November 29, 2012

Syria, Egypt, Lbya.....Were are the Humanists?

There are so many organizations that try to de-legitamize Israel for their own anti-semitic reasons.....WHERE are they now? When the Arabs murder, rape, torture and kill, it is growing pains? I don't remember one group, not one, going in to monitor these situations.

They have labeled their organizations racist anti-semites by their inaction.

The picture is clear, not fuzzy.

Remember Israel is alone and must trust no Man.

Only Hashem is our guide.

We are here to be the light unto Nations and they simply don't like it.

There are trying to bring back the orgies and puck-a-toriums as you read this!

Feiglin for a Jewish State!!! Vote for Jewish leadership of the only Jewish Country!

Jonathan Pollard - Enough!

Jonathan is still at:

Jonathan Pollard #09185-016
c/o FCI Butner
P.O. Box 1000
Butner, NC
U.S.A  27509-1000

Write him there. 
Jonathan tried to protect Israel, whatever else he may have done (including the 60 Minutes interview) is irrelevant to me. He has more than served any time he was due.

Release Pollard Now!

The simplest, most secure way to send a monetary gift to Jonathan or to contribute to his cantina fund is with a personal check sent to the NATIONAL COUNCIL OF YOUNG ISRAEL. NCYI will assume responsibility for transferring funds to the National Inmate Lockbox for Jonathan. Checks should be made out to NCYI Charities, designated for Jonathan Pollard and mailed to:
National Council of Young Israel
111 John Street, Suite 450
New York, NY
USA 10038

Telephone: 212-929-1525 ext 115
Fax: 212-727-9526


Obama - Feiglin

Well that could be no relationship couldn't it?

Imagine if Feiglin becomes PM, would we call it the Knesset Freeze Out?

I would think that Feiglin would tell BHO how it is and he would deal from strength and tell the POTUS that if he wants to retain his only foothold in the ME...This is how it will be:

  • Israel is a soverign Country and and shall do as she pleases for her own interests
  • Israel will always be glad to talk to her friend and ally the US, but on Israeli terms
  • Israel will defend herself as she sees fit.
  • Israel will continue to consider the US her best friend in the world.

Moshe Feiglin is more qualified to lead then Bibi the appeaser.

Traitors in the Knesset

Why are traitors like Tibi allowed in Israel, much less the KNESSET?
Israel is no Democracy and you would have to be a twelve year old US politician to believe they are.

End the charade deport the traitors to their choice of the 22 Arab Countries of their choice....entire families included.

Disgraced Former PM Olmert...Speaks.

I wonder why Olmert even bothers to speak. He supports the TSS - Yadah, Yadah, Yadah.
He want the elevate the Balestinians towards the TSS...

Former PM Olmert should know enough to follow the disgraced fromer PM track.. Shut Up and fade away and feel lucky to have been let off the hook.

He still speaks like a Gentile...

November 28, 2012

Muslims...hmmm take over the world...hmmm

So it is nearly 2013 and things are progressing nicely for the Muslims...

They are:

  • Slowly infiltrating the US
  • Creating Eurabia
  • Working on an international propaganda campaign
  • Brazen
  • Planning to create the Caliphate over the entire Planet
  • The bad guys
  • Against Life and only value Death
  • Going to surprised that they have run out of Virgins
  • (the) Wild ass of a man, his hand against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and he shall dwell over against all his kinsmen.
  • A nation sprung from a housemaid

The truth is you either see Muslims for what they are, or you are blinded by the immature view that we all share until someone is mean to us. We then realize that Man may just not be inherently good and we need to reserve judgement until goven reason to.

I see the facts and I hope your Passports are in order and Aliyah is on the schedule!!!


T.S.S. - The Final Solution?

What has changed? Why is today different?
They want to get lists of Jews in Hungary...because they are dangerous!
They want to end circumcision and Shechita...
The French and British support Balestine...

It seems like the whole Goyim world is in favor of the TSS.
Why? It is simple...either they want the torture of the Jews to continue or
they believe that land for peace is possible.
Nobody can be so ignorant as to believe in land for peace...
It has to be that ...sigh...they simply hate Jews and Israel..

Wow, that is such a huge surprise..I am really stunned...NOT

It is 1938....not has just nit changed since then.

The answer for the Jews is strength and ruthlessness!

Retake Gaza, expel the enemy...all of them and then annex.
Then Annex Judea and Samaria and expel the enemy...

Then expel the Arabs from Israel ALL of them...

The "Balestinian" Authority

Israel creates, the PA is treacherous and and then Israel pays them?

Why did Israel transfer 200 million shekels to the PA.
To pay their employees?
Whose employees are they?

Seems like the these employees work for Israel and not the PA.
Their job is to keep the animals at bay?

Cut the power and electricity to GAZA now and give no more aid or $$


My head is shaking from side to side....

the State of Palestine Quiz

the Sate of Palestine Quiz

November 27, 2012

Moshe Feiglin: Let's Get our Basic Truths Back on Center Stage

Reports on this morning's news say that Israel is attempting to prevent the new Palestinian state from filing suits against it in the international court. When you flee your identity and deny the justice of your cause, you end up trying to pick up the pieces of one shattered policy after another. 

Let's get our basic truths back on center stage. 

Let's put a person who openly says "This is our Land" into the Knesset.

Hungarian Government Condemns Calls for List of Jews

A Hungarian far-right deputy's suggestion to compile a list of residents "of Jewish origin" sparked an outcry on Tuesday in Hungary, which has seen a series of anti-Semitic incidents in recent months.

"The Hungarian government condemns in the strongest possible terms remarks made by (far-right party) Jobbik's Marton Gyongyosi  (Nazi Alert!!)  in parliament," the government said in a statement.

"The government is opposed to all forms or expressions of extremism, racist or anti-Semitic, and does everything in its power to combat it."

On Monday, Gyongyosi suggested drawing up a list of those who might pose a "security risk" for Hungary, citing Israel's recent conflict with the Hamas-run Gaza.

INN Article

Against the Ceasefire: 10 Reasons Why It Won't Work

Israeli prime ministers are pathologically concerned about favorable Public Relations in the international media.

Thus, in Israel’s current war breaks with Hamas entrenched in Gaza—abandoned seven years ago for the sake of “peace”—Israeli prime ministers readily yield to ceasefires.

These peace-loving prime ministers ignore or fail to appreciate a basic principle of international politics, namely, that no dictatorship can dwell in genuine peace with a democracy on its borders.

All the more so, when the dictatorship is rooted in Arab-Islamic culture, on the one hand, and when the democracy is or appears to be Jewish, on the other.

To clarify this issue, I will enumerate ten contradictions between democracy and Arab-Islamic culture, and I invite opinion makers and decisions makers to open their minds to some demonstrable and empirically

verifiable truths about Israel’s enemies.

1. Whereas, freedom, including freedom of speech, is one of the two cardinal principles of democracy, Arab-Islamic culture is strictly authoritarian, which is why its media is state-controlled.

See the other 10 Reasons:

Why Is the NY Times Islamist Terrorism's Apologist?

The NY Times is not just an apologist, but the leading apologist for Islamic terrorism. It bears responsibility for the results.
It is my strong impression that the indoctrination against Israel in its’ pages has, if possible, gotten more intense, more toxic, more formulaic. A lot crazier.

While the Times may cover atrocities in Rwanda or Sudan, or even the non-stop epidemics of Muslim-on-Muslim violence, it does not always side with the evil-doers.

Todays’ New York Times has extensive articles, (not about Manhattan), but about Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Gaza, and Syria. There is also an article about terrorism law in New York, a lead editorial titled “Close Guantanamo Prison” and an op-ed piece by one Yossi Beilin titled “Support Palestinian Statehood”—eight articles about Muslim countries and Islamist terrorism.

Read More:

The Ceasefire

After the Pillar of Defense ceasefire, many now understand what we understood after the Zo Artzeinu demonstrations: The Israeli crisis is not on the continuum between Right and Left. It is on the continuum between Israelis and their Jewish identity.

We knew exactly where the Oslo Accords would lead. The huge amount of people who answered Zo Artzeinu's calls and blocked traffic in the entire country understood the reality. Ultimately, we succeeded in electing the Right to rule - against all odds. But Zo Artzeinu refused to politically "cash in" on the tremendous public credit that it had accrued. We understood that the Right also had no solution and that it was also incapable of getting off the Oslo track.

Everyone is angry at Netanyahu now for agreeing to the ceasefire. But Netanyahu's predicament is a precise reflection of post-Oslo Israeli society. If Netanyahu had ordered a ground invasion of Gaza, soldiers would have been killed. After a short period of time, he would have pulled the troops out of Gaza without significant achievements.After all, he had no intention of remaining. The retreat after many more fatalities would have ignited much more virulent criticism.

Read More:

Anti-Semitic Qatar casts a giant shadow.

It is bad enough that a small country like Israel has to contend with the likes of Qatar and their fellow travelers in the Arab world, but to have them embraced by the ruling elites in the US and Europe increases the danger to Israel exponentially.
“Qatar is a destination country for men and women subjected to forced labor and, to a lesser ‎extent, forced prostitution. [They] voluntarily migrate ‎to Qatar as low-skilled laborers and domestic servants, but some subsequently face conditions ‎of involuntary servitude."These conditions include threats of serious physical or financial harm; ‎withholding of pay; charging workers for benefits for which the employer is responsible; ‎restrictions on freedom of movement, including the confiscation of passports, travel ‎documents, and the withholding of exit permits; arbitrary detention; threats of legal action and ‎deportation; threats of filing false charges against the worker; and physical, mental, and sexual ‎abuse.

Read More:

France to Back PA’s 'State' Bid, Britain Unsure

United Nations

France will vote in favor of the Palestinian Authority’s bid for “non-member observer state” status at the United Nations, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told parliament, according to the AFP news agency.

Israeli sources said the French decision “comes as no surprise.”

Read More:

Israeli KGB

The KGB has staged a comeback in Russia and is active abroad. 

A Danish correspondent who spent many years in Russia—where he was obviously recruited by the KGB, as most other pro-Russian journalists are—published unnecessarily explosive anti-Islamic caricatures and announced plans to reprint Holocaust caricatures from an Iranian newspaper. He even declared that Muslims should learn to accept insults in democracies. That’s a classic KGB provocation.

Russia sells weapons to Iran and supports it in the UN, and aids just about every anti-American force in the world. The KGB has returned to the communist strategy of peripheral conflicts with America and its allies: Russia, though generally anti-Islamist, supports Hamas and Iran. The KGB has established a firm grip over the Russian economy, particularly oil and gas exports, to finance its endeavors. The KGB was mainly a political police before, but has become a for-profit corporation with its own political and business interests.

 Putin’s Russia is a modern East India company on grand scale. The KGB stops at nothing to further its aims. Minor political assassinations at home and abroad and corporate robbery of unfriendly oligarchs do not count. The KGB blew up several buildings in Moscow to blame on Chechens and start the war; Sept. 11 was modeled on those bombings.

The KGB established full control over the Russian media and, in the proven communist manner, left decidedly insignificant media (Russian Internet) free to vent dissent.
Israel was made in Russia’s image. Stalin, a wise monster, knew that the Jews who established a totalitarian communist empire would build its likeness in the Middle East—and backed Israel.

Since their inception, Mossad and Shabak were leftist domains. They didn’t admit the right-wingers and stalked right-wing politicians. Both still hunt the right-wingers; Shabak specializes in installing agents-provocateurs. The security agencies use the license to root out Islamic insurgents to operate against the Jews beyond public control; Shabak’s “Jewish section” applies the refined methods of anti-terrorist operations to conservative Jewish groups. Both Mossad and Shabak have created vast economic empires (Shabak largely with the Palestinians, Mossad farther away).

Israeli security services long ago developed their own political agenda and preferences. They killed prominent Jewish politicians: Kahane, Rabin, Ze’evi, and likely Sharon, and won’t hesitate to impose their will on Israeli society. They might not ignore the tempting example of the KGB’s takeover of Russia.

Jews are hard to spot - Obadiah Shoher

The current procedure of Jewish marriage is doomed. 

Both Israel and the Diaspora countries have abandoned public records on religion. To verify whether a prospective spouse is Jewish is almost impossible. Until the early twentieth century, births and marriages were registered at synagogues. For the last century, the events have been registered in secular institutions; very few Jews maintained religious registration.

In Israel, officiating rabbis seek any ad hoc confirmation of the prospective spouses’ Jewishness: Jewish-sounding names of grandparents, old registration papers, stuff like that. These papers can be forged, and are forged very often.

In America, there’s no way to verify your secular spouse’s Jewishness whatsoever. Her parents came from different countries, their documents are either lost or could be forged, and foreign grandparents are untraceable. Synagogue records are worthless: anyone can attend even Orthodox shuls, to say nothing of the Reform ones. Religious marriage and circumcision are conducted on oral evidence. In practice, less-than-Orthodox Jewishness amounts to the proclamation of one’s self-identification as a Jew.

It seems that in a generation or two the world Jewry will be split into religious Jews with proper synagogue records of their identity, Israelis, and foreigners who identify themselves as Jews. If that seems like a workable scenario, consider the American black Jews—the blacks who announced themselves the real Jews.

In the past, several Jewish sects existed in parallel without much intermingling: Karaites, rabbanites, Nazirites, Essenes, and others. Some of them eventually assimilated, others persevered and now are the sole claimants to Judaism. A reasonable expectation is that various fake Jews, whether blacks or Reconstructionists, will assimilate soon. Those with strong Jewish identity will look to marry Jews with similar identification; some identities will proliferate, others will die out. After a couple of generations, the definition of Jewishness will be clear again.

I ponder the phenomenon of synagogues


– including Orthodox ones – that incredibly ban me from speaking, that, in effect, have declared a view of halachic a of a rabbi and talmid chacham as banned from the synagogue.  And the words of the Prophets acquire new and real meaning for me; words spoken by seers and visionaries of broken hearts, who proclaimed in their hurt: “They hate him that rebuketh in the gate and abhor him that speaketh uprightly” (Amos 5).  And: “And I raised up from among your sons, prophets, and from your young men, Nazarities … but you gave the Nazarities wine to drink and commanded the prophets,  saying: ‘Prophecy  not’” (Amos 2).  And: “For it is a rebellious people, children who lie, children who will not hear the Law of the L-rd.  Who say to the seers:  ‘See not!’ Who say to the visionaries: ‘Envision not, unto us correct things, speak unto us smooth things envision deceit.’” (Isaiah 30)    

And so they invite the delusions and the deceit of the leaders who speak to them that which they wish to hear, and the prophet weeps and cries out: “Peace, peace and there is no peace…”

 You think it pleasant to speak painful truths that cause pain to those who refuse to listen and who then react with pain and hate against the one who speaks?  You think it is tranquil to be the messenger that brings forth the reaction, “Kill the messenger?”

Read More:

Netanyahu Forced to the Right by his Rank and File

Photo Credit: Gil Yohanan/POOL/FLASH90
The Final Top-20 List

1. Gideon Sa'ar
2. Gilad Erdan
3. Silvan Shalom
4. Israel Katz
5. Danny Danon
6. Reuven Rivlin
7. Moshe Ya'alon
8. Zeev Elkin
9. Yariv Levin
10. Yuli-Yoel Edelstein
11. Haim Katz
12. Tzipi Hotovely
13. Miri Regev
14. Moshe Feiglin
15. Yuval Steinitz
16. Tzahi Hanegbi
17. Limor Livnat
18. Ofir Akunis
19. Gila Gamliel
20. Carmel Shama Hacohen

Dan Meridor, Michael Eitan, Avi Dichter and Benny Begin are out.

11:35 PM: The left wing of Likud was taken out of commission tonight, as well as Benny Begin, a right-winger who was ousted, most likely, for his support of obeying the Supreme Court in its decision on uprooting the community of Migron. It is important, however, to keep in mind that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is also the Chairman of the Likud party, has some freedom to rearrange some of the names on the list, in light of other considerations, such as realistic spots that must be reserved for women, immigrants, and minorities. Also, in the process of merging the Likud list with FM Avigdor Liberman's Yisrael Beiteinu, Netanyahu may be able to move some of the names around with the support of the Likud election committee -- as he has done in past elections.

But there is no doubt that the Likud has moved to the right, although the five men at the top of the list are more centrist than most of the men and women behind them in the top 20.

Certainly, it will be more difficult for Netanyahu to pursue a 2-state solution with this list in his camp, and certainly to form a coalition government with Labor or anyone from the left.

Read More:

November 26, 2012

MKs Eldad, Ben-Ari Launch ‘Power to Israel’ Party, MK Ariel Warns of Damage to the Right By: Yori Yanover

Michael Ben Ari (R) and Aryeh Eldad under their campaign slogan "No Duties – No Rights," introduced their new party "Power to Israel" at a press conference in Jerusalem, Tuesday, November 13, 2012.
Michael Ben Ari (R) and Aryeh Eldad under their campaign slogan "No Duties – No Rights," introduced their new party "Power to Israel" at a press conference in Jerusalem, Tuesday, November 13, 2012.
Photo Credit: Miriam Alster/FLASH90
MKs Aryeh Eldad and Michael Ben Ari are leaving the National Union party to set up "Power to Israel," with a slogan that translates, roughly, "No Duties – No Rights."

In third place in the list is right-wing activist Baruch Marzel, and in fourth place right-wing activist Aryeh King, known for his efforts to enhance Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem. In fifth place you'll find Itamar Ben-Gvir, MK Ben-Ari's media consultant.

Eldad and Ben-Ari announced their new party at a press conference in Jerusalem Tuesday morning.

MK Eldad, a renowned plastic surgeon who decided to devote his life to preventing the establishment of a Palestinian state, said at the conference: "We announce the establishment of a new Knesset faction, but you can't talk politics without talking about southern Israel. At this hour, a million civilians are in shelters under the threat of missiles, while a government I can only describe as crazy continues to provide water and electricity to the Gaza Strip. This is one of the things we want to change as we stand as a new faction in the political arena. The lack of security in the south also reflects a picture of insecurity in central Israel. Terrorism threatens us from the outside, and the terror of illegal infiltrators threatens us from inside, and we will deal with both."

Eldad described a vacuum on the right: "Liberman has joined Netanyahu and is now sitting in one list with Dan Meridor. Deri is dragging Shas to the left, to the Oslo days, and therefore there is a need for an ideological right-wing that will say things that have been forgotten: Without duties you cannot have Rights. The Land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel. The National Union is collapsing, this is no way to run a political system. We bless our colleagues, Ketzele and Uri Ariel, who are returning home to the NRP. We have no doubt that they will take care of the national-religious sector, but we have a different agenda."

Eldad was referring to MKs Yaakov Katz and Uri Ariel, his partners in the now abandoned National Union faction, who will be running to the 19th Knesset on the Jewish Home list.

MK Uri Ariel attacked Eldad and Ben Ari's decision in an interview on Arutz-7 (owned by his partner, Katz). "I'm very upset about this move," he said. "We approached them and offered in writing to go together and lead the National Union to winning a lot of seats and to serve as an anchor for the Netanyahu government, but, unfortunately, they chose to split."

MK Ariel warned that Eldad and Ben-Ari will not pass the threshold vote (about 2%) and end up causing great damage to the right and to Israel.

Michael Ben-Ari explained that his new party "means what it says, it's not just talking, it's doing. We will join the coalition not for positions or budgets, but only for the implementation of the principles that will add power to the State of Israel. We represent loyalty to the people of Israel."

As an example of wrongdoing, Ben-Ari added: "MK Benny Begin just boasted of transferring funds to the Arab municipal authorities. Are they paying municipal taxes over there? Are they paying income taxes? First do your duty, then receive your Rights, this is our message."

Incidentally, a recent poll predicted that a new party headed by Eldad and Ben-Ari should pas the vote threshold and receive two Knesset seats.

Mom Driving into the Heart of Darkness

2012-11-14 09.04.30
Photo Credit: Tazpit
We just received this report from the Tazpit news agency: Today at 9:00 AM Israel time, a resident of Gush Talmonim was traveling with her infant (less than a year old) to the city of Modi'in. Some 300 yards before the security checkpoint of Modi'in Illit she drove straight into a crowd of Arab demonstrators with Palestinian flags, who threw down lengths of cables across the highway to block traffic.

As she was sitting there, in her car, with her baby, stuck in a line of motionless vehicles, IDF troops fired tear gas grenades at the Arabs who had reached to within a few yards from the Israeli vehicles.

Israeli media today announced that the frightening event had taken place in Samaria, meaning "out there" in the territories, where anyone who gets in trouble was, basically, asking for it. But that was a lie. The entire event, from a crowd with flags blocking the road to the crowd getting near the stuck Israeli cars, to the IDF rushing on the scene just in time – the whole thing took place only about three miles from Modi'in, well within the safe and recognized and leftist-sanctified "green line."

That's what the media can do to history: if reality doesn't match our concepts, we can always move reality a few miles over to where it fits.

About the Author: Yori Yanover has been a working journalist since age 17, before he enlisted and worked for Ba'Machane Nachal. Since then he has worked for Israel Shelanu, the US supplement of Yedioth,,, Lubavitch News Service, Arutz 7 (as DJ on the high seas), and the Grand Street News. Now he's here.

I Love Hevron....

As part of our effort to attract our beloved, Diaspora readers with honey, rather than to smash them repeatedly over their heads - in the next few blogs, we will travel the length and breadth of Eretz Yisrael, just like our forefather Avraham did in obeying God’s command, “Arise, walk about the Land through its length and breadth! For to you I will give it!”

Based on a Gemara in Baba Batra 100A, the Ramban explains that Hashem commanded Avraham to walk through the Land out of His love for him, that his offspring might more easily conquer the country, since walking the length and breadth of the Land signified Avraham’s taking possession of it.

So, in honor of the week’s Torah portion of “Chaya Sarah,” let’s start our love affair with the Land of Israel in Hevron. I love Hevron. It’s so powerfully “Biblical.” That’s the best word to describe it. Whenever I’m there, I feel like I’ve traveled 5000 years back through time. The transcendental holiness of our Patriarchs and Matriarchs still saturates the air. The kedusha is so thick, you feel that you can actually reach out and grasp it. Not only is Hevron the gateway to Gan Eden, our Sages teach that all of the Land of Israel is mystically folded up, like a roadmap, under the city. That’s one of the reasons why the Tomb of the Patriarchs is called “Maarat HaMachpelah,” meaning “the Cave that is doubled” or “folded up.” That is also why Jewish settlement in Hevron is so strategically important – whoever possesses Hevron, possesses the Land.
Read More:

Former Chief Scientist of Education Ministry: Cut off Gaza’s Power, Kill the Hamas Leadership

Dr. Gabi Avital
Dr. Gabi Avital
Rocket Scientist Dr. Gabi Avital, formerly the chief scientist of the Education Ministry, Doctor of Aeronautical Engineering, who is running for a spot on the Likud list for the Knesset, spoke on Saturday night to a local Israeli radio station regarding the new barrage of rockets shot into Israel from Gaza, with four IDF soldiers hit while riding a jeep along the border. The interviewer, Shaul Cohen, asked if, with an angry public a million Israelis spending the night in bomb shelter, is the Netanyahu government isn't performing now even worse than the Ehud Olmenrt government had done, facing a heating confrontation in Gaza.

Avital did not take the bait, saying earlier incidents, in Olmert's day, were far more severe. Nevertheless, he stressed that it made no sense for a civilian population to remain under fire as hostages, in the name of the hope for some future negotiations for a compromise.

"The State of Israel must decide – no more terror. It's true that this is an on-going war, but if a million people are held hostage, and the other side is allowed to shoot whenever they wish, with only minor retaliation, not the kind that would bring a resolution, this deems an examination."

Read More:

The language of the Arab man - Caroline Glick

Before the Islamic war against Israel was reignited again this week, my incredible team of comedic geniuses wrote the script for Latma's weekly satirical newscast The Tribal Update. Among other things, Israeli Arab Knesset Member Abdul Messit (Incite) provides an English language musical explanation for the language of the Arab man. Aside from that, Prof. Borochov discusses the wonderful phenomenon of former generals who become peace warriors after the retire and begin working for the EU.

I think much of our work this week provides a reasonable explanation for many of the causes of the current war. 

Enjoy. Stay tuned for next week's edition which will be filmed from our bomb shelters and with a skeletal crew as most of our team is being called up for reserve duty....

Here's the whole show.


War makes certain things clear - Caroline Glick

I fail to understand how anyone can side with Hamas against Israel without being Hamas supporters, and therefore by definition supporters of the destruction of Israel. Hamas has never tried to hide its genocidal, Islam-inspired intention to destroy Israel and eradicate the Jewish people. They've proudly asserted it.

Here too it is worth noting that an attempt to "avoid escalation," is actually an attempt to preserve Hamas rule over Gaza. That is, an attempt to "avoid escalation" is pro-Hamas position. And again, any pro-Hamas position is an anti-Israel position because Hamas's reason for existing is to destroy Israel and eradicate the Jewish people. 

Now, for anyone still unconvinced by reality, or so snowed by the bigoted reporting of all the international media outlets that seek to hide reality rather than report on it, here are a couple of revealing videos.

See Videos:

The liberal anti-Semitic projection syndrome

By Caroline Glick - 

I've been on the road for the past several days and out of the loop so to speak. I just got home last night.
I read a blog post by Jonathan Tobin from Commentary today where I discovered that the post-Zionist poster boy of the American Jewish left Peter Beinart is now accusing Israel's non-Jewish supporters of being anti-Semites. 
Beinart you see, thinks that an anti-Semite is someone who criticizes anti-Zionist (or post-Zionist, or fair-weathered Zionist) American Jews for hanging Israel out to dry. 
So if a non-Jew criticizes, say Peter Beinart for spewing nonsense about how Israel's rejection of Beinart's positions on territorial surrender legitimizes anti-Israel sentiment, then that person is an anti-Semite. 
Beinart, after all, criticizes Israel as a Jew so since he does it as a Jew, attacking him for making ridiculous accusations against Israel makes you an anti-Semite. 

Read More:

Israel's Support of the Palestinian Economy

What you never hear about in the mainstream media.

Since the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Israel signed the Oslo Accords in 1993, Israel has been working with the PA to help develop a viable, even vibrant economy for the Palestinians that provides jobs and support the infrastructure for viability. A strong economy is essential for stability and, hopefully, will lead to the development of social and democratic institutions. Even during periods of escalated violence against Israel, including Intifadas and rockets reigning down from Gaza deliberately targeting civilians, Israel continued its efforts to improve the lives of the Palestinians.
Many of the things Israel does on a daily basis go without public notice, vastly under-reported in the media. The hope is that prospects of a better future for the Palestinians will enhance the chance for peace.

The Facts

(1) In September 2012, with the Palestinian Authority (PA) facing severe financial strain due to a shortfall in international donations and significant overspending, Israel advanced the PA 250 million shekels in tax revenues to aid the Palestinian economy. Similarly, in July 2012, Israel advanced the PA 180 million shekels to ensure that the salaries of PA employees were paid before the Muslim holiday of Ramadan.

(2) Since the signing of the 1993 Oslo accord, real GDP per capita in the West Bank has increased considerably. From 1998-2011, these numbers grew from about $1,750 to about $2,000 according to the June 2012 U.S. congressional report U.S. Foreign Aid to the Palestinians. The report also notes that Gaza experienced a considerable rise in real GDP per capita from 2002-2005 before the Hamas takeover.

(3) In order to reduce the level of Palestinian unemployment, Israel has increased the number of permits for Palestinians to work in Israel - by 40% since February 2011.

(4) Despite the constant barrage of rocket attacks emanating from the Gaza Strip, Israel provides most of the electric supply for both the West Bank and Gaza. Approximately half of Gaza’s electricity is supplied directly from Israel by way of the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC). The remaining supply comes mostly from the Gaza Power Plant (GPP), which is funded not by Hamas but by the Palestinian Authority.
Indeed, the PA reportedly spends approximately 40% of its annual budget on Gaza. Thus, much of the billions of dollars in international aid that is provided to the Palestinian Authority is in turn sent to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.
Despite owing the Israel Electric Corporation over 662 million shekels, Israel continues to provide electricity to the PA. This includes supplying electricity to government buildings such as schools, hospitals, and water pumping stations.

Read More:

New Concessions to Hamas: Territorial Water Doubled, Smuggling and Infiltration Made Easier

Egyptian, Israeli and Hamas officials will meet next Monday in Cairo to discuss the aftermath of the ceasefire agreement, Ma’an reported.
The Office of Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said he was informed by the director of Egyptian intelligence that Israel agreed to allow Gaza fishermen to go six nautical miles off the coast of Gaza instead of three, which has been the limit under Israel’s siege.
“Israel has allowed Palestinian fishermen to fish in Gaza’s waters at a distance of six miles, up from three miles,” Haniyeh’s office said.
Israeli diplomatic sources confirmed that, subject to the understandings reached with Hamas in the ceasefire memoranda, Israel began today, Saturday, to provide relief to the civilian population in the Gaza Strip, and the first such relief came in the form of aiding the Gazan fishing industry by doubling the permitted fishing territory from three to six miles.
In practice this will mean that Israeli naval forces will not be challenging Gazan boats. And Hamas’s deputy politburo chief Mousa Abu Marzook already told AP that Hamas won’t stop making weapons in Gaza or smuggling them in from the outside.
“These weapons protected us and there is no way to stop obtaining and manufacturing them,” he said.
This was to be expected, since the main lesson Israel taught the Arabs last wee was that the only way to get results from it is by killing its innocent civilians.
Israel’s contribution to the Hamas war effort will be the further easing of limits and controls over the Gaza crossings, both into Israel and Egypt.
And, according to Ynet, Gaza residents said on Saturday they are now able to enter an Israeli-enforced buffer zone on the Gaza side of the border with Israel without fear of being fired on. A few years ago, the IDF declared a 300-meter-wide zone closed to Arab movement, in order to prevent terrorists from entering Israel.
But on Saturday, farmer Nidal Abu Dakka said soldiers stood by and watched as he and others moved close to the fence.
What a relief.





IDF Reservists: “It’s Only a Question of Time Before We Are Called Up Again”

It's business as usual as Gazans repair the tunnels used to smuggle in the long-range rockets that hit Tel Aviv.
It's business as usual as Gazans repair the tunnels used to smuggle in the long-range rockets that hit Tel Aviv.
Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90
50,000 IDF reservists were called up for duty over the course of Operation 'Pillar of Cloud'. They left their families, their jobs, their lives, and rallied to their country's call to duty.

A cease-fire was announced on November 21st, before a ground incursion occurred, the next stage in the operation in which the reservists were supposed to participate. The reservists expressed their willingness to endanger their lives for this mission, understanding the necessity of such an action.

Now that they have been ordered to stand down, they feel disappointed and degraded. Thousands of reservists still in service have signed a petition calling on the government to initiate the ground incursion with the intent of eradicating all terror infrastructures in the Gaza Strip.

Yahel, 29, a father of two, a banker and a combat medic in the reserves was called up early Friday morning. "They fired on us, we fired on them, nothing was achieved at the end. It's only a question of time before everything starts up again. Meantime, in Gaza they are rejoicing at their victory, while we are still dug in. I feel an unpleasant sense of disappointment. We have been humiliated," he told Tazpit News Agency. Even though the operation is seemingly over, he doesn't expect to go home until sometime in the middle week.

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How Israel can deal with the situation brought upon us by witless 'experts'.

We Told You So
As a result of the Oslo Accords, we said they would attack us from any place we withdrew from.
We said that missiles would be fired on Ashkelon from Gaza, and all the leftist, delusionary peace seekers, claimed that we were terrifying the public – and now, ‘Gush Dan’ (greater Tel Aviv) is under fire.
We warned that retreating from Gush Katif would strengthen our enemies, but government and security officials responded arrogantly that, on the contrary – withdrawal would increase security.
We warned that abandoning the ‘Philadelphia Corridor’ at the Egypt-Gaza border would lead to the flow of weapons and missiles into the Gaza Strip, and they said there were agreements with the Palestinians and Egyptians that nothing would trickle in from Sinai to Gaza. And lo and behold, for years, a constant supply of missiles and other weapons have streamed into Gaza through Sinai.
We said that retreating would bring Hamas to power, and they argued – on the contrary, it would strengthen the P.L.O.
We said that if, after the withdrawal, we have to fight them, it would be much more difficult; we would have to fight in urban areas, and our situation in the eyes of the world would be much more problematic. They argued the exact opposite – if after retreat the Arabs open fire on us, we will be able to strike them relentlessly.

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November 24, 2012

War Is the Answer

Photo Credit: Edi Israel/FLASH90
For the last hundred years the best and brightest of the civilized world have been engaged in the business of peace. In the days before the Nobel Peace Prize became a joke, it was expected that scientific progress would lead to moral progress. Nations would accept international laws and everyone would get together to replace wars with international conferences.

Instead, technological progress just gave us better ways to kill each other. There have been few innovations in the moral technology of global harmony since Immanuel Kant's "Perpetual Peace" laid out a plan to grant world citizenship to all refugees and outlaw all armies, invasions and atrocities with the whole shebang would be overseen by a League of Nations.

That was in 1795 and Kant's plan was at least more reasonable than anything we have two-hundred years later today because it at least set out to limit membership in this body to free republics. If we had done that with the United Nations, it could conceivably have become something resembling a humane organization. Instead it's a place where the dictators of the world stop by to give speeches about human rights for a show that's funnier than anything you could find eight blocks away at the Broadway Comedy Club.

Since the League of Nations folded, the warring peoples of the world have added the atom bomb, the suicide bomber, the jet plane, the remotely guided missile, the rape squad, the IED, the child soldier and the stealth fighter to their arsenals. And the humanitarians have murdered a few billion trees printing out more useless treaties, conventions and condemnations; more dead trees than accounted for by every piece of human literature written until the 19th Century.

There is no moral technology to prevent war. Or rather war is the moral technology, that when properly applied, ensures peace.
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This Ceasefire Won’t Last

Originally published at Rubin Reports.

A ceasefire ending this round of the Hamas-Israel fighting went into effect at 9 PM local time, November 21, 2012. There were reports of more rockets being fired from Gaza at Israel after the ceasefire was to be implemented. Hamas immediately claimed victory. So did Netanyahu and here is his statement.

The brief agreement provides that both sides will stop all hostilities. For Israel, that included the targeted killings of terrorists and Hamas leaders. For the Palestinian side, the phrase, “All Palestinian factions,” was used. That means the Hamas regime is responsible for any attacks by Islamic Jihad, al-Qaida affiliates, and other small Salafist groups. According to the text, at least, Hamas cannot hide behind allowing or encouraging such groups to attack and then disclaiming responsibility.

Another provision is that Israel will reopen the crossings and let people (a small number of Gazans seeking medical attention in Israel) and supplies to return to normal levels.

Egypt—not the United States, which isn’t mentioned in the agreement--is the sponsor of the ceasefire. According to some reports which seem accurate, the ceasefire was agreed to through Egypt but delayed until Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived. By allowing Clinton to claim credit for the agreement, Israel may get something in return including most obviously a greater U.S. commitment to make the agreement work.
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Rocks and Molotov Cocktails Mark a New Intifada in Judea and Samaria

Arab students from the Birzeit University cover their faces during clashes with Israeli soldiers at the Atara checkpoint close to their university as they protest against Israel's military action on the Gaza Strip. November 19, 2012.
Arab students from the Birzeit University cover their faces during clashes with Israeli soldiers at the Atara checkpoint close to their university as they protest against Israel's military action on the Gaza Strip. November 19, 2012.
Photo Credit: Issam Rimawi/FLASH90
The fire from Gaza has been spreading to Judea and Samaria in recent days, with a steady increase in the number of attacks and violent riots against Jewish civilians and against the security forces. Around 10 PM Monday, Arabs threw several Molotov cocktails at an Egged bus near the community of Adam. Arabs also burned two tires on the road, the Jewish Voice reported.

Earlier, around 6 PM, Arabs threw three Molotov cocktails at the car of a resident of Ma'aleh Levonah, near the village of Sinjil. One Molotov cocktail entered the car and ignited a fire. The driver and a passenger escaped the burning car which rolled down into a canyon and burned to the ground.

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Middle East Crises of 2013 Already in Dress Rehearsal

Photo Credit: Issam Rimawi/Flash90
Originally published at Rubin Reports.

If 2011 was the year of the Arab Spring, 2013 looks to be the year of the Arab Fall. The hopes of quick, easy democracy have already been eclipsed by the rise of radical Islamist groups, which are no less extreme for coming to power through elections. And so the coming months are likely to see more disillusion, violence, and the entrenchment of Islamist regimes.

Let’s start with the Gaza Strip. Hamas is determined to fight Israel in the belief that it can win total victory. Its five years in power have had no moderating effect and it doesn't care how much of Gaza is destroyed, how much the people there suffer, or how many are killed. It puts a priority on jihad and hopes that international pressure will always stop Israel from continuing its retaliation too long, much less overthrowing the regime there.

Hamas may be moved by fearing that the regime might fall, the people might turn actively against it (but with Fatah not trying to overthrow Hamas a real internal threat is unlikely). But the key factor is how much help Hamas can expect from Egypt. Right now and in the current war, Egypt is still cautious. The regime hasn't really entrenched itself in power, begun Islamizing the country, and consolidated control over the army. But in the coming months, as the regime needs to distract its peoples attention from failures and mobilize support the next war with Hamas might involve some higher level of Egyptian involvement. And that would really be a conflict to shake the Middle East.
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Admitting the Mistake of the Disengagement

Photo Credit: Flash90
On Sunday, Wall Street Journal editor and columnist Bret Stephens did what too many need to do: own up to the mistake of supporting the Disengagement Plan.

At the time, Stephens was editor-in-chief of the Jerusalem Post.

In his WSJ column Stephens wrote that on each of the points he argued regarding the Disengagement plan he turned out to be wrong. He writes:
My error was to confuse a good argument with good policy; to suppose that mere self-justification is a form of strategic prudence. It isn't. Israel is obviously within its rights to defend itself now against a swarm of rockets and mortars from Gaza. But if it had maintained a military presence in the Strip, it would not now be living under this massive barrage.

Or, to put it another way: The diplomatic and public-relations benefit Israel derives from being able to defend itself from across a "border" and without having to get into an argument about settlements isn't worth the price Israelis have had to pay in lives and terror.


Put simply, Israel's withdrawal from Gaza yielded less security, greater diplomatic isolation, and a Palestinian regime even more radical and emboldened than it had been before. As strategic failures go, it was nearly perfect.

One of the most inspiring possessions I own sits in my office at shul (synagogue). I received it in 2006 when I went with a group of my shul members to Israel to volunteer in the North in the wake of the second Lebanon war. On that mission, we toured Sderot and saw firsthand the damage and destruction left by kassam rockets and the metal pellets that were packed therein. Eli Moyal, then mayor of Sderot, described to us what it means to have 15 seconds to find cover when a warning siren is sounded. We asked him how the people of his city, and the South in Israel in general, have persevered. For years, the parents of Sderot have sent their children to school not knowing if their sons and daughters will come home. Every time they leave their houses, residents of Sderot must be cognizant of the closest bomb shelter in case a siren goes off. We asked Moyal, How have they found the strength and capacity to endure such a lifestyle?

I am humbly aware that I have no answers to the questions that we are all asking at this troubled time. Why are we being confronted with these tragic challenges? What does G-d want from us? What message is He sending? Are we being punished? If so, why? Is Moshiach, the Messiah, coming?
Photo Credit: The Times
I begin by stating that no one has answers to these questions. Yes, I know that many, greater than I, have been publicly proclaiming answers to these questions. They claim, I suppose, to have access to some Higher Source. I have no such access and doubt that anyone alive today possesses such knowledge. The powers of prophecy were taken away from us long ago.

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You Need to Fight Israel’s Second War

One of the most inspiring possessions I own sits in my office at shul (synagogue).
I received it in 2006 when I went with a group of my shul members to Israel to volunteer in the North in the wake of the second Lebanon war.  On that mission, we toured Sderot and saw firsthand the damage and destruction left by kassam rockets and the metal pellets that were packed therein.  Eli Moyal, then mayor of Sderot, described to us what it means to have 15 seconds to find cover when a warning siren is sounded.
We asked him how the people of his city, and the South in Israel in general, have persevered. For years, the parents of Sderot have sent their children to school not knowing if their sons and daughters will come home.  Every time they leave their houses, residents of Sderot must be cognizant of the closest bomb shelter in case a siren goes off.  We asked Moyal, How have they found the strength and capacity to endure such a lifestyle?

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"The True Response: Returning to Gush Katif"

At the end of a tour in the south, the leaders of Women in Green state that the only response that will bring quiet to the south is not to rely solely on a military operation, but to take civilian possession of the Gaza Strip, that is, to return to Gush Katif

Women in Green leaders Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar conducted yesterday, Monday November 19th, a tour in the south in which they met the inhabitants of Otef Gaza (the area around the Gaza Strip), along with IDF soldiers in readiness for possible entry to the Gaza Strip.
Katsover and Matar distributed treats to the soldiers - drinks and cookies - and spoke with many of them. They say that these conversations were filled with a spirit of willingness to sacrifice, out of an understanding of the value of the operation. This said and done, they add that as long as civilian possession of the Gaza Strip is not restored, that is, the reestablishment of the Gush Katif communities, there will be no end to the rocket fire from the Strip and the strengthening of Hamas there.
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What You Are Not Hearing

Even though you are probably reading every article, blog, website and news release about the "campaign" in Gaza, I want to share something with you that you will not read anywhere else.

It is a story about a dear friend of mine named Yitzchak Neuman. Yitzchak made aliyah from Queens (New York) in 1989 and began his life in Israel studying full time in a Yeshiva. After a few years, his father passed away (back in NY) and during the shiva, his mother asked that he begin his college education right away. Yitzchak was an only child and decided to do what his mother requested. Immediately after the shiva, he came back to Israel and enrolled in Bar Ilan University. In order to continue his Talmudic studies he participated in the Bar Ilan "Bet Midrash" program which combines university study with an intense Judaic program. Things were going well. He was at the top of his class in his Biology major and also the top of the class in the Tamud program.

The year was now 1995 and he was in his final year of Bar Ilan University. At the same time, Yitzchak – like tens of thousands of others - was also very active protesting against the Oslo Accords which were signed in 1993 and which were responsible for shedding a tremendous amount of Jewish blood. Whenever his schedule allowed, he would attend rallies and demonstrations against the horrific "peace process" which had been signed by Rabin and Peres. When Rabin was murdered in November 1995, Yitzchak Neuman sent out an email which said, "Ding dong the witch is dead, the wicked witch is dead." Officials at Bar Ilan – already embarrassed by the fact that Rabin's alleged assassin attended Bar Ilan – were furious over this 11 word email and immediately expelled Yitzchak Neuman from the university.

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November 19, 2012

Dangers of a Palestinian state

Two Frogs lived together in a marsh. But one hot summer the marsh dried up, and they left it to look for another place to live in, for frogs like damp places if they can get them. By and by they came to a deep well, and one of them looked down into it, and said to the other, "This looks a nice cool place: let us jump in and settle here." But the other, who had a wiser head on his shoulders, replied, "Not so fast, my friend: supposing this well dried up like the marsh, how should we get out again?" (From Aesop's fables, 6th century BC).

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Lessons for the World from a New Gaza War

Originally published at Rubin Reports.

Update: A few sirens went off in Tel Aviv around 6:30 PM, November 15—not the whole system or the one outside my window but those a few blocks away—and didn’t stay on very long. Then there were two loud but short booms, the sound of anti-rocket missiles being fired. Rumors followed. This being the age of social media people insisted that something must have happened because somebody in California said so. Some people said with certainty that a rocket hit in this or that place, one claimed he saw the smoke from a building that had been struck. In the end, it was announced that a rocket from the Gaza Strip had been shot down far to the south. The atmosphere was reminiscent of 1991 when three dozen Iraqi rockets did hit Israel, one of them a few blocks from my home, and anti-missile batteries could be heard nightly firing at incoming missiles from Iraq.

Of course, there’s nothing funny about a war. Less than an hour’s drive to the south people are under fire. There are casualties on both sides, including civilians. This is a serious matter, made no less so by its relative familiarity. Yet there is a difference between the horrors of war and imagining away a conflict, an inescapable situation, because one wants to do so. Only by confronting the reality can there be the best possible response to a crisis. Wishful thinking or ignoring real conflicts makes things worse.

The new war between Hamas and Israel has a lot of important lessons for international diplomacy and U.S. policy today. It once again shows that a country, especially one faced by a hostile adversary who cannot be turned away by words or compromises, has limited choices. And in that case a government must do what it must do.

A key to the problem of Western comprehension of international realities is admirably summarized by a New York Times editorial on the subject:

“No country should have to endure the rocket attacks that Israel has endured from militants in Gaza, most recently over the past four days. The question is how to stop them permanently.”
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State Dept. Cites 12,000 Rockets in 12 Years as Justification for Israel’s Choice of Self Defense

Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil was paying a visit to Gaza, but it is doubtful that Egypt will be able to influence events.
Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil was paying a visit to Gaza, but it is doubtful that Egypt will be able to influence events.
The fallout of the Arab Spring continues, and the winter dance performances are complex indeed.

Newly installed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi is firmly in the Muslim Brotherhood camp, but as the ruling leader of a vast country with gaping economic, political and religious divides, he may not be able to take the kind of expected hardline against Israel that might be expected.

Today, November 16, President Morsi sent his Prime Minister, Hesham Kandil, on a "humanitarian mission" to Gaza.  Kandil was traveling with a small delegation, but given the wracking poverty of so many in Egypt, it may be hard to justify a big showing of charity to outsiders.  In addition, Hamas is the sworn enemy of the Egyptian old guard military and security forces, and Morsi needs to keep the displeasure of those groups in check.  Complicating matters still further, is what is on the current dance card of U.S. President Barack Obama.  While many either congratulate or blame U.S. President Obama for ushering out former Egyptian President Hosnai Mubarek, and thereby helping to usher in Morsi, at the moment the Obama administration is firmly playing the role of Israel supporter, committed to Israel's right to self-defense and unequivocally casting Hamas as the party in the wrong in this November 2012 Gaza-Israel War.
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Hiroshima on My Mind

Hiroshima My Love
Photo Credit: Yori Yanover (based on "Dr. Strangelove")
The Spokesman for the IDF is constantly announcing that the Israeli Air Force is doing pinpoint bombing in order to protect innocent civilians. Prime Minister Netanyahu also says that Israel deserves praise for the care it is taking not to injure innocent civilians.

Apparently to them, these “civilians” are “innocent” even though they house grad rocket launchers in their homes, and it’s their fathers and brothers who are doing the firing. In the meantime, we are bombing evacuated warehouses and underground tunnels, and the Gazans keep firing away, not at all worried about being hit. In the 200 plus forays our fighter bombers have made over Gaza, maybe 20 people have been killed and a couple dozen wounded. Peanuts. So the innocent civilians keep shooting away.

Whose approval are we trying to win? Has America or the United Nations applauded us on our great sense of morality and fair play? Has France or Russia? You’ve got to be kidding. In their heart of hearts, they think that we’re jerks. No one fights a war this way.

Calculations of the death-toll from the Anglo-American bombing of Dresden in February 1945 have varied widely. Figures have ranged from 35,000 through 100,000 and more. The German city of Dresden had a population of three quarters of a million people, plus hordes of anonymous refugees from the Eastern Front. It was destroyed in one night by Allied aircraft armed with more than 4,500 tons of high explosive and incendiary bombs. The devastated area amounted to around 13 square miles – not much different from the size of Gaza. The victims weren’t Nazi soldiers but innocent civilians. No one said a word.

Toward the end of World War 2, following a firebombing campaign that destroyed many Japanese cities, the Allies prepared for a costly invasion of Japan, knowing that thousands of American soldiers would be killed. To avoid this, American airmen dropped the “Little Boy” atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima on 6 August 1945, immediately killing 66,000 innocent civilians. Then they dropped the “Fat Man” bomb over Nagasaki on 9 August, killing 40,000. Six days later, the Japanese surrendered without the loss of one American soldier in Japan. Within the first two to four months of the bombings, the acute effects killed 90,000–166,000 people in Hiroshima and 60,000–80,000 in Nagasaki. Once again, no one said a word.

If you ask me, it’s time we took a lesson from the goyim. Before even one of our soldiers steps foot in Gaza, instead of bombing vacant warehouses and tunnels, we should level a few eight-story buildings filled with “innocent civilians.” That will stops the rockets, believe me.

Too Many IDF Reservists

idf heli training
While the IDF has authorized the call up of up to 75,000 reservists, over 100,000 reservists have asked to serve in Operation Amud Anan.

The telephones in the IDF Reserve Center are ringing off the hook, and the soldiers manning phones are trying to explain to the reservist volunteers that the IDF has enough soldiers right now.

A Moment of Truth in Israel

Photo Credit: Tsafrir Abayov/Flash90
Seven years ago the Israeli government decided to forcibly evict the Jewish residents of Gaza and withdraw all bases and forces from the area. The experts, some with the government and some with the media, assured everyone that it would be for the best and that withdrawal would actually improve the security situation in the country.

It was put about that resources and lives were being wasted protecting Israelis living in Gaza, while those Israelis insisted that their presence in Gaza was protecting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The experts laughed at them. Now the experts are keeping an ear open for air raid sirens because as it turned out, those farmers and teachers, those men and women growing lettuce in greenhouses and building homes on hilltops, from which rockets are being launched, were the ones protecting Tel Aviv.

"They are now being asked to relinquish these accomplishments for the greater good," the government press release said of their houses and farms, of their synagogues and greenhouses. And the greater good was served. The greenhouses were turned into Hamas training camps and the synagogues were burnt to the ground. Rockets fly into the air from the ruins of broken houses.

No longer will your sons have to die in Gaza, the experts said. A month later rockets were falling on Sderot. A year later Gilad Shalit had been kidnapped and Israeli soldiers were back again, dying in a Gaza that was now run by Hamas.

Among the bundle of promises from the Sharon government, was that the Gaza withdrawal was part of an oral agreement with the United States limiting further withdrawals and concessions. That agreement lasted for another few years until Obama took office and no one in his administration could ever remember such an agreement or accept its validity.
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What To Do In Case of Rocket Attack

This graphic illustrates what you need to do if a rocket siren goes off in your area.

Removing the Evil from Our Midst

Photo Credit: Wissam Nassar/flash90
I am so sick of these people. OK… I know they are Baalei Chesed. They are renowned for helping their coreligionists in a myriad of ways. They provide food and shelter and all manner of kindness to those in need. And there are many in their camp who qualify. They bend over backwards to help in any and every way they can. Their network of Chesed is widely known and respected. And it is why they are so popular among their own. Especially the devout. But despite their vaunted devotion to God, they have become an evil people in their perceived service to Him.

Hamas can do Chesed all day long for its people. It doesn’t matter. The reason their people suffer is no one’s fault but their own. They perpetuate that status with their deadly antagonism towards Israel. An antagonism that includes daily indiscriminate bombardment of Israeli population centers from Gaza. Their Chesed does not extend to non Muslims. To Hamas, we are all infidels requiring either conversion, subservience to them, or elimination. That is the nature of their hatred of the Jew - who adds insult to injury by occupying Palestine.

Let us not make any mistake about this. To Hamas and other Islamists, Jews are not only occupiers, they are infidels who have usurped what they believe is their Muslim God given right to the land. Until they achieve the goal of taking it back, they will use all means at their disposal to accomplish it. Including the rockets they fire indiscriminately into Israel. Human life means nothing to them in that goal. Not even their own.

That’s why they place their rockets bases in school yards and other civilian population centers in Gaza. They use their own people as human shields. And the devout Islamist civilian allows them to do it. They all want to be martyrs for the cause. There is no greater achievement in life than to die for God. Getting Palestine is such a goal. I will never forget the sight I once saw on the TV News of a Muslim mother expressing her joy that her son blew himself up in a suicide attack against Israel.

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How to End the Israel-Hamas War

Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib / Flash 90
Originally published at Rubin Reports.

A lot of people have asked the purpose of Israel’s defensive war against Hamas. Some, including those supposedly expert on the region, have been mystified. They cannot seem to figure out what is going on or what the goal of this Israeli operation could be.

The answer is simple. Given the premise that Hamas is in a permanent state of war with Israel and will attack Israel whenever it can get away with it, Israel needs to do three things.

First, show Hamas that it cannot daily attack Israel and Israeli civilians without a cost.

Second, show Hamas that the cost is unsustainable and that it needs to keep the peace or suffer massive losses to its governmental, economic, and military infrastructure. This includes a personal cost to those who have taken the lead in attacking Israel and especially to those who have organized terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians.

Third, remove from Hamas the means of making war by destroying its rockets, missiles, and other weaponry. Of course, they will rebuild but it is better to have an enemy that must start over again from near-zero than one that is adding thousands of weapons onto the thousands it already possesses, including the addition of more advanced arms and especially longer-range missiles.

Ending the current fighting in the Gaza Strip is also simple. There are two requirements: an international willingness to do it and an important decision from the new Egyptian government.
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Winning ‘Defensive Shield’ Will Be Messy and Lengthy, But We Must Win, Now

Israeli tanks have been deployed along Gaza border for an invasion on November 16, 2012.
Israeli tanks have been deployed along Gaza border for an invasion on November 16, 2012.
Photo Credit: Uri Lenz/ Flash90
Assuming that the term “Pillar of Cloud” wasn’t selected at random by an IDF computer (which does in fact happen sometimes), we have a problem.  I have to hope that the name refers not to a strictly aerial operation, but to aerial bombardment preceding the entry of infantry and armored forces on the ground in Gaza, just as the pillar of cloud and fire preceded the Children of Israel in the wilderness.

If indeed the latter is the true meaning of Operation Pillar of Cloud (the Hebrew name for Operation Pillar of Defense), then it is going to run into opposition from Amram Mitzna and other high-ranking leftist officers, who already this week came out against a ground invasion to put an end to the terrorism.  They claim that the right tool for the job is aerial bombardment—and even that, only so long as it is restrained and limited to very specific targets, as in the assassination of Hamas military commander Ahmed Jabari this week.

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No Ceasefire, My Son, Finish the Job!

Israeli soldiers along the border are preparing their tanks for a possible ground operation inside the Gaza Strip.
Israeli soldiers along the border are preparing their tanks for a possible ground operation inside the Gaza Strip.
Photo Credit: Gili Yaari/ Flash90
Dear Son,

It was good speaking with you and hearing that you are in excellent spirits. Please call home from time to time when you can. And try to fill your free time with Torah learning. We are told that Joshua was reprimanded by the angel in charge of the armies of Israel for neglecting to study Torah during breaks in the battle. We are the Nation of the “Safra and Sefer,’ the Sword and the Book. When we engage in battle, we give 100% to the fight. But whenever we have free time, the obligation to meditate on the Torah day and night returns in full measure. I know, it isn’t easy in your present situation, not knowing when the order to enter Gaza will come, but Torah study is as important as cleaning your rifle and making sure that your machsaniot are all loaded with bullets.

For the meantime, I will try to send you a Torah thought each day. I noticed an abridged “easy reader” copy of ‘Robinson Caruso” in your room, and remembered you saying that you wanted to improve your skills in English, so I’ll write these letters in English, and that way you can learn Torah and improve your English at the same time.

If you have access to a radio, I’m sure you are hearing a lot of talk about the supreme effort of the Israeli Air Force not to injure “innocent civilians.” You already know what I think about that. We are not engaged in a match of badminton. This is war. The Hamas isn’t merely a handful of terrorists. Gaza is a terrorist state. The people living there identify with Hamas and with its constantly vocalized oath to destroy Israel. They “voted” Hamas into power. Hamas and all of the citizens of Gaza seek our annihilation. This is a war of state against state.

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Actions of Pride....

This is in a football match between Beitar Yerushalaim and the Arab group of Sahnin, who didn't want to have Israeli symbols, like the Israeli flag, put up in the game.
So Ben Ari decided to let them know that this is the state of Israel, and Israeli symbols will be put up just about everywhere.
You can see Ben Ari here after about 43 seconds.

See the Video:

Gaza 2012: Proportionality and Collective Punishment

November 19, 2012  |  Eli E. Hertz
It would be a denial of reality to assume that only a small group of terrorists could be involved in the thousands of documented acts of terror in the past 10 years by Palestinian Arabs. In the seven years since Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, Hamas has launched thousands of rockets directly at civilian populations in Israel. It would be reckless to assume that these acts of terror are isolated, undertaken independently, without the direct involvement of the Palestinian populace and the leadership they opt to elect.
Israel often is portrayed in the media, by Western leaders, human rights activists and the many different organs of the United Nations as inflicting disproportionate and collective punishment on many Palestinians for the deeds of a few terrorists.
Ironically, the prohibition of imposing "collective penalties [punishment] ... intimidation and terrorism" that Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention [1] talks about, should be applied in this case to the millions of innocent men, women, and children of Israel that are collectively being punished day-in and day-out by Arab terrorists for "offenses" they never "personally committed." As to the "terrorism" Article 33 speaks about; it is the Israelis that fight to prevent Palestinian terrorism, and not the other way around.

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