September 27, 2013

5774 - Start the Torah - Review needed.

So where does the world stand?

There is a clear axis of Evil and then there are the other Countries that are:

1) Powerful and engaged for whatever reasons.
2) Not powerful and engaged whatever reasons.
3) Powerful and not engaged for whatever reasons.
2) Not powerful and not engaged whatever reasons.

You can make a list yourself. The only Countries that are relevant to the discussion are those engaged.

The engaged do make or try to make policy for those not engaged. Either directly or by omission.

The major issues are ( not in order) :

 1)  War on Terror
 2)  Dictator States
 3)  Global warming
 4)  Health
 5)  Economies
 6)  Nukes
 7)  Poverty
 8)  Racism
 9)  Aid
10) Water
11) Oil/Energy
12) Human rights
13) Free trade
14) Iraq
15) Middle East
16) Islamists

All of these issues affect directly or indirectly Israel.
Because of the antisemitism promoted primarily by the Arab/Muslim/Nazi's (AMN), Israels actions are
misconstrued on a daily if not hourly basis.

The US suffers from a similar type of problem. By promoting Democracy worldwide, they are seen as imperialistic ...through the very clouded lens of the countries they are trying to free. This is usually promoted by the AMZ and the local despot, dictator that obfuscates the truth.
No matter what any Country or individual says...If any of these Countries adopted Democracy ...the despot, dictators would be removed. Some may say that there would then be a new "ruling class" elected to rule and beholding to special interests that put them there. This may be true ...but it does appear to be so much better for the general population then can be discussed here.

If the world was Democratic the issues listed above would change completely...
Democratic leaders would be able to negotiate instead of fighting....MAYBE.

In addition a new collection of know A league of Nations could be established ...
Perhaps like the original body...

This did not and will not happen.

So we return to the list above and realize that the issues has different urgency for each country.

As a world body, the eradication of the AMN would eliminate the terror and the nuke threat ...or at least go a long way towards being in control of the threats.

When the Islamist threat is removed from the world stage..the rest is downgraded  and can be dealt with for the benefit of all.

For Israel, the threat is external and internal.
They are surrounded by the enemy and also have a fifth column inside the Country now.
The US has a Fifth column completely originated by the House of Saudi ...a bitter enemy...even if the US Government doesn't recognize it or simply is drunk with oil. If the oil is that important, the US should have taken over Saudi Arabia , seized the oil and been done with it. The AMZ think that is how the West is. But alas, it is not.

The Mosques in the US, created by the Wahhabi Saudis are the future implementers of terror and the leaders in the Islamist quest for World domination.

The other issues pale compared to AMN.

What do you think?

What does it mean to be Jewish?

So what does it mean to be Jewish? To me, it means the following: ● To believe in God. Divine affirmation is the foundation of Judaism. Everything else comes after. ● To observe Shabbat and the various yom tovim. What could be more meaningful, spiritual, and fulfilling – more Jewish – than practicing the religious aspects of Judaism?

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So what does it mean to be Jewish? To me, it means the following: ● To believe in God. Divine affirmation is the foundation of Judaism. Everything else comes after. ● To observe Shabbat and the various yom tovim. What could be more meaningful, spiritual, and fulfilling – more Jewish – than practicing the religious aspects of Judaism?

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So what does it mean to be Jewish?

To me, it means the following:
● To believe in God. Divine affirmation is the foundation of Judaism. Everything else comes after.
● To observe Shabbat and the various yom tovim. What could be more meaningful, spiritual, and fulfilling – more Jewish – than practicing the religious aspects of Judaism?


To Be Jewish

Must See! - Rational Approach To Divine Origin of Judaism

Exploring Judaism’s unique claim that no other religion in history has made.

..A rational approach....

A must see - Not just Any Wedding!

September 26, 2013

Happy Happy Joy Joy

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September 25, 2013

Catastrophe is on the way

Summing up his speech to his supporters, he said: "I want to wish us two things. First of all, just as we have made headway on the Temple Mount until now, let us wish ourselves that on Pesach, six months from now, we will say – 'Wow! A Pesach sacrifice is being sacrificed on the Temple Mount.”

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Catastrophe is on the way

September 24, 2013

Hollywood collaborated with Nazis

"Hollywood (in the 1930s) is not just collaborating with Nazi Germany, it's also collaborating with Adolf Hitler, the person and human being," Urwand told The New York Times.

The fact that the Nazi regime intervened in the Hollywood's film industry is known and documented, but Urwand suggests that the relationship between Hollywood and the Third Reich was much deeper and long-lasting than previously known, that this warm relationship continued until the beginning of the 1940s.

Hollywood collaborated with the Nazi's

Repeat Performance: Jews Banned from the Temple Mount

"The police have once again violated the order of the Knesset's Interior Committee to open the Mount to Jews without disruption during the intermediate days of the Sukkot holiday,"

Jews banned from TM

THE CHALLENGE - RABBI MEIR KAHANE - 1974 (still the same!)

In the year 135 the Judean fortress of Bethar fell to the Roman legions of the Emperor Hadrian.  In a bloody confrontation tens of thousands fell.  The leader of the Judean revolt, the legendary “son of a star,” Bar Kochba, was found dead, and the people of Judea were scattered to the four corners of the earth, there to begin an Exile unprecedented in persecution, in stubborn survival, and in faith in return.

Hadrian, furious with the stubborn and rebellious people, undertook to totally eradicate their pernicious faith and to wipe out the memory of their nationhood and land.  Edicts were issued – accompanied by the death penalty in case of violation – forbidding the Jewish Sabbath to be observed, outlawing the circumcision of children, and banning the study of Torah.  Under the supervision of the procurator Rufus, the plow was drawn over the city of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount as a sign that Zion was forever buried and plans for a new city, Roman in form and pagan in character, were drawn up.  The name Jerusalem was erased and the new city called Aelia Capitolina.  A column was erected in honor of Hadrian, and memorials, temples, and statues dedicated to Roman, Greek, and Phoenician gods defiled the Holy Land.

One other thing was done.  The name of Judea, the home of the Jewish people, was changed to “Palestine”.  Had Hadrian suppressed this desire to erase the memory of Jews and their state, and not changed its name, it is conceivable that the Jews of Israel would be faced today with “Judean” terrorists.

The time has come to declare a policy for Israel and its Jewish supporters that clearly, loudly, and pointedly proclaims that there never was, there is not now, and there never will be such a thing as a “Palestine” people or state.  The Land of Israel, Eretz Yisroel, is the land of the Jewish people, and no one else’s in all its historical boundaries.  In the face of public and strident Arab hate and threats to destroy us totally, all those who live under the illusion that “compromise” will bring peace and security to Israel are either fools or knaves.

The only hope for the Jewish people to preserve their own state and existence, a right claimed by all peoples, is to hold on to every inch of the land they liberated in 1967, push with all their strength for a massive Jewish immigration and settlement in all parts of the land, and promote a program that will convince the hostile Arab minority both in the liberated lands and in the “little Israel” of pre-June 1967 that their own best interests would be served by emigrating to other lands.  Let us examine these points more carefully.

On a clear night more than three millennia ago, a man named Abraham stood in the desert and heard the voice of G-d say: “…Lift up now thine eyes and look from the place where thou art, northward and southward and eastward and westward, for all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it and to thy seed forever.  Unto the L-rd is the earth and all that is in it.”  The creator of the universe, who gives and takes away, gave unto his people the Land of Israel as theirs, alone and without reservation.  This is the Jewish claim to Israel.

Upon this claim the children of Israel returned from the slavery of Egypt to liberate the land and create their Kingdom.  Upon this claim they lived there for hundreds of years from the time of Joshua until the destruction of the first Temple.  Upon this claim they returned from their Babylonian exile to set up yet another Jewish state that survived hundreds of years more.

On this claim they wandered through two millennia of exile, never forgetting, daily repeating their claim to the land from which they were driven, surviving until political Zionism realized the vision that the believing Jew had kept alive.

There is a Jewish people, the same that began with Abraham.  There is a Jewish state, the home of that Jewish people from the time of the first divine promise.  This is the Jewish claim.  It is not a request.  It is not an offer.  It is not a plea.  It is a claim and it brooks no denial.  We have no home but Israel; we have no claim to any home but Israel.  But within this one small state, that claim is absolute.  The Land of Israel is the land of the Jewish people, whose claim to sovereignty over it – all of it – is clear and as ancient as G-d’s decision to grant hat sovereignty.

A “Palestine” people?  The concept is a contradiction in terms.  There is either a “Palestine” or a Land of Israel, and we declare for the latter.  There is no “Palestine” and if there is no “Palestine,” there is no “Palestine” people.  Arabs?  Yes.  Those Arabs who dwell and who dwelt for years within Eretz Yisroel are indeed part of the Arab people or nation and we respect and recognize that definition.  But, they are not “Palestinians” for there never was such a concept.  The Arabs who wandered into the Land of Israel while it lay desolate and empty of its exiled Jewish sons and daughters came as trespassers and interlopers.  The passage of time, no matter how much time, cannot make legal that which is illegal.  The claim of Arabs to have lived within the land for years or centuries is irrelevant in terms of a claim to Arab national sovereignty.  And how much more so when “Palestine” was always looked upon as nothing more than southern Syria. As individuals who arrived and lived in the Land of Israel while there was no Jewish state, they are free to live and prosper.  Under claim of national right, they are entitled to nothing.  Jews have a sovereign national right to the land as a people and under this, each Jew has a right to live in Israel.  The Arab, with no national sovereignty claim, may ask to be allowed to live in Eretz Yisrael, but can expect nothing more than that.

It is this most basic concept that gives Jews not only the right to their own state, but the right to a state within the entire boundaries of the Land of Israel.  Neither a fictitious “Palestine” nor a no less fictitious “Jordan” are anything more than interlopers within the boundaries of Eretz Yisroel.  To be sure, the Jewish leaders in 1947 reluctantly accepted a Jewish state whose boundaries were not only absurdities but enclosed only a small fraction of Eretz Yisroel.  Their acceptance of these boundaries in no way meant acquiescence in any foreign claim to parts of Eretz Yisroel but a willingness to accept a desperately needed state and a condition of peace.  Their motives were not acquiescence in or recognition of foreign claims, or the waiving of Jewish rights, but a desire for peace and a postponing of Jewish claims until the Messiah comes and resolves kushyot v’bayaot (problems and difficulties).

In return for peace and a genuine recognition of the Jewish right to a state, Jews were willing, not to give up their rights, but not to press for rightful claims.  But when the Arabs chose to deny any Jewish right and went to war, the Jewish claim to all the land that fell to its armies became clear.  What happened in 1948 and again in 1967 was that Jewish land returned to its people.  We do not seek war; one Jewish life is not worth all the Jewish land that is under foreign rule.  But when war is forced upon us and Jewish bodies fall, then the historic land that returns to us remains – never to be returned.

What is the Arab of Eretz Yisroel?  A human being, and we respect him for that and must treat him accordingly.  What else is he?  A member of the Arab nation, and we respect him for that. But he is no more than that: he is not a “Palestinian” belonging to a “Palestine” state, because both designations are fictitious.  The Jewish claim rests upon divine grant and historical continuity based on that grant, and even if there were no questions of security, the state and boundaries of that state would be Jewish for historical reasons alone.

Yet there is a security question, a question that goes to the heart of the existence of the Jewish state and the lives of its inhabitant.  This question of security concerns the liberated lands, the Arabs who live there, the Arabs of pre-1967 Israel and, indeed, the entire Arab-Israel conflict.  All of these problems from a security standpoint have given rise to a number of dangerous illusions that we must look at carefully and dispel.  We fail to do so at our own peril.

The first illusion can be stated as: “If only Israel shows ‘moderation,’ a willingness to ‘compromise’ and is prepared to make ‘concessions’ to the Arabs peace can be achieved.”

Anyone who thinks this way encourages the destruction of Israel.  Despite pious hopes and impious pressures, the fact remains that there will be no peace between Jews and Arabs so long as there remains a Jewish state of any kind, no matter how small.  Regardless of what concessions Israel might make to the Arabs – be they the modest concessions of a Golda Meir or the maximalist concessions of the Israeli Left – all of the land that is now Israel is considered by the Arabs to be part of “Palestine.”  There is no difference to the “Palestinian” between the soil of Hebron on the West Bank or that over which are build the Jewish costal villas of Herzliya and Savyon.  “Shehem (Nablus) is like Tel Aviv and Haifa and Jericho are both mine,” sayeth the Arab nationalist.  So long as there remains a Jewish state with the name of Israel, the Arabs will never agree to peace.  

If that is a depressing prognosis, far better for pundits to be depressed than for Israelis to succumb to false hopes and be exterminated.

One finds it difficult to understand those who claim that a return of the lands liberated in 1967 will bring peace closer.  If that is the major drawback to peace in the Middle East, what in the world did Nasser want in 1967, when the Arabs had all the territory they now ask to be returned?  On June 4, 1967, as the Arab world was consuming itself in an orgy of hate and describing in intimate details what it was going to do when it captured Tel Aviv, all the areas it now wants returned as the price of “peace” – the Sinai, the Gaza strip, the West Bank of the Jordan, the Golan Heights – were in its hands.  What was the fight about then?  And what was the fight about in 1956 when Nasser, with Soviet aid, prepared to wipe out an Israel that was not sitting in Hebron and Sinai as it does today?  And what in heaven’s name did the Arabs want returned in 1948 when the United Nations Partition Plan created a grotesque and impossible Jewish state that encompassed a mere 13 percent of the land originally mandated by the League of Nations?  In all the wars that the Arabs forced upon the Jews since 1948, and indeed in all the terror and pogroms of the Arab nationalists since 1919, the aim was clear: no Jewish state at all.  This proposition, I put it, is unacceptable for the Jews of Israel.  Thus, without a change of Arab heart, which is nowhere to be seen, there will be no peace.
One laughs - but is not amused - at those who point to the statements made by certain Arabs that they are now willing to accept Israel's existence.  In the face of the volumes of hate, threats, and solemn oaths to wipe out Israel, what conceivable faith can be placed in such obviously politically motivated statements?
Having failed to wipe out Israel militarily and perceiving the need for world support, the Arabs must carefully, although temporarily, shelve the old truths and present a more modest and balanced image.  "Throw the Jews into the sea?  Heaven forbid!  All we seek is a return of what is ours."  It is an unfunny joke.  The clear fact remains that even if an Arab leader exists who would seriously accept the existence of Israel, he would not  long survive the signing of a pact and the pact would not long survive him.
Any pull back by Israel to the impossibly dangerous border of June 1967 would be followed by a denunciation of the peace agreement by Arab opposition elements and Israel would be faced with a fait accompli accompanied by at least three days of world sympathy.
Concessions?  Compromise?  Moderation?  Foolish exercises in self-delusion and self-destruction so long as the Arab believes - as he does - that Israel is a bandit state and that the Jews have stolen "Palestine." 
It is because we - more than the Jewish leftists and liberals - understand and respect the reality of Arab nationalism, that we realize the futility of expecting the nationalist to give up his dream.  Would we lose our hope?  Neither will the Arab nationalist.

September 23, 2013



The election of a national emergency government for four full years, consisting of one party (rather than the impossible coalition of today) that will be obliged and have full power to implement the following program:

A)    Putting an end to the Arab uprising with all means that the army
deems necessary.  This will include automatic and compulsory expulsions of law-violators and their families, the free use of weapons against stone-throwers and other attackers of Israelis, as well as permission for Jewish civilians traveling in the territories and under attack, to use their weapons freely in the same manner as soldiers.

B)    The annexation of the liberated areas (Judea, Samaria, Gaza) by
 incorporating them into the State of Israel.  Full Jewish sovereignty over the land of Israel, including the Temple Mount, and free Jewish settlement throughout the land.

C)    Offering both the Arabs of the territories and those within the
pre-1967 Israel the choice of: 1) remaining in the land with full individual rights (cultural, social, religious, economic) but no national ones (they will not be citizens, will not vote, nor sit in the Knesset) as they recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people, 2) leaving the country willingly with compensation for property or, 3) refusing both of the above and being removed from the land.

D)    Dismantling the country’s present bureaucratic, government-
bobbled economy and introducing a free economy with private initiative, incentives to investors, and freedom from obsessive regulation and red tape.  The opportunity to make Israel an economic super-power lies down the road of free enterprise.

E)    A total overhaul of the country’s educational system to put an end
 to the disastrous ideological bankruptcy of the young Israeli who has little if any knowledge and emotional links with Zionism, Judaism, or Jewishness.  A curriculum that will include large doses of Jewish values and Jewish sources as well as Jewish national pride and Zionism, taught by ideologically competent teachers.

F)     The creation of a new state television and radio authority with
 positive values toward Judaism and Jewish nationalism.  An end to the deliberate distortions of the news and the undermining of national morale and values.

G)   The compulsory learning by every Jewish youngster of a manual
trade so as to recreate the Jewish worker that was the dream of Zionism and is the basis of any normal national economy and state. 
 At the end of four years, another referendum will be held to see if the people agree that the aims of the national emergency government have been achieved or if another four years will be needed.

The referendum will declare and mandate that, if approved the Knesset will be dissolved and a free election held within 30 days to elect one party with full and absolute powers and obligations to implement the program mandated by the referendum.  Any party or list will be eligible to run and be elected on condition that it pledge to full accept and fully implement the above program.

This will be the reply to the enemies of Israel who dream of its destruction.  This will be the reply to those within the State whose policies would destroy the Jewish body and eliminate the Jewish soul.

As World War II struck Great Britain with all the frightening implications of defeat, British democracy froze the democratic political system, suspended elections and major political rights.  It did so because Great Britain faced a threat to all that was dear to it.  How much more should Israel, faced with a threat to its very existence, not shrink from this.

And one can fairly taste the reaction of the demagogues of democracy to the above. On every high hill and under every leafy tree the declaimers of democracy cry out in well-rehearsed fury: This is a threat to democracy!

Ah, how shrill the squeal of the stuck, the bowl of the hypocrites of political history. They bemoan the threat to democracy. They warn against the treat to democracy.  The democracy that does not exist and that never really did in the state of heartbreak.  Israel.

September 18, 2013

Disconnect Israel's Interest from America's

From the end of the War of Independence in 1949 and until the First Gulf War in 1991, Israel’s civilian population was out of bounds. Israel had created a balance of fear that dictated that shelling its civilian population was not an option and would lead to all-out war. When the Syrians shelled Israeli towns in 1967, Israel retaliated by conquering the Golan Heights.

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From the end of the War of Independence in 1949 and until the First Gulf War in 1991, Israel’s civilian population was out of bounds. Israel had created a balance of fear that dictated that shelling its civilian population was not an option and would lead to all-out war. When the Syrians shelled Israeli towns in 1967, Israel retaliated by conquering the Golan Heights.

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From the end of the War of Independence in 1949 and until the First Gulf War in 1991, Israel’s civilian population was out of bounds. Israel had created a balance of fear that dictated that shelling its civilian population was not an option and would lead to all-out war. When the Syrians shelled Israeli towns in 1967, Israel retaliated by conquering the Golan Heights.

Read more at:
From the end of the War of Independence in 1949 and until the First Gulf War in 1991, Israel’s civilian population was out of bounds. Israel had created a balance of fear that dictated that shelling its civilian population was not an option and would lead to all-out war. When the Syrians shelled Israeli towns in 1967, Israel retaliated by conquering the Golan Heights.....

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Disconnect Israel's Interest from America's

September 12, 2013

POTUS, Putin and the Gas....

It seems as though people have actually learned how to effectively play people or groups or even Countries.

The way it works is the evil people understand the basic nature of the non-evil person.
They have learned to appeal to their sense of fair play.
Meanwhile the evil ones are planning to take advantage of the seemingly disarmed.
They are led to believe that anyone who is this reasonable or rational is trustworthy....

When on Earth did the former leader of the KGB and current despot in charge of Russia and plenty of FSU Countries become trustworthy or reliable.

Putin is known for stealing rings and creating UN vote roadblocks simply to try to make Russia a player.
Without the Nukes, Russia is ....hmmm Ukraine? Well, you get the idea.

Israel is catching on that they are the fall guy in all of the POTUS's plans.
No matter how the ME ends up, the POTUS wants to make Israel beholding to the US for protection.
The POTUS wants to disarm Israel in a sense if not literally and then claim to provide some Sicilian certain costs...Jerusalem....Israel pulling back to 1947 borders etc....

Syria is filled with people that are no friend of the US or Israel.
Syria is engaged in a civil war ...the POTUS is confused because the US usual M/O is to support the despotic leader until they are to much trouble for one reason or another. In this case
the non-secular alternative is worse and the only collateral damage seems to be fleeing the Country
in huge numbers.

Where is the POTUS petitioning the UN for international rule in Syria with protection for Assad?

Where are the human rights groups now?

They are to be seen because Israel is not involved.
Where was the US Rep to the UN during the Syria vote? On personal business...why?
Cause Israel was not involved.
This administration's blatant Anti-Semitism is growing in transparency.

The POTUS is the red line for the US.
He has crossed is time to recall the POTUS


September 3, 2013

Obamacare, turning the Dr's office into the DMV....

Syrian Rebels in Ghouta Report Chemical Attack Was a Rebel Mistake

Syrians in Ghouta, including rebels and eyewitnesses are reporting that the chemical attacks on August 21 in Ghouta were the result of rebel mistakes. This story comes from veteran Associated Press writer, Dale Gavlak, via his new gig at MintPress. Gavlak has been covering the Middle East for years for the AP and other outlets.
In his most recent story, Gavlak interviewed numerous "doctors, Ghouta residents, rebel fighters and their families" in an attempt to find out what happened from people that live in the affected regions. Many of those interviewed believe the weapons came from Saudi Arabia via Prince Bandar bin Sultan.
Abu Abdel-Moneim, the father of one opposition rebel who died in the chemical attack is quoted, "My son came to me two weeks ago asking what I thought the weapons were that he had been asked to carry." He went on to describe the weapons as "having a 'tube-like structure' while others were like a 'huge gas bottle.'"

Syrian Rebels - Chemical attack was Rebel mistake

Fiscal deficit not enough for POTUS, add leadership deficit....

We have a POTUS leadership deficit that is out of control.

At each turn the US is removing leadership from ME Countries in hopes of
creating Democracies.
These are all tribal leadership based Countries and Democratic is simply not possible.
Each time we remove one of these leaders the following occurs:

1) The entire population resents out intervention
2) The replacement leaders are either Muslim/Islamists/Nazis or a less viable "thug"
    that will be killed or replaced as soon as the US leaves.
3) Creating a world image of domineering and meddling.
4) We are building a resentful portion of the US that is offended and worse from each group that is from the Country where we have intervened. 
5) We have made the US population confused as to the purpose of ALL of these military actions.   People now beleive that all of these actions are not for the benefit of the US. That there is another purpose.

When the POTUS took office he stated clearly he wanted the US to be a stong player in the World Community. But only a player. When do we act only in tandem with the World community when our interests are not actually threatened?

We need a change of leadership desperately. ASAP!