June 23, 2009

Iran beats their own citizens and there is no outcry!

Where are all of the groups, movements and organizations that shout so loudly when Israel kills a Arab with a bomb belt?

Where are they now? Why don't they speak up about the Iranian Governments brutality on it's own people?

As Iran begins to become Iranium, with they blow up the entire region, will civil war break out, will the Mullah's just crush the opposition, will the world speak out, will BHO speak out and condemn the Iranian leaders?


June 16, 2009

Kill them or appease them (then kill them)

How will Israel survive? If Bibi doesn't start to expel the Arabs, he probably never will. In that case Israel needs new leadership ASAP, that is a leader that is Torah driven.

Assuming none of these scenarios come to fruition, what can Israel do in the face of mounting pressure by Obama and the balance of the anti-semitic world (Europe)?

Retreat to the 67 lines is obviously suicide. Everybody knows the US can't be relied on unless Israel joins NATO. Even then I feel sketchy about relying on the US for anything.

What can Israel and Bibi do to keep Obama out? What will sour him or distract him?
Iran may be starting just the usual distraction that will make the US turn their attention elsewhere.

The US could provide a distraction also. Let's see what HaShem has in store for all of us!


The coming storm: Obama and American Jewry

Jun 15, 2009 - The coming storm: Obama and American Jewry


There's a storm coming. It will pit a well-organized community of
substantial resources but also substantial insecurity - particularly when it
comes to charges of dual loyalty - against a popular president of
considerable eloquence but misguided policies that identify Israeli
settlements as the main obstacle to Middle East peace. The inevitable clash
will separate sunshine Jewish patriots who back Israel when convenient
against those who stand with Israel even when it means losing their
invitation to the White House Hanukka party.
The bogus issue of settlements is already being swallowed whole by many
well-meaning Jews. Last week Dan Fleshler, a leader of Americans for Peace
Now, wrote in the New Jersey Jewish Standard that Obama has no choice but to
pressure Israel because "it is fruitless for a well-armed, occupying power
to negotiate the terms of a viable settlement with an almost defenseless
occupied people unless a third party mediates and presses both sides."

In reading Fleshler one wonders whether he has been himself occupied with
building a settlement on the moon with no knowledge of events on Earth. Is
he seriously suggesting that the thousands of Katyusha rockets and nonstop
suicide bombers that have killed more than a thousand Israelis (the
equivalent of 30,000 dead Americans) have come from a "defenseless" foe?
Would Fleshler likewise argue that the US ought to have pressure from, say,
Russia or China to make peace with the terrorists in Afghanistan, seeing
that America now represents a "well-armed, occupying power" against the
comparatively defenseless Taliban? Or is it only Israel that is forbidden
from defending itself.

Sorry Mr. Fleshler, but Jewish values do not dictate that the only moral Jew
is a dead one who refuses to fight in the face of a 60-year terror
Any return to the 1967 borders, which is what Obama's attack on the
settlements represents, is simply suicide for Israel. The borders are
utterly indefensible. The Arabs know it, which is why they press for it.
Had Israel not dismantled its settlements in Gush Katif, Gaza would not have
become a terrorist state ruled by Hamas, an organization that kills even
more Palestinians than it does Israelis.

BUT MISGUIDED Jewish apologists aside, are the rest of us prepared to speak
up against the policies of the administration? By this I do not mean the
drunken racist rants of the American Jewish hooligans who got attention
disgracing themselves on YouTube last week; their bigoted drivel against our
democratically elected president represents an abomination to Judaism. I
have already written several columns lamenting how a small minority of the
large and praiseworthy contingent of Jewish youth who go to Israel from the
US after high school ostensibly to study in yeshivot end up instead hanging
out on Rehov Ben Yehuda making asses of themselves. That they have no
proper supervision and that they are allowed to go through their year in a
drunken stupor is an outrage that must be finally addressed by the
institutions which host them.

Rather, I mean courageous and intelligent criticism that accepts the
president's praiseworthy efforts in making peace but decries his soft
posture on tyranny when he bows to an Arab potentate who oppresses women and
warmly embraces the dictator of Venezuela.
Asher Lopatin was one of the first students I met at Oxford and the
university's first Orthodox Rhodes scholar. Today he is the successful rabbi
of one of Chicago's most youthful congregations. He is also Rahm Emanuel's
rabbi. But that did not stop him from criticizing the White House chief of
staff in Newsweek for his unfair pressure on Israel. Lopatin could easily
have basked in the aura of being rabbi to one of the most influential men in
the world. Instead, he spoke truth to power.
In promoting the new translation of his Hebrew prayer book, British Chief
Rabbi Jonathan Sacks constantly reminds us that he studies Bible with the
prime minister of the United Kingdom. That's nice. But a few years ago Sacks
spoke out publicly against Israel, telling London's Guardian newspaper,
"There are things that happen on a daily basis which make me feel very
uncomfortable as a Jew."
Sacks is a brilliant man but with a long history of pandering to whatever
audience he happens to be addressing. He would do well to remember the
admonishment of Mordechai to Esther on the responsibility of being close to
political power: "If you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance
will arise for the Jews from another place."
But while Europe and the UK are significant, the main battle lines will be
here in the US and now is the time for American Jewry to organize. From
schools to universities to synagogues and JCCs, we must make it clear that
when 78 percent of Jews voted for Obama and filled his campaign coffers with
cash it was not in the expectation of biased policies against Israel. We're
upset, disappointed and we won't take it. We'll march in the streets, write
op-eds and blogs, and publish ads making it clear that America should be
standing with the Middle East's only democracy and America's most reliable
As Charles Krauthammer pointed out, our president undermines his moral
authority when he pledges that henceforth America will "forge partnerships
as opposed to simply dictating solutions," but then only applies that pledge
to Iran, Syria, Cuba and Venezuela, but not to Israel.

Last year, right after Obama captured the democratic nomination, I received
a phone call from his campaign asking if I would serve as one of the
national chairs of "Rabbis for Obama." It was a tempting offer. I was moved
by the candidate's remarkable personal story, his iron discipline, his
soaring oratory and, most of all, the fact that his victory would be the
culmination of my hero Martin Luther King's dream of a man being judged by
the content of his character rather than the color of his skin. In the end I
declined because I feared that Obama would draw a moral equivalence between
Israel and the Palestinians and pressure the former to appease the latter.
But even I never suspected that it would happen so quickly and so

June 15, 2009

Extent of Nazi Camps Far Greater Than Realized

Monica Hesse - Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, June 4, 2009


A little more than a decade ago, researchers at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum decided to create an encyclopedia of concentration camps. They assumed the finished work would be massive, featuring a staggering 5,000 to 7,000 camps and ghettos.

They underestimated by 15,000.

Their ultimate count of more than 20,000 camps -- which they reached after a year of research -- is far more than most scholars had known existed and might reshape public understanding of the scope of the Holocaust itself.

"What's going to happen is that the mental universe of how scholars operate is going to change," said Steven Katz, director of Boston University's Elie Wiesel Center for Judaic Studies. "Instead of thinking of main death camps, people are going to understand that this was a continent-wide phenomenon."

The Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos: 1933-1945 "is the first major reference work for Holocaust studies since . . . the fall of the U.S.S.R." and the opening of many European archives, says Paul Shapiro, director of the museum's Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies. As a result, more information was available to researchers than had ever been before. Scholars chased footnotes in old books and used Internet mailing lists to find historians who might possess tiny pieces of the puzzle. Volume 1 is scheduled for release June 12.

Most of the sites included in the encyclopedia were known, says Geoff Megargee, the encyclopedia project director. "But they were known to one or two people. . . . Sometimes there would be just one person who had done research on one prison." The first volume focuses on SS-run camps and contains more than 1,100 entries written by some 230 contributors.

The Holocaust's horror always has been its precision and vastness:

how many people died, how many people were complicit, how many countries fell to the Nazi regime. The enormous number of sites catalogued in the museum's encyclopedia reveals that for every commonly known camp -- Auschwitz and Dachau, Buchenwald and Bergen-Belsen -- there are literally dozens more that the average reader has likely never heard of. The book is organized as a traditional encyclopedia; each camp or ghetto receives its own alphabetic entry, some with photographs or maps.

Few people might realize, Megargee says, that each of the 23 main camps had sub-camps -- nearly 900 sub-camps, each placed into categories with chillingly euphemistic names. There were "care facilities for foreign children," where pregnant prisoners would be sent for forced abortions. There were Germanization camps, where foreign youth with desirable racial features would be indoctrinated.

There were youth protection camps for the rebellious German teens who'd been caught listening to jazz.

In his decade of working on the project, Megargee says that he never stopped learning of new atrocities or personal stories.

"There was a woman who was a professional singer in the barracks" in a sub-camp of Flossenburg, he recalls, "who sang 'Ave Maria' for [her fellow prisoners] one Christmas. She moved the barracks to tears, then a guard overheard her and came and knocked her teeth out." Her story is recounted in the entry on the Wilischthal sub-camp.

The book reveals "a complex ecology of coordinated devastation," says Henry Knight, director of Keene State College's Cohen Center for Holocaust Studies in New Hampshire. He has previewed the book, and sees it as particularly useful for college students or serious Holocaust researchers, but adds that "anyone looking through this volume is going to be astounded at how vast the camp system was. . .

. It's simply not possible to think of these activities as an aberration when you see all of the information."

Shapiro says that the sheer number of camps may end one of the lingering protestations surrounding the Holocaust -- that ordinary people knew nothing of the killing underway in their locales. "In most towns, there was some sort of prison, or holding area or place where people were victimized," Shapiro says. "Think about what this means. For anyone who thinks this took place out of sight of the average person, this shatters that mythology. There was one Auschwitz. There was one Treblinka. But there were 20,000 other camps spread through the rest of Europe."

Says Shapiro: "What we are seeing in this project is that all of Europe was a camp."

Moshe Feiglin Responds to Netanyahu's Speech

June 14, 2009...

Just a few years ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu made his vote in favor of the Disengagement from Gush Katif conditional on 14 reservations. Ariel Sharon used Netanyahu's votes of support to implement his Expulsion of 10,000 Jews from Gaza and northern Samaria while forgetting about Bibi's reservations.

In his speech at Bar Ilan University this evening, Netanyahu assented in principle to a Palestinian state in our biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria (and in other parts of the Land of Israel) - with conditions. The door to continued American pressure has been opened wide, the price of the time to be bought will be dear in Jewish blood, and we can expect that in due time all of Netanyahu's reservations will once again evaporate or be rendered moot.

The Likud must quickly elect a new chairman who is loyal to its constitution, the decisions of its institutions, to its electorate, and to the principles of the national camp.

The Likud Constitution states:

Chapter 2: Objectives

Preserving the right of the Jewish Nation to the Land of Israel as an eternal, inalienable right, perseverance in the settlement and development of all parts of the Land of Israel and implementation of the State's sovereignty on them.

A Jewish View of Netanyahu’s Speech*

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Know first that Judea and Samaria constitute the heartland of the Jewish people. This land is inseparable from the teachings of the Prophets of Israel. From there our Prophets bestowed on humanity its loftiest and most fundamental ideas and values: first and foremost the idea of Ethical Monotheism. From ethical monotheism we derive the possibility of Truth, of Human Dignity, of Justice, of Kindness, of Freedom, of Progress, of Peace—of peace because there cannot be genuine and abiding peace among men without Truth. Moreover, there cannot be peace between nations unless they acknowledge that lapidary verse from holy writ that God created man in His own image, for this verse affirm unity the human community.

These ideas and values are the building blocks of Western civilization. They endow human life with meaning and nobility, with creativity and continuity, with depth and purpose. Yes, and they are tangibly linked to Judea and Samaria—the source of our historic memory. Therefore, to agree to establish an Arab-Islamic state on this land, a state whose inhabitants harbor a religion diametrically opposed to what this land stands for, is a Chilul HaShem—a desecration of God’s Name. To agree to a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria is to negate God’s Covenant with the fathers of the Jewish People. This agreement will never be consummated.

I am well aware of the political and rhetorical nature of Netanyahu’s speech. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to recognize that the conditions he laid down for the establishment of a Palestinian state will never be accepted by Arabs or Muslims; for unlike Mr. Netanyahu, they believe in a deity in whose name they are willing to sacrifice their lives.

I wonder whether the people of Israel understand the dreadful transgression Netanyahu committed by saying YES to a Palestinian state on Jewish land? Some observers, trained in law, may say that Netanyahu’s YES will not stand the test of international law; I leave this for them to explain. Others have already said that he has violated the coalition agreement that forms the basis of his government. What most disturbs me, however, is his projected violation of Jewish law.

In a policy paper in which I collaborated with Professor Louis Rene Beres, I abbreviated a lengthy halakhic disquisition by the Gaon Rabbi Dr. Haim Zimmerman, of blessed memory, in which he sets forth, in a most compelling way, the prohibition of yielding Jewish land to non-Jews. This paper was written and published in opposition to Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza and northern Samaria in 2005. Serving then as a minister in the Sharon government, Mr. Netanyahu voted for that withdrawal, contrary to the warnings of Israel’s highest military and intelligence officials. Hence, he is partly responsible for the death, destruction, and suffering resulting from the government’s violation of Jewish law.

But Mr. Netanyahu, like so many Israeli politicians, is superior to Jewish law. He is superior to the teachings of Moses and the Prophets of Israel. His highest law is derived not from God but from his own self-serving political calculations.

We have known for some time the conditions he would lay down for a Palestinian state: it would have no army, no control of air space, no power to make treaties with other nations, etc., etc. It was obvious that these conditions would not be acceptable to the Palestinians. Mr. Netanyahu may be cunning, but he is not wise. Surely he should also insist that Arabs cease brainwashing their children to exalt suicide bombers on the one hand, and to hate Jews and Israel on the other. But how could he insist on this without insisting that the Arabs overhaul the Quran, erase the ethos of jihad, rewrite their history, hence cease being Muslims!

To be fair, there were some solid points in Netanyahu’s speech.

· He said the root of the conflict was, and remains, the Arab refusal to recognize the right of the Jewish people to a state of their own, in their historic homeland.

· He said the closer we get to an agreement with the Palestinians, the further they retreat and raise demands that are inconsistent with a true desire to end the conflict.

· He said the claim that territorial withdrawals will bring peace with the Palestinians, or at least advance peace, has up till now not stood the test of reality.

He summed up by saying: “If we receive [a] guarantee regarding demilitarization and Israel's security needs, and if the Palestinians recognize Israel as the State of the Jewish people, then we will be ready in a future peace agreement to reach a solution where a demilitarized Palestinian state exists alongside the Jewish state.” However, if the Palestinian state were threatened by terrorists, international law would not require Palestinian compliance with pre-state agreements concerning demilitarization.

Leaving this aside, I see in Netanyahu’s speech something overlooked by its author and thus far by commentators. Looking beyond his crafted rhetoric, Mr. Netanyahu, in my opinion, has given the Arab-Islamic world a great victory and has inflicted on the Jewish people a terrible defeat. For by agreeing to a Palestinian state, Netanyahu has given the democratic world to believe that the Arab claim to Judea and Samaria is superior to any put forth by the Jews! Arabs thus have all the more reason to despise the Jews and scorn the God of Israel! They will then have all the more incentive to persist in their territorial demands whose ultimate objective is to wipe Israel off the map of the Middle East.
How ironic! I said Prime Minister Netanyahu desecrated God’s Name. He did so, moreover, at Bar-Ilan University, Israel’s one religious university. Contrast President Barack Obama’s speech at al-Azhar University—the theological Harvard of the Islamic world. Obama repeatedly praised Islam and its “holy” Quran.

I fear for Israel’s future. The strength of a nation depends more on its morale than on military might, and I see this morale evaporating while Jews resign themselves—even though it’s still not official—to the establishment of an Arab-Islamic state in their heartland. I ask: How should and how will the 300,000 Jews living in Judea and Samaria feel now that their Prime Minister has renounced any Jewish claim to this land? They saw what happened to the 10,000 Jews in Gaza and northern Samaria, so many of which were traumatized and impoverished by the Expulsion.

Let me ask Mr. Netanyahu: How will these Jews feel while you trifle with their lives and their future while waltzing with Mahmoud Abbas who you know very well is leading the Americans by the nose.

You know, Mr. Netanyahu, that the first task of a statesman is to promote national unity by heightening a people’s sense of national pride and identity—which requires the nation’s territorial integrity. Your speech has alienated the most patriotic citizens of Israel, those who live in memory-filled Judea and Samaria which you are willing to surrender. Of course they know the Palestinians are not going to buy your Alice-in-Wonderland peace plan. But you have deprived them of the moral high ground on which to fight for Israel’s survival.

I did not realize how much you have in common with Obama. Perceptive writers, including Victor Davis Hanson, Ralph Peters, our own Caroline Glick, Frank Gaffney, Melanie Phillips, Wafa Sultan, have exposed the incredible number of falsehoods that fill Obama’s Cairo speech. But your own speech is based the one colossal falsehood that has betrayed Israel since Menachem Begin signed the Camp David Accord—that peace is possible with the disciples of Muhammad.

You may know this in your heart of hearts, but like so many policy-makers in the democratic world, you lack the courage and wisdom to face the truth and act accordingly—with decisiveness and Jewish vision.

What is the difference between Obama’s reaching out to Ahmadinejad—which you deem futile—and your reaching out to Mahmoud Abbas? I don’t see Muslims or Arabs reaching out to Jews. Why not? Because they have pride, overweening pride, groundless pride, destructive pride—call it what you will—but it means you will blink first, you will make concessions to them, and you will get nothing but more than contempt and violence in return.

And so the Big Lie of the “peace process” will continue. The shoddy domestic politics of Israel along with the Saudi infested politics of America will continue. Yes, and the terrorism will continue. Is there a way out of this maze? Perhaps, but I’ve said enough for this report.

*Edited transcript of the Eidelberg Report, Israel National Radio, June 15, 2009.

June 11, 2009

Is Israel an Independent Country?

Were there Americans at Sinai? No!
Is Israel an independent country? Yes!
Can Israel make decisions without BHO and the Americans? Yes!
Will they? Maybe....
Besides might, what give the US the right to interfere?

Why are the Americans etc even welcome to weigh in?
Land for peace is a joke and BHO seems to have no understanding of the ME.
BHO wants to put a state of terrorists that hate Israel and all Jews next door to Israel! He is either ignorant or Anti-Semitic! Maybe he understands the ME perfectly and has decided that the oil laden Arab/Muslim population is a better ally for the US than Israel.

HaShem will protect the Jewish people and Israel. We trust in no man!


June 10, 2009

US, Mitchell, Arabs all Racist!

The USA, BHO and George Mitchell are offering to exchange Israeli and Arab Population Centers in Judea and Samaria. They think that will solve some nonsensical mythical land issue.

As usual, people with no understanding of the ME and it's history stick their nose in the ME. This latest set of uninformed morons don't understand that there is no land for peace. There is no land for peace. The land is 100% irrelevant!

If there was a terrorist Arab state created next to Israel, it would have to be Jew free. Why is Israel not Arab free? Why can't the Arab terrorists that live in Israel simply be citizens of Israel. Why can't the Arab terrorists in Gaza declare there terrorist State and move on ...Jew free.

Jews are not allowed to live in Arab Countries, yet Arabs are allowed in Israel...Why?

If Judea and Samaria are given to Jordan, Saudi etc.....then all the Jews will have to move out or be killed.

If Israel annexs Gaza, Judea or Samaria the Arabs would not have to move out...Why?

We Jewish Americans just don't get it!
Amercian Jews may...

June 5, 2009

Racism works 2 ways!!

Why are these Arab settlements that are allowed by the UN to claim statehood allowed to be Jew free, while Israel is not allowed to be Arab free?

In ME politics absolutely nothing any Arab does can be trusted.
Lying is considered good political form.

If Jordan and the Saudi's want to be Jew free...isn't time to make Israel
Arab/Muslim free and .... to drive out the Arabs/Muslims of Israel from before you, or those whom you leave over will be as spikes in our eyes and thorns in our sides, and the Arabs/Muslims will harass us in Israel.

Kahane was right and remains so!

Bibi, do the right thing and expel the Arabs/Muslims

2006 Estimates of Arabs in Israel...

Nazareth 66,300 North
Umm al-Fahm 44,400 Haifa
Rahat 43,700 South
Tayibe 35,500 Center
Shefa-'Amr 34,900 North
Baqa-Jatt 33,100 Haifa
Shaghur 30,500 North
Tamra 27,800 North
Sakhnin 25,500 North
Carmel City 25,200 Haifa
Tira 21,900 Center
Arraba 21,100 North
Maghar 19,600 North
Kafr Kanna 18,800 North
Kafr Qasim 18,500 Center

"We must expel the Arabs and take their place" --David Ben Gurion, First Prime Mininster of Israel

Send then packing to Jordan and Egypt!


BHO Speaks in Mitsrayim - MKs Respond: 'Zionist Vision is Stronger than Any President'

Sivan 12, 5769, 04 June 09 02:14
by Hillel Fendel

(IsraelNN.com) As the Israeli government convenes to discuss the ramifications of U.S. President Barack Obama's speech in Cairo, other Israeli politicians have lost no time in responding to it. Excerpts:

MK Danny Danon (Likud): “The president has crossed all lines. His implied comparison between the Israeli government and the Nazi regime said everything. He has made a covenant with the Arab world and rewarded it for more than 60 years of aggression.”

MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union): “Obama makes a shocking parallel between the destruction of European Jewry and the suffering that the Arabs of Israel brought upon themselves when they declared war on

The rest on http://www.israelnationalnews.com/SendMail.aspx?print=print&type=0&item=131709

June 2, 2009

(Bibi VS. Obama) - Round 1

The rumor is that BHO let Bibi know, that in order to continue having the USA votes in the UN remainin Israel's favor, Israel needs to freeze all new Jewish Communities.

It is far past time for Israel to pay attention to any world leaders, except for THE WORLD LEADER. HaShem will dictate the course of Israel's future and it may already be written.

If the Jewish leadership in Israel pays attention to anyone but HaShem...they are not the "Jewish" leaders.

It is time to work Teshuva and prepare for the redemption!