November 28, 2012

T.S.S. - The Final Solution?

What has changed? Why is today different?
They want to get lists of Jews in Hungary...because they are dangerous!
They want to end circumcision and Shechita...
The French and British support Balestine...

It seems like the whole Goyim world is in favor of the TSS.
Why? It is simple...either they want the torture of the Jews to continue or
they believe that land for peace is possible.
Nobody can be so ignorant as to believe in land for peace...
It has to be that ...sigh...they simply hate Jews and Israel..

Wow, that is such a huge surprise..I am really stunned...NOT

It is 1938....not has just nit changed since then.

The answer for the Jews is strength and ruthlessness!

Retake Gaza, expel the enemy...all of them and then annex.
Then Annex Judea and Samaria and expel the enemy...

Then expel the Arabs from Israel ALL of them...

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