our throats, with Sudanese immigration thrown in for good measure. The entire Israeli reality has become a platform for the multi-faceted tyranny of the secular minority (approximately 19% of the public) over the traditional/religious/ultra-Orthodox majority.

Just like the unhappy events in Ramat Gilad, the story of Tanya from Ashdod (who was harassed on an ultra-Orthodox bus) was a provocation. It began with coercion, continued with the igniting of an intentional spark, led to stupid behavior by extremists, followed by a mad, false and bigoted media campaign and who knows where it will end? Israel's bus company, Egged, did not want to lose its ultra-Orthodox passengers and offered them their own bus lines in exchange for their agreement not to open their own bus company. That's the whole story. Tanya could have gotten on the two general bus lines from Ashdod to Tel Aviv. But she insisted on traveling on the ultra-Orthodox bus.

Do these provocations justify throwing a rock at an IDF officer? Certainly not. Do they justify an imbecilic ultra-Orthodox man spitting on a small girl whose level of modesty does not conform to his standards? Of course not. Most of the ultra-Orthodox have renounced his behavior.

But the problem here is coercion of all types. And the most significant coercion today in Israeli society is the continuing offensive against anything that smacks of Jewish identity – be it the settling of the Land of Israel, family values (today it is financially worthwhile to divorce and declare oneself a single parent, and many people do this!) or if it is a smear campaign accusing the ultra-Orthodox of discrimination against women.

We would all be well-advised to filter out the media's wailing. The journalists, most of whom represent the junk-culture that takes the prize for humiliating women, have nothing to teach us about respect for women.

Problems in society must be dealt with in a factual manner. Those who discriminate against women or harass them must be punished according to law. But none of that has anything to do with the murky wave of incitement that has been washing over our heads as of late.

The Likud Referendum Before the Expulsion: By Moshe Feiglin

The results of the upcoming election for chairmanship of the Likud (to take place on 7 Shvat, 5772 / Jan. 31, '12) will be analyzed by the Likud ministers and MKs with a fine-toothed comb. The reason? These are the same voters who will vote in the Likud primaries before the general elections in Israel.

The intensity of the struggle for Israel's settlements will be determined in large part by the results of the upcoming elections. In other words, these elections are actually the new Likud referendum; just that this time the Land of Israel loyalists will have the opportunity to vote before the withdrawal program is put on the table, not after. A clear result in the upcoming elections will ensure that the entire Likud faction in the Knesset will stand firmly against attempts to destroy the settlements in the future.

This is not the reason why I am running for chairmanship of the Likud. I even ran when the Likud was in the Opposition and had negligible influence over the government. My decision to run is based on the same principles that have guided us since the very beginnings of the Manhigut Yehudit faction in the Likud. Nevertheless, the fact that we have established a faith-based alternative now directly dovetails with our tactical goal to defend the settlements in Judea and Samaria. We see the settlements as the platform for the ideology that must lead and save the entire State of Israel.

The revolution created by Manhigut Yehudit, leading the faith-based public to the national helm - is the beginning of the changing of the guard in the process of the Return to Zion. Many of the Land of Israel loyalists who have recently joined the Likud see their move as strictly tactical; a statement that is meant to increase the pressure on the people making the decisions. It is difficult for them to understand why I insist on running for chairmanship of the Likud.

This race is part of the rung-by-rung climb to the helm of the State of Israel. Each time I run, I win a significantly larger percentage of the votes. Nobody can promise that this will always be the case, but if I hadn't run in 5763 (2003) and won only 3.5% of the vote, I would not have progressed to 13% of the vote in 5766 (2006) and to 23.5% of the vote in 5757 (2007). Every race is another rung in the ladder that leads to leadership of the Likud and the entire State of Israel. With G-d's help, the upcoming race for chairmanship of the Likud will be the last rung on the ladder to leadership of the National Camp. From there, it is only a short way to leadership of the State of Israel.

But even if I will need to climb an additional rung before reaching the goal, every faith-based vote in these elections draws us nearer to leadership. This time it is completely clear that a vote for faith-based leadership strengthens the settlements in a new type of voter referendum – the voter referendum that precedes the catastrophe and with G-d's help, will head it off.

So instead of packing your sleeping bags to go to yet another anti-expulsion demonstration, come to our opening campaign rally on Tuesday, 8 Tevet, (Jan. 3). Bring your friends and family and do all that you can to elect genuine Jewish leadership for Israel.

December 26, 2011

Judea and Samaria Museums Bill Passes First Reading

The Road to Annexing Judea & Samaria

 "National Union Knesset member Uri Ariel, sponsor of the bill, explained the measure is intended to be the springboard from which Israel will be able to eventually annex the two regions.
"It's an additional step," Ariel said, "an important one that is necessary to strengthen our hold on the Land of Israel and stop discrimination against those who live in Judea and Samaria."

December 23, 2011

Why I am Running for Head of Likud - Moshe Feiglin

Why I am Running for Head of Likud
By Moshe Feiglin

13 Kislev, 5772 (Dec. 9, '11)
There we sat, Manhigut Yehudit's Strategy Team, for our first strategy meeting ahead of the primaries. "According to Likud law, primaries for chairmanship of the Likud will be held in about a year," I said, "and we have to prepare now." We spent hours discussing different ideas and assigning tasks and projects. As people began heading for the door, somebody read aloud a headline that had just come through on the internet: Netanyahu Calls for Primaries on Jan. 31. "Very funny," someone laughed. But it wasn't a joke. Our entire meeting had just been rendered irrelevant. We have seven weeks until the primaries. My phone began to ring. Reporters asking my reaction to Bibi's bombshell. "I will run for the head of the Likud no matter when primaries will be held," I declared.

Why run? And why run on such short notice, when Netanyahu obviously has a clear advantage?

The greatest threat hanging over Israel's head – greater than a nuclear Iran – is the loss of our legitimacy to exist as a Jewish state. From our long and difficult history we know that the delegitimization of our right to exist ultimately leads to annihilation.

We have rightfully "earned" the existential question mark hovering over our heads, after years of evasion and blurring of Israel's Jewish identity. Faith-based Jewish leadership that will rally Israeli society around its Jewish identity is nothing less than an existential imperative.

"But you don't have a chance," people say to me. My answer to that is that no revolutionary vision has a chance at the start. But when pursued with determination, the vision always turns out to prove itself well-connected to reality. This means that as long as I do not give up, I am always winning. The Wright Brothers' first successful flight turned all the crashes that preceded it into part of the success story. The principle was right and with their perseverance, they ultimately succeeded. In the previous primaries, I received 25% of the votes. In the primaries before those, I gained more votes than all the other candidates – who were senior government ministers at the time. That would not have happened if I had not dared to run the first time – and receive only 3% of the vote.

Ultimately, the most realistic thing in the world is the fulfillment of G-d's will. The Creator has not guarded the Nation of Israel for the past 3000 years, restoring us to our Land after 2000 years of exile, just to establish another Western, democratic, liberal province on the very piece of land that the "oppressed" "Palestinians" claim as their own.

The Nation of Israel has a national destiny and a universal message to bring to the world from Zion. That is the reality. To continue to exist and flourish, the State of Israel needs Jewish leadership. It needs leadership that understands the Nation's destiny and strives to fulfill it. The question is not if we will win the primaries for leadership of the Likud. The question is when we will win and lead our Nation. We will win, because we are the only candidates on the national leadership arena that are connected to reality!

December 14, 2011

Nachshonim Project

Nachshonim Project

The advocates of the base insist that it is a gift from the US for signing the Wye Agreements. Far from being a multi-billion dollar project, the whole thing only costs $125,000,OOO. And all that are going up are some harmless warehouses.
I will lead the chorus who insist that this is the cover story and it's a flimsy one at that. $125,000,000 may cover the cost of the warehouses but there is much, much more to this base than them.  (Barry Chamish)

December 12, 2011

The Refugees - Myths and Facts

The Refugees

Dershowitz: Israel Has Legal Right to Attack Iran

Israel has every legal and moral right to stage a pre-emptive strike on Iran, says renowned legal expert Prof. Alan Dershowitz.
Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
Israel has every legal and moral right to stage a pre-emptive strike on Iran, renowned legal expert Prof. Alan Dershowitz said in Tel Aviv on Monday. He also wants to hear U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speak out more strongly against Iran.
Speaking at the annual business conference sponsored by Globes, Dershowitz stated that regardless of whether or not it would be wise for Israel to attack, “Israel has the right morally and legally to strike Iran just as it did on [the nuclear facility] in Iraq in 1981. Having the right to attack does not mean that it should do so, but I would defend Israel’s right.”
Despite the “deep and positive” security relationship between the United States and Israel, he fears that there may be a “disconnect” over Iran’s race to produce a nuclear weapon and reach the capability to stage a nuclear attack on Israel.
“Israel doesn’t have the military capacity that America has to destroy Iran’s underground nuclear facilities,” Dershowitz explained, adding that that “United States can wait a longer time and has more of a willingness to tolerate a nuclear Iran.”
He praised Obama for stating he will not tolerate an Iran with nuclear weapons, but added, “I would like to hear that from the Secretary of State [Hillary Clinton]."
Turning to Turkey, Dershowitz lividly criticized Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for demanding an apology from Israel over the flotilla clash between terror activists and the IDF on the high seas in May 2010. “Turkey has never apologized for the genocide in Armenia. Talk about chutzpah? Talking about Turkey demanding an apology from anybody?"
Dershowitz also advised Israel to be more aggressive against countries’ threats to arrest visiting IDF officers and political leaders for alleged war crimes.
Israeli officials should not "duck back into their planes,” admonished Dershowitz. “That is not the way great nations behave,” he continued. He advised officers and politicians to "hold their heads high" and challenge countries’ authority to put them on trial.
Dershowitz vowed if they are arrested, he would ”put together the greatest legal team ever assembled.”
He added that Israel’s record  is better than that of Turkey and  NATO and others when it comes to the ratio of civilians to terrorists who are killed in warfare. Deshowitz declared that "the double standard against Israel." whereby countries are far more guilty of the same charges made against Israel, represents "the depths of international law and the hijacking by the left."