November 26, 2012

The language of the Arab man - Caroline Glick

Before the Islamic war against Israel was reignited again this week, my incredible team of comedic geniuses wrote the script for Latma's weekly satirical newscast The Tribal Update. Among other things, Israeli Arab Knesset Member Abdul Messit (Incite) provides an English language musical explanation for the language of the Arab man. Aside from that, Prof. Borochov discusses the wonderful phenomenon of former generals who become peace warriors after the retire and begin working for the EU.

I think much of our work this week provides a reasonable explanation for many of the causes of the current war. 

Enjoy. Stay tuned for next week's edition which will be filmed from our bomb shelters and with a skeletal crew as most of our team is being called up for reserve duty....

Here's the whole show.


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