October 30, 2013

Beginning the Journey

Despite all the promises, God does not and will not do it alone. By the very act of self-limitation (tzimtzum) through which He creates the space for human freedom, He gives us responsibility, and only by exercising it do we reach our full stature as human beings. God saved Noah from the flood, but Noah had to make the ark. He gave the land of Israel to the people of Israel, but they had to fight the battles. God gives us the strength to act, but we have to do the deed. What changes the world, what fulfils our destiny, is not what God does for us but what we do for God.

Beginning The Journey

Canadian PM: I Will Defend Israel 'whatever the cost'

Ottawa, Canada - Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he is prepared to suffer any political backlash that comes his way for speaking out against anti-Israel rhetoric.

Harper told an audience Monday that while Israel is receptive to fair criticism, Canada is obligated to stand up for its ally when it comes under attack from others.

"Not just because it is the right thing to do, but because history shows us, and the ideology of the anti-Israel mob tell us all too well, that those who threaten the existence of the Jewish people are in the longer term a threat to all of us."


I Will Defend Israel...

Releasing Murderers of Jews is Anti-Semitism! - MK Michael Ben-Ari

Releasing Murderers of Jews is Anti-Semitism!

For two thousand years, when Jewish blood spilled, we have cried, and the murderers snickered.

We established a state, and we assembled an army to smite our enemies in all ...corners of the world. We brought Eichmann here, and hung him; we sent our children to Entebbe to strike the hijackers of our brothers and sisters, and we eliminated the arch murderer Abu Jihad in his bed in Tunis.
We showed our enemies that it is not worth it to harm us, and that whoever dares, would pay with his/her life.

Photo: Michael Ben-Ari:

Difficult feelings:
I think I'm not the only one who cannot believe the stupidity of releasing murderers.
Bibi wants Israel to look good so Abbas will agree to talk to us about the loss of our homeland.

But the truth:
It does not look good.
We are not a people, wishing life.
We disregard the moral justification of our existence.
Release of a murderer,  is a statement, that the murder was justified and the victim that was slaughtered by wild animals is the culprit.
It is encouraging  the next murder and bereavement, following the murder of Jewish victims.

The heart is heavy:  
Government releases murderers to their so-called "Peace" partners.  Partners who agree with these murderers
We lost our morality.

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Releasing Murders is

The Courage Not to Conform - Rabbi Sacks

Power allows us to rule over others without their consent. As the Greek historian Thucydides put it: “The strong do what they wish and the weak suffer what they must.” Judaism is a sustained critique of power. That is the conclusion I have reached after a lifetime of studying our sacred texts. It is about how a nation can be formed on the basis of shared commitment and collective responsibility. It is about how to construct a society that honours the human person as the image and likeness of God. It is about a vision, never fully realised but never abandoned, of a world based on justice and compassion, in which “They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain, for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea” (Isaiah 11: 9).

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The Courage Not To Conform 

October 29, 2013

Fair Reporting? - Defiant Israel returns to U.N. rights forum

Israel is a defiant Country? What does that mean?
Israel won't lay down and die?
Israel won't be stepped on?
Israel does not think the rocket attacks are OK?
Israel wonders why the Arabs don't release Jews from their Jails (Oh, I forgot they just murder them)
WE ALL KNOW THE ARABS ARE THE OCCUPIERS.....Arabs - Go back to Jordan...your homeland!

"(Reuters) - Israel appeared before the main United Nations human rights body on Tuesday, ending a 20-month boycott of the Geneva forum which it accuses of bias against the Jewish state."

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Defiant Little Country, Eh?

The Test of Rivka

The bulk of Parshas Chayei Sarah deals with the famous story of Eliezer’s mission to find a wife for Isaac. The Torah tells us that Abraham sent his trusted servant, Eliezer, to Mesopatamia to find a wife for Isaac. Eliezer traveled with ten camels to the town of Nachor (Abraham’s brother). He arrived at the town’s wellspring at the time when the women would come out to draw water. Eliezer then prayed that G-d should guide him with a sign to know which of the young women was the correct match for Isaac. Specifically, Eliezer prayed that if, when he would ask her to let him drink some water from her jug, she would not only agree to give him water, but she would also give water to his camels, then he would know that she was the woman destined to marry Isaac.

Eliezer’s prayer was successful. Before he had even finished praying, Rebecca came to the well with her jug. After she filled her jug, Eliezer ran to her and asked to drink some of her water. She agreed and gave him water to drink. When he finished, she offered to give his camels to drink as well until they were finished. She poured the water into the trough and ran to refill the jug until she had drawn enough for all of his camels. Seeing that the sign had been fulfilled, Eliezer knew that he had found the future wife of Isaac.

Many commentators ask how Eliezer was permitted to utilize such a sign, for such signs are usually considered forbidden superstitious practices. (Thus, for example, it is forbidden for a Jew to change his path because a black cat crossed his path.) The Maharal (Gur Aryeh) answers that the prohibition against superstitious signs applies only when the sign has no real relevance to the issue being decided. In this case, however, the sign that Eliezer chose was highly relevant, as it demonstrated that she was a generous and intelligent person and worthy of marrying Isaac.

The Beis HaLevi (Rav Yosef Dov HaLevi Soloveitchik, d. 1892) explained how this sign showed her good character and intelligence. She gave a stranger water to drink, demonstrating her generosity. However, now that the stranger had drunk from the jug, she could not simply bring the remaining water home, for the water might be contaminated. At the same time, if she would just pour out the remaining water and refill the jug, she would insult the stranger. Instead, she gave the remaining water to the stranger’s camels, demonstrating both her intelligence and her sensitivity to the feelings of others. (In fact, Rivka went even further, refilling the jug several times to water the camels.)
Thus, the sign was not simply a “sign” from above, it was also a test, to see how she would respond to a stranger asking for a kindness. And Rebecca clearly passed with flying colors, showing herself to be a kind and generous person, with a quick wit and an understanding heart. She was clearly an exceptional young woman.

But was she exceptional enough? What about her relationship with G-d? Was she a G-d-fearing woman?Shouldn’t that be at least as important as her character and intelligence? After all, the unique characteristic of the family of Abraham was their devotion to G-d, and the wife of Isaac would certainly need to be a deeply religious woman. Yet, not only is this not included in the sign that Eliezer prayed for, the whole issue isn’t even mentioned at any point in the story!
Rav Elya Lopian (d.1970) answered that this teaches us that if a person has truly good middos (character traits), then when he comes to the recognition of the truth of G-d and His Torah, he will quickly attain fear of G-d. Thus, even though, due to her environment, Rebecca may not have been a properly G-d-fearing woman, since she had demonstrated that she had exceptionally good character, it was certain that, once she came to live in the home of Abraham and Isaac, she would quickly develop into a genuinely G-d-fearing person.

This teaches us a profoundly important lesson. Our Sages taught, “Derech Eretz (i.e., civilized behavior; good character) is prior to Torah.” Ultimately, it is impossible to truly be a good Jew unless one is also a good person. Good middos are the essential foundation for all other spiritual achievements.
Eliezer C. Abrahamson

Test of Rebecca....

Liberal Media Bias in US - POTUS - Most Evident Now..

The number of scandals and unresolved situations surrounding the Obama Presidency is quite impressive...hiring Islamists for key Governmental positions, repeating the same speeches repeatedly,  simply not addressing Benghazi etc...

Yet the media has smoothed over these situations over and over again.
It is clear. This POTUS is simply in no way able to do any of the tasks correctly as the people want.
Whenever the people loudly say what they want....Obama corrects everyone by stating that the people are not always right and that he needs to do the correct thing...whether due to nore information or arrogance. It does not matter, new leadership is needed now. 

As a US citizen, Obama was fully entitled to be elected by the people of the US.
That of course is where it ends for his qualifications. With a person so concerned with being right and proud of his (?) accomplishments, one would think more info from his briliant College years and Law School - We get bupkiss...

I for one, believe that unless you were a Governor first ... it would be very difficult to show me a candidate that has experience pertinent to being POTUS.

In this case, Obama may have never had an actual job before being elected POTUS.
Obama's election is a clear indication that the 47% have taken over.
They are so numerous that ...they are able thorugh Obama to require the competent to pay for their welfare.

There are many legitimate families that deserve and need help. But there are an unbelievable amount of lazy good for nothings out there.

This is easily the poorest POTUS ever.

New leadership now!

October 27, 2013

Affordable Care Act... (Obamacare) My Personal Review

I was able to sign up through the NY Health exchange. Initially unable to see plans etc.
Friday, I was able to see the plans available to my family.

There were 42 plans listed by 5 different companies...Fidelis, Excellus etc.

My Health Care Coverage for my family is $1800 per Month with Excellus with full coverage, responsible for a deductible of $500 per member max family deductible $2000 after the first $2500 that was 80/20.
The Affordable Care Act offer was for $900 per Month with a higher deductible and no more than 50% coverage of hospital stays or Dr's..This includes a federal contribution due to my income.The $3000 family member deductible is laughable.

Oh, and because of the penalty program for business..my employer notified us that he has officially stopped offering health care due to the Affordable Care Act.
Personally, I believe it is an excuse he is able to cite to cut and expensive benefit..but we are not alone..Employers all over the Country decided that offering Health Care to their employees was a bad thing.

The Affordable Care Act is just another example of the USA POTUS not understanding the economy, health care etc. He is totally incompetent to lead.
His actions are destructive now and for the long run of the USA.

I will sign up for Health Care if and when I get Ill and not before.
End of the wonderful era of preventative medicine.
This will quickly destroy the entire health system

Obama is clearly the worst POTUS in the history of the US. He is the laughing stock of the World. New leadership is required ASAP

October 25, 2013

Temple Mount - what is the logic?

So the TM won in 67 and given over to the Arab/Islamist/Nazi Wakf.....
Why, to sooth the savage Arab?
This is part of Israel and needs to be resored to JEWISH control.
Not allowing Jews to pray etc. is a joke.
Praying at the Kotel so the scum can throw rocks on pious Jews...scandelous!

If taking back the TM so to speak forces the issue so be it!

This has to stop NOW

Syria, Iran, Islamist Terrorism, Qatar, Jordan, Gush Katif.....

Syria must have quieted down, I barely hear anything about the Muslim Civil war there. I think the POTUS is doing such bad things in the USA...that people are worried about domestic policy, rather then our enemies fighting each other?

Iran and the bomb...I guess those sanctions must doing a heckuva job, cause Iran is out of the news ...unless you hear Bibi make his usual feckless empty threats. I only hope his behavior is a ruse and that the Country of Israel is going to take some sort of action shortly.

Islamist Terrorism is being taught in Mosques all over the USA...do you think Al Jazeera being broadcast by Time Warner in the USA will be an easy portal for the Terrorist to direct their cockroaches?

Qatar. Sharia law and the Al Jazeera broadcast....hmmm. Time Warner is allowing a fraudulent Network to propagandize and build the Islamist cause in the US. This station is owned by a Country where Women are still chattel.

Jordan...still waiting for Jordan to over throw their King and bring home the Balestinians who all have Jordanian passports....

Gush Katif. This is the symbol ( See Amona ) of the failed policies of the Israeli Government lead by Bibi and a Knesset that is 10% Arab! .

We are waiting for the spirit of Meir Kahane to allow the people and Government of Israel to retake biblical Israel and throw the Arab/Muslim/Nazi's out

All in all the world is a mess and the you have people like Obama, Kerry, Powers and the whole incompetent administration...Listening foreign leaders cell phones etc...Booooo

It is NOW really time for a change!!

Time Warner Cable and (Racist) Al Jazeera America announce deal....

Please consider complaining to time Warner. This is a Racist anti women station, at the best!

"Time Warner Cable and Al Jazeera America announced Thursday that they have reached an agreement for the cable company to start carrying the channel".

If this is carried out and this station is added to your lineup, I will spread the word and try to get this reversed. There are millions upset by this move that will contribute to this fraudulent station in their subversive attempt to promote Sharia.. Al Jazeera is a journalistic fraud owned by the government of Qatar. Qatar's legal system is a mixture of civil law and Islamic law. Shari’a is one of the sources of Qatari legislation, and is applied to aspects of family law, inheritance, and certain criminal acts. In some cases in family courts, a female's testimony is worth half a man's and in some cases a female witness is not accepted at all. This is racist and Anti-Women!

"In every generation, there are always a few who understand; Always understand... even if you remain among the few." - Meir Kahane

Avigdor Gidon Rudofsky

The virus of PC and the USA

I wonder if the USA is reaching the PC tipping point?

It is all well and good to be empathetic and to try to make it all equal...
But the price paid a s a society is happening in a vacuum. The rest of the world sees a weak discombobulated Country ripe for picking. they see a Country more concerned with
being PC then being strong and giving all a chance ...through hard work. All is given and the USA has generations of families used to hand outs...No work for pay....

No responsibility. People saying even though someone killed someone...he deserves another chance? NO REPSONSIBILITY...breeds idiots and the rash of murders and school shootings is the beginning.

I am pretty sure that video game violence is the only reason well off Surburban white kids go to school with guns and kill people. I understand there are contributing factors of parental greed causing neglect etc.

The truth is that the Conservative view of returning to basics is good, although it is temped with dealing with the current situation that has PC'd the climate to the point where to survive...these guys come off as the Tea Party...Understand that is just the pendulum swinging....

I think if the USA has not passed the tipping point already...it is near!

New leadership is needed urgently!

Where was OBAMA listening in on the Boston Mosque etc?

So, the US eavesdrops on foreign leaders and US citizens phone calls...

Don't get me wrong...I am all for appropriate surveillance ...but the US approach is like the TSA at the Airport taking the gray haired 85 year old woman aside for a cavity search  and letting Muhammad pass...

This administration is the "gang that could not lead straight".
The level of corruption and incompetence has sunk to a new level.

I am not here to make excuses and why would I...as they are beginning to say louder: I did note vote for him! So, I won't even try. This POTUS is so Green, he is just totally clueless.
Treating each issue as if it were not interdependent on others is juvenile and the podium shuffle is really old. People now know the phrases he will use...before he uses them.

I wonder if there is an impeachment pool game already. You know, where you bet on what day he will be impeached...

Can't wait til leadership change is made....


Rabbi Meir Kahane "What Makes Bernie Run" (after the shiksa)

(Federal prison, Manhattan, Lag Ba’Omer, April 29, 1975)

Once there was a television program, which centered about the theme of intermarriage. The heroes of the piece were named Bernie and Brigitte. The American Jewish Establishment put great pressure on the particular network that televised the series and the program was ultimately dropped. Bernie and Brigitte were no longer. They had been canceled…

How relatively simple it was to cancel Bernie and Brigitte on television and how much more difficult to struggle against the curse and cancer of intermarriage and assimilation that exists in real American Jewish life. How simple to picket a television series to death and how hard to stamp out the disease that afflicts us daily in the real-life existence that is the lot of American Jewry. If we no longer find Bernie and Brigitte strolling hand in hand across our television screens we need only look at our campuses, at our streets at our neighborhoods, Bernie is alive and well.

What makes Bernie run? What makes Bernie run after Brigitte? What makes Bernie run away from Judaism and cut the chain of generations? What makes Bernie run away from the Judaism that his great-grandfather clutched at the risk of loss of happiness material wealth and so often very life? What makes Bernie run? This is the question that drives the American Jewish Establishment to frantically set up committees, study groups, surveys and commissions. This is the question that drives them to study the problem again and again and then again. This is the question to which they allocate so much time and so much communal money. This is the question that is at the top of their puzzled order of priorities, over which they scratch their collective well-groomed heads: What makes Bernie run?

The puzzled shepherds of the American Jewish communities can close down their study groups and their commissions and their committees: they can put an end to the learned and expensive surveys. They can stop spending Jewish communal funds. What makes Bernie run away from Judaism? Who created that Bernie who turns from Judaism in disgust or in indifference? Who created the Bernie who pants after a shiksa or who marches for Jesus or Trotsky or Arafat or for nothing Jewish? Who created a Bernie who finds Judaism as unimportant as the color of his hair?
Why, the answer is obvious: The very same Establishment groups who are busily creating the committees, commissions, study groups and surveys to find out the answer to these questions. Who made Bernie run away from Judaism? The American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress, the B’nai Brith, the federations on every level and in every locality, the temple rabbis and Bernie’s most intimate Establishment figures- his parents.
All of these are the criminals. All of these had a hand in murdering Bernie as a Jew. All of these robbed him of his heritage, of the beauties of his inheritance. All of these make Bernie run. The Jewish Establishment groups – The AJC, the Congress, the B’nai Brith, the federations, ALL the spokesmen for the American Jewish community – the ruling clique, uniformly marched down the American road with a melting pot under their arms, beating it over and over again and shouting forth the Eleventh Commandment to the American Jew: Thou shalt melt!
Thou shalt melt, thou shalt integrate, thou shalt amalgamate, thou shalt be an American as all others. They beat the drums for interfaith, exchanging pulpits with ministers enthusiastically, in a frantic effort to prove to Christian and Jew alike that there is essentially no difference between them. They were partially successful – the Christians were not convinced but the Jews were.
Thou shalt melt, thou shalt integrate, thou shalt Americanize thyself and so they raised high the banner of the public school and fought, with a zeal no one knew that they possessed, the one weapon that might have given Bernie knowledge, and a sense of pride and roots. In fear and with hostility, they declared a holy war against the Jewish Day School, the parochial school, and the yeshiva. They piously rationalized their struggle on the sacred grounds of separation of church and state but the real reason for their war (and they took the lead among all Americans in fighting the slightest aid to parochial schools) was their fear and consequent hatred of the parochialism and separatism of the yeshiva. The yeshiva threatened them with too much Jewishness! What would the gentile say if Jews were too Jewish, If they looked and behaved too differently, if their profile was not properly low? How did one mix easily with gentiles in the non-kosher country clubs they were so eager to join; how did one assimilate if Jews did not learn to drop the embarrassing customs, habits and old ritual baggage?
The public school! This was the way to equality, to uniformity, to mixing and assimilating. And so, they urged their flock to send Bernie to the public school (and the flock, as eager to mix as the shepherds, needed little urging). Bernie went to public school.
And today as the shepherds run frenziedly about surveying Bernie and asking him, where did you meet Brigitte? He calmly answers: “Why, in the public school in the public school; in the public school to which you sent me!”

Who made Bernie what he is? Who made Bernie run? The Establishment groups, and leaders who took a Judaism of particularism, of separatism, of uniqueness, of DIFFERENCE, and who- in their fears, insecurities and ignorance- created an American brand that leveled all uniqueness, ‘proved’ that Jews and Christians were no different, and eliminated every logical and moral reason to be different. They created Bernie: they made Bernie run.
And who else made Bernie run away from Judaism? Who else made Bernie what he is and is not? The massive, gaudy mausoleums that dot the landscape of every Jewish suburb. The temples. The temples whose senior rabbi is the caterer. The temples that perform human sacrifice rites each Sabbath morning and they call them, The Bar Mitzvah.

The Bar Mitzvah, that is not the beginning of a Jew but his end, his spiritual death. The Bar Mitzvah- that culmination of an empty, vapid, childish, shallow Jewish “education,” taught by men and women whose ignorance and lack of Jewish content makes them superb vehicles for the “education” they pass on. The Bar Mitzvah, that obscene cult of ostentatious-ness, the ultimate in Jewish status seeking, the competitive drive to bankrupt that pathetic and hapless “father of the Bar Mitzvah.” The Bar Mitzvah where the young lamb babbles the words he neither understands nor cares to, to the accompanying nachas, pride, of beaming women and men who would not know a correct word from a mistake, whose ignorance is sublime and whose disgusting display of conspicuous vulgarity sends God fleeing from the mausoleum in wrath…
The Bar Mitzvah whose necessary “religious” interlude long ago was subordinated to the piece-de-resistance of the entire immorality play – the “reception.” The sickening waste of money and degrading of Judaism, where materialism runs amok in the guise of religion, where drunks and half-dressed women dance and give praise to the Lord, with African dance, American tunes, and universal abomination. The Bar Mitzvah where the assimilationists, ignoramuses and despoilers of Judaism, beam with patronizing pleasure as the decrepit grandmother- Bubby- is resurrected from her nursing home or Miami Beach condominium and trotted out to light a candle to the applause of the go-go girls and dirty comedians waiting to do their act.
The temple, where man thinks up God rather than admit that He made him. The temples, where the Jew can create any kind of religion that he cares to and call it Judaism. The temple, where things too difficult are junked and where from the Board of Directors shall come forth Torah and the voice of the Lord from the approving Sisterhood membership. The temple, run by men whose ignorance of Judaism is exceeded only by their arrogant insistence on saluting it. The temple, where Bernie visits “God” and meets “Judaism” and flees from it in horror. The temples: they created Bernie, they made Bernie run.
And who else made Bernie run from Judaism? The temple rabbis. The kept theologians who knowingly preside over fraud and grotesque jokes. The well-paid functionaries whose salaries are payments to hold their silence and to declare light, darkness and darkness, light: to give their stamp of kashrut on the impure meat that their temples serve up as “Judaism.” The bribe takers whose eyes are blinded and consciences dulled by kavod, the honor of sitting on the pulpit before the eyes of the congregants, and by the comfortable salary augmented by the offerings of thankful beneficiaries of weddings, funerals and unveiling's. The false prophets who hold their silence as Judaism is twisted, perverted, turned into a humorless joke and who, knowing their own corruptness and fraud of soul, rush to justify the fraud by ‘rabbinical’ or lingo that pronounce them “good.” The temple rabbis who take a Judaism of Divinity and truth and go about Reconstructing it and Reforming it and making a mockery of Conserving it.
The temple rabbis who took the age-old axiom of Revelation, real Revelation, upon which is built the Divinity of Torah and junked it. The temple rabbis who made Judaism the product of ”wise men” (and if so, are there not wise Christians and Buddhists and atheists) and thus removed any sacredness and necessary reason for observance. The temple rabbis, so many of whom do not believe in God, who took the real and awesome Jewish God of history who made man and Created all and who rewards and punishes, and exchanged Him for a “god” who is “the spirit within man,” indistinguishable from indigestion…They are the models of Jewish “religious” leadership we give unto Bernie, these empty vessels whose greatest fortune is that their congregants know even less, about Judaism than they do.
These are your rabbis, Oh Bernie, and then we wonder why he refuses to enter the temple over which they preside. Only they themselves know what frauds they are; only they, in their hearts, know what a life of lies they lead: only they, in the inner recesses of their being, know the self- hate and contempt they feel for themselves each day that they have to perform acts of faith they no longer believe in and teach a religion that long ago they secretly began to doubt. The temple rabbis; they created Bernie, they made Bernie run.
And who else made Bernie run away from the embrace of Judaism into Brigitte’s waiting arms? The parents, the good Jewish parents. The loving Jewish mother who took off her golden nose rings and made a Golden Calf, which she worships avidly. The Golden Calf called “success” and “money” and “making it” and “my son-the-doctor.” The Golden Calf of material success before which she burns incense and for which she threw the God of Jewish values into the trash cans of medieval obscurantism. The Jewish father whose values are those of the garment center and the racetrack and bagels and lox on Sunday morning before taking the family out to the Chinese restaurant on Sunday after-noon. The Jewish father who tries to think like a gentile, act like a gentile, dress like a gentile, drink like a gentile, and curse like a gentile and then demand that Bernie marry a “nice Jewish girl.”
The Jewish parents whose credo is upward and upward in wealth and status and who created a comfortable Judaism that would accommodate their needs. Who moved to the suburbs and created a suburban Judaism, and a suburban God, ethical and cultured and nice- a vaguely Jewish Santa Claus. Who turned down the Orthodox synagogue of their parents, grandparents and generations beyond because it was too Jewish and too out of step with modern times and too difficult and too outmoded and not compatible with the new pagan-Jewish lifestyle they were creating. Who turned either to the Reform that gave both status (how familiar their Christian friends would find it if ever they stopped by) as well as license (one could be almost anything and do the same in that incredible anarchy known as Reform or -better still- to that new and upcoming movement known as “Conservatism.”
How many Jewish refugees from Brooklyn and the Bronx arrived in their new status symbols in Massapequa find themselves surrounded by strange natives known generally as “goyim” with large tribal groups called “Protestants?” How many of the Jews, in panic, fearing that Bernie would come home with a Mary rather than a Shirley banded together to build a quick temple of “Jewish Center” to save their precious ones? How many of them who did not know a Jewish concept from a Catholic catechism decided to call it ‘Conservative’ because Orthodox is ‘too old-fashioned’ and Reform is ‘like a church?’ And how amazed was the minuscule, unimportant Conservative movement to be suddenly besieged with requests for ‘Conservative rabbis’ that did not exist? And how many Conservative temples were suddenly hiring Orthodox rabbis who prostituted themselves to the Long Island god of gold? And how true it is that it was not the Conservative movement (sic) that built all the new temples that suddenly made them so prominent but the ordinary, ignorant Jews who bought a temple just as they bought any other commodity they needed and who set the terms of the deal. Bernie’s Parents bought their temple and their rabbi and proceeded to create Judaism and God in their own image. The garment center knew exactly how to cut a suit to fit…
Judaism, but not too much, If Bernie was sent to that vast cultural wasteland known as the “religious” or “Hebrew” school which he so despised, it was not so much that he become religious as so that he might acquire ‘culture.’ (At least enough to let him babble the proper words on the great day of Bar Mitzvah initiation rites.) lf he came home and mentioned something about Sabbath observance or a ban on ham and bacon, his parents smiled and told him that “we are not sending you there for that” or “you do not have to listen to everything the teacher says.” They played games with Bernie and thought that they could deceive him never realizing in their own stupidity, that no one can ultimately deceive a child. They created a fraud and thought that they could foist it on their Bernie. They created a Judaism that was created in their own image- a Cohenism or a Goldbergism or a Schwartzism and tried to pretend that it was Judaism. They defrauded themselves because it so suited them and thought that Bernie would grow up to be as fraudulent, hypocritical, materialistic and disgusting as they. But he did not. That which makes Sammy run does not necessarily affect Bernie.
They thought that Judaism was a faucet that could be turned on and off at will. They wanted to give up the uncomfortable and the inconvenient things but still keep the ‘important’ things, like marrying a Shirley. Bernie was honest. He took the whole thing and junked it. He turned on the faucet all the way and Judaism spilled out in to it. He married Brigitte to the wailing of his parents who shrieked to one and all: Where did we go wrong??
Where did they go wrong??
Where did they go right??
When one thinks about it, the gall and the arrogance of Bernie’s murderers are stupefying. All of them- sleek Jewish Establishment organizations and their portly leaders; the million-dollar temple-mausoleums; the temple rabbi-functionaries; the pitiful and hapless parents. All those whose yardstick was “what will the gentile say” and who proceeded to tailor their ‘Judaism’ to fit not the Jew but the gentile; all those spiritual schizophrenics who did not know whether they were Jews or not, fish or fowl, meat or milk; all these now point their grubby accusing fingers at Bernie and shout indignantly:
“Why are you such a bad Jew? Why are you a traitor to your people? Why can’t you marry a nice Jewish girl, Iike your mother? Why do you want to marry Brigitte the shiksa?”
The hypocrisy is nauseating and amusing at the same time, but Bernie listens and finds nothing humorous in it. “Why do I want to marry Brigitte? Why not? She is good looking, polite and doesn’t nag. Why do I want to marry Brigitte? Why not?
What is a nice Jewish girl like my mother? One who desecrates the Sabbath like my mother? So does Brigitte. One who eats non-kosher food like dear Mom? So does Brigitte. One who comes to synagogue three times a year to parade about it in our version of Eastern parade? Brigitte has the real thing.”
Of course, what Bernie is really saying — NO, CRYlNG OUT — is: “Tell me someone. Why should I be a Jew? Why is it so important to be a Jew? What difference does it make? Why not knock down the barriers between religions, nations and groups once and for all? What is there to Judaism that is so unique and special that I should adhere to it faithfully and marry within my faith? Why be a Jew!!!
It is an agonizing cry from the souls of tens of thousands of young Jews who assimilate, integrate and disappear into the outer space beyond Judaism. It is THE cry, THE question. It is asked by young men and women who have seen the emptiness and the vapidness of the Judaism they grew up with. It is asked by young Jews who have seen the ugliness and the vulgarity of their empty temples and the fraud and bankruptcy of their temple rabbis. It is asked by young people whose ‘Judaism’ gives nothing, absolutely nothing, in terms of ideals, self-sacrifice and meaning. It comes from those who equate the ‘Judaism’ they know with ostentatious wealth, fat and contented leaders paying lip service to God and ‘religion’ and the reality of that religion in the form of rabbis who do not believe in the Divinity of Torah or (increasingly) in God and in lay people whose ignorance of anything Jewish is compensated for by Hadassah and UJA checks.
Those who murdered Bernie took a Judaism of their ancestors that was strong and powerful enough to withstand inquisitions and Crusades and pogroms and Kishinevs and Auschwitzes, big and small. It was a Judaism that lived because its adherents were ready to die for it. It was a Judaism of the zeyde who believed in God and proved it by observing His commandments. It was a Judaism that came from God and not from man. It was a Judaism whose rabbis and leaders knew Torah, not the latest best-selling book list and who did as they said, setting a supreme example for the Bernies of old who knew why Judaism was different, who never for a moment thought of Brigitte.
The murderers took this and threw it away, exchanging it for ‘American Judaism,’ a grotesque mixture of Myron Cohen jokes, Miami Beach, UJA checks, Hadassah membership, Jewish food and Moshe Dayan eye-patches. It was a ‘Judaism’ that was stripped of all non-essentials so as to lighten the burden on the long-distance Jewish swimmer through the American waters of assimilation, equality and brotherhood. It was a “Judaism” whose adherents beamed as their leaders got it down to “ethics.” Ethics! As if that was the beginning and end of Judaism. As if Christians and Shintoists could not be ethical, too. As if Brigitte was necessarily less ethical than Shirley. Ethics- intoned the well-paid rabbi from his magnificently furnished pulpit. Ethics- that is Judaism. lf that’s all there is, then Bernie knows that Judaism has lost any exclusive hold on him. Everyone, today, is ethical. George Meany is ethical and Nelson Rockeffeller is ethical and Rev. Moon is ethical and Prince Sihanouk is ethical and the late King Faisel was ethical, as are his un-countable sons. Is that all there is to Judaism? lf that is all there is, then stop lecturing Bernie as he marches into the sun with his ethical shiksa. Bernie wants to know what is exclusive about Judaism, what is unique, what is special, what it has that others do not. Bernie wants to know this and those who murdered him have no answers for him. The head of the B’nai Brith has no answer for him. The temple caterer has no answer for him, nor the Board Chairman, nor the Sisterhood president. The temple rabbi has no answer for him. Mother and father surely have no answer for him. All of these have no answers for him because all of these have no answers for themselves.
Judaism lives or dies on the unique fact that God Revealed Himself at Mount Sinai and gave the Jew a truth that no one else has. Judaism lives or dies on the fact that the Bible and the Talmud with their laws, commandments, statutes and ordinances were divinely revealed and that the only way to holiness and true goodness comes from the observance of Torah laws. This is what kept Bernie’s zeyde and bubby Jewish; nothing else. This is a reason for being Jewish. This is a reason for not marrying Brigitte. All the rest is fraud and buff. Poor Bernie, victim of the worst kind of robbery – the taking of his heritage and reason for being. lf only he would realize that the ‘Judaism’ that he saw his entire life was anything but that. lf only he realized that he was the victim of the worst kind of spiritual swindle. How fortunate he would be. How joyous and happy and how meaningful would his life become if he rediscovered the Judaism of his ancestors that was sold on the American continent for thirty pieces of dross. Jewish is beautiful if you do not play games with it- or with yourself. lf only Bernie understood. How fortunate he would be. He could then turn in his Brigitte for a reason for being.
A reason for being Jewish.

October 24, 2013

Iran - All quiet on the ME front...

So, other than Bibi talking without changing anything...what is changing to stop Iran from getting the bomb?

This is rather unlike Israel....they have destroyed the Iraq and Syria program...so now what?

Moshe Feiglin said best.
Destroy the Iran leadership and forget about Nuke plants and equipment.
Replace the leadership with secular Iranians that want Western life and the nuke threat will fade away.

This can be done in tandem with either the US or some group of Euro allies.
Israel destroy the leaders and comsat etc, the rest provide weapons and material to the Iranians that are the resistance etc.

People say that once Iran has a bomb...it is over...I disagree...
They still won't be able to get out of their own way.
Even if they have a bomb....you can still destroy their leadership and
help the change be made....

What are they waiting for ?
What a bunch of Kerry like gullible fools...


October 21, 2013

Are you a Baal Tshuva?

A friend of mine was discussing the changes he’s made in his lifestyle over the last 10 years.
Hailing from a family where the traditions of Judaism were an afterthought at best, he has gradually adopted a number of observances into his life.

With the encouragement of rabbis and other mentors, he now puts on tefillin once a week, buys only kosher meat and is a semi-regular synagogue attendee. He and his wife have just enrolled their children in after-school Hebrew lessons.

Read More:


US remains distracted....

Does the US care about Iran....sure, do they care about the ME? sure, do they care about Russia? sure, BUT the US is distracted....

I understand the 2 perspectives..

Those in the US that voted for Hope and those that voted for what they perceived as reason.
There are many issues that are substantial in the US that need to be resolved, but timing and the strength of the economy do seem to have a role in the US ability to make those changes.

The Economy, Fuel, Health care and Terror seem to be the most important to the average "Joe".
Creating jobs, improving Health care (not revamping it, becoming energy independent and allowing others to manage their own terror issues could all be accomplished in a limited, phased approach.
The current POTUS approach is all encompassing and simply is overwhelming for a Federal system that is not very functional at much.

Where we stand now is quite interesting...there are some who say it is improving and there are those that say the US is heading toward Depression. Who is right?  Will the fact that they can't agree create  the usual gridlock? Probably ...is that good or bad? perspective.

Will the ACA work in any way? Perhaps. Could it have been implemented in a worse fashion. Sure, but they have had 3 years to have the computers ready to roll and apparently did not even bother to consider scheduling applicants over a 6 Month period with limited amounts of groups allowed to sign up each week etc. Just the typical Federal planning....

Will the ill effect of the awful roll out of the ACA cause more damage then good? You know working people losing Insurance to insure those that don't work etc? Seems so.

The US "culture" is deteriorating so rapidly that there are few under 45 that even notice.....
There is a very long way to go on the decline...or is there?

I want Moshiach now!

Bell Tolls For American Jewry

If the media and social media are any indication, the Pew report on the state of American Jewry and Judaism has sent the Jewish Community into a tailspin. The response is more than appropriate. The Jewish Community, in both the United States and abroad, will long be pondering the implications of the report’s findings.

The major conclusion, masked by some of the headlines (and perhaps not), is that American Jewry (with the exception of Orthodoxy, and the more traditional wing of the Conservative and post-denominational world) is gently committing mass suicide through assimilation. Intermarriage among the non-Orthodox has topped 71% (and is close to 90+% in many places), and the proportion of children that are raised with any sense of Jewish identity is inversely related to the intermarriage rate. 

Read the rest:


American non-Orthodox Jews are intermarrying their way into post-Jewish oblivion

The recent study of U.S. Jews by the Pew Research Center reports that 58 percent of American Jews marry non-Jews. Since few of those who intermarry are Orthodox, the percentage rises to 71 percent when Orthodox Jews are taken out of the equation. The fact is, American non-Orthodox Jews are intermarrying their way into post-Jewish oblivion, and they’re doing so as a direct result of having emptied their version of Judaism of all meaning. Having jettisoned traditional Judaism, non-Orthodox Jews by and large adopted political liberalism as their alternative pseudo-religion. The replacement of Judaism with political liberalism explains the creeping disappearance of the non-Orthodox Jewish community through intermarriage. Intermarriage among the non-Orthodox is rampant because it is not really intermarriage at all. Putting romantic fantasies aside, the simple truth is that people tend to marry those with whom they have things in common and with whom they can share the things they regard as critically important in their lives. For the vast majority of non-Orthodox Jews, Judaism is simply not one of those things.

Read more at: http://www.jewishpress.com/indepth/opinions/assimilationist-liberals-reap-what-theyve-sown/2013/10/10/

Intermarried couple: Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky

The recent study of U.S. Jews by the Pew Research Center reports that 58 percent of American Jews marry non-Jews. Since few of those who intermarry are Orthodox, the percentage rises to 71 percent when Orthodox Jews are taken out of the equation. The fact is, American non-Orthodox Jews are intermarrying their way into post-Jewish oblivion, and they’re doing so as a direct result of having emptied their version of Judaism of all meaning. Having jettisoned traditional Judaism, non-Orthodox Jews by and large adopted political liberalism as their alternative pseudo-religion. The replacement of Judaism with political liberalism explains the creeping disappearance of the non-Orthodox Jewish community through intermarriage. Intermarriage among the non-Orthodox is rampant because it is not really intermarriage at all. Putting romantic fantasies aside, the simple truth is that people tend to marry those with whom they have things in common and with whom they can share the things they regard as critically important in their lives. For the vast majority of non-Orthodox Jews, Judaism is simply not one of those things.

Read More:


Intermarriage.......a very bright spot for Orthodoxy

Just how common is intermarriage in America?

Professor Steven M. Cohen, a research professor at the Hebrew Union College- Jewish Institute of Religion, held up ten fingers then put down three.
“Seven of these ten Jews will marry non-Jews,” he explained.

Cohen participated in a live webcast at the Orthodox Union on Oct. 8 to explain the results of the latest study of American Jewry, the first-ever conducted by the Pew Research Center. Cohen, a sociologist who was a consultant on the study, said the numbers are grim: the study puts the rate of intermarriage by American Jews at 58%. Excluding the Orthodox, the numbers are even higher, with up to 71% of Jews marrying out of the faith.

Those who intermarry are far less likely to raise their children with any Jewish identity. Currently, self-identifying Jews in America account for 2% of the American population, numbering roughly 6.8 million.
However, Cohen explained, the study offers a bright spot for Orthodoxy. The retention rate for those raised Orthodox was surprisingly high, with 83% remaining observant.


Settlement Construction Increas (B"H)

A worker at a construction site in the West Bank settlement of Maaleh Adumim in March 2011 (photo credit:  Kobi Gideon/Flash90)

The first half of 2013 marked a 70 percent increase in construction projects started in Israeli settlements compared to the same period last year, according to a report by a left-wing activist organization released Thursday.

Between January and June of this year, construction began on 1,708 units — 180 in illegal outposts — while last year that figure was 995.
The study by the Peace Now group also found that 44% of the new projects were located east of the security fence, and the vast majority of all the new construction, 1,469 units, began without tenders in settlements where they are not required.

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Terror! - written by Meir Kahane 1988


For the Jew, the worst of terror is not some “Palestinian” gang, but the frightening thought that the United States will stop supporting Israel.  That is the specter that haunts the Jew; that is the terror that gives neither sleep to his eyes nor slumber to his eyelids.

On the one hand, the Jew is gripped by fear of the gentile and on the other, by the perceived need of the gentile.  Both psychoses stem from the same tragic source:  Lack, utter lack of faith and belief in the L-rd, G-d of Israel.  And lacking faith, the Jew of practicality also lacks total understanding of Jewish destiny.

“The exiles will not be ingathered except through the merit of faith.”  The words of the Rabbis in the Mechilta (B’shalach).  A statement based on the verse of Hosea (3:22): “And I will betroth thee unto me in faith, and thou shalt know the L-rd.”  It adds nothing to Jewish merit that this verse is said daily by the Jew who puts on the tefillin.  And to whom it means nothing.

A clearer statement could hardly be found.  The exiles will not be ingathered except through faith.  Does anyone believe it?  Really believe it?  Really take the words seriously?  Does the Jew who is spellbound and convinced of the magical efficacy of Ronald Reagan and the miracle of American aid really believe that the only way of betrothal to G-d is through perfect faith and belief that G-d is the One who can save the Jew – the only one?

Hardly.  The decision by the gentiles in Washington to begin talks with the PLO led to a combination of surprise, shock, fear and foreboding from Jews who are totally convinced that the United States is beginning the abandonment of Israel and that without the United States, Israel cannot survive.  Small people; little people of little faith.
Just as the first Jew was chosen because he believed, because he had faith in G-d and was prepared to stand alone against an entire world (as it is said [Genesis 15:6]: “And he believed in the L-rd, and He counted it to him for righteousness”), and just as the Jews of Egypt were saved in the first redemption only through faith (as it is said [Exodus 4:31] “And the people believed”}, so shall the final redemption of the children of the first Jew come about only through faith.  And indeed, it is the only way the redemption of glory and majesty can come.

The Jew will never believe as long as he has even one ally.  For as long as he is not alone, he will always maintain that his survival is due to the “ally.”  People of little faith cannot ever have the strength to think anything else.  THAT IS WHY THE ALMIGHTY WILL GUARANTEE THAT THERE WILL BE NO ALLIES.  For only when there is absolutely no one upon whom the Jew can lean and thus delude himself, only then, when faced with absolute hopelessness, will the Jew – with no other choice – turn to the All Mighty.

And so, the beginning of the end of the delusion of American support is the beginning, too, of the end of the delusion that Israel’s survival depends on the gentile.  It does not.  And so, cease the hand-wringing and the moaning.  The Americans are not relevant to Jewish survival.  The Russians are not relevant to Jewish survival. Only the All Mighty is.  And because we do not believe it, we are about to embark on the painful process of learning it the hard way.

How foolish of us!  How needlessly we bring on ourselves tragedy!  Cease our dependence on the gentile and return to the L-rd.  Faith in G-d and a powerful Jewish arm will bring us the redemption in glory and majesty.

Aabs and Jews - Kahane 1976

Arabs and Jews

The illusion of Arab-Jewish coexistence is a delusion that leads directly to tragedy.  On the one hand, it is patently false.  On the other, it encourages mad policies on the part of the Israeli government.  Thus, we find that a group of yeshiva students travelled to the Galilee village of Peki’ to pray at several sacred sites.  What makes Peki’ special is that throughout the long exile there were always Jews in this small place and, today, one lone family remains, a father and his unmarried daughter.

When the students came, they were met with stones by the local Arabs and Druze.  They were forced to call the police and leave. When the Arabs were asked why they had stoned the Jews they replied  “they feared that they had come to settle there”…  [Sounds familiar?]

This is the truth of Arab-Jewish coexistence and the tragedy of the Jewish policy of illusion.  In the JEWISH state, Arabs have reached the point of chutzpah and gall when they can stone Jews and openly explain that they feared that the Jews might try to settle in their village.  There is NO Arab village in the JEWISH state and the Arabs live in the JEWISH homeland by sufferance of the Jews.  For them to have the brazenness to question Jewish rights is both symptomatic of their true feelings as well as the result of the timid and frightened “non-policy” of fear of what the world will say, that has led to an incredible decision to place two soldiers on trial in connection with the death of two Arabs killed in rioting against Jewish sovereignty.  Both deaths occurred as Arab mobs, encouraged by Jewish weakness and hesitation, stoned Israeli troops, threw Molotov cocktails at them and tried to cause conditions of anarchy and revolt that would eventually force Jews to retreat from Judea and Samaria. 

Both deaths occurred as Israeli soldiers were attacked and tried to put down the revolt.  At first, the government refused to put soldiers who were facing an enemy committed to wiping out the Jewish state, on trial. Now, under pressure, they have agreed.  The result will be that any soldier will hesitate before firing and will fear the consequences of his doing what any normal soldier should do.  The result will be that the Arabs will know this and be encouraged.  The result is that, once again, capitulation to the Arabs will breed more arrogance, more demands, more revolt.

Peace Talk "Buster" Bill in Knesset

he “peace talks” would explode if the Knesset were to virtually eliminate the chance of dividing Jerusalem. Count on Netanya and Livni to force a Knesset panel to change a decision that could blow up the talks.

Read more at: http://www.jewishpress.com/news/knesset-panel-oks-peace-talk-buster-bill-to-preserve-jerusalem/2013/10/21/
A Haredi Knesset Member surprised the government Sunday and mustered a 5-4 committee vote to advance a bill requiring approval of two-thirds of the legislature before Israel could surrender sovereignty over any land in Jerusalem. The bill states that Jerusalem will “not be divided, or parts of it handed over to anybody” and that “the sanctity of Jerusalem shall not be given to outsiders.” A “united Jerusalem” is one of Israeli politicians’ favorite mottos never put to the test, but the Knesset Ministerial Committee will force the hand of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Read more at: http://www.jewishpress.com/news/knesset-panel-oks-peace-talk-buster-bill-to-preserve-jerusalem/2013/10/21/
A Haredi Knesset Member surprised the government Sunday and mustered a 5-4 committee vote to advance a bill requiring approval of two-thirds of the legislature before Israel could surrender sovereignty over any land in Jerusalem.

The bill states that Jerusalem will “not be divided, or parts of it handed over to anybody” and that “the sanctity of Jerusalem shall not be given to outsiders.

” A “united Jerusalem” is one of Israeli politicians’ favorite mottoes never put to the test, but the Knesset Ministerial Committee will force the hand of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Read More:

Peace Talk:

Israel’s newest general, 100 years old, finally heals his wounds

Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz (right), slipping the general's rank on Pundak's left shoulder. (photo credit: IDF Spokesperson's blog)

Israel’s newest general, 100 years old, finally heals his wounds

For two-thirds of his long life, Yitzhak Pundak battled to restore the reputation of the defenders of Kibbutz Nitzanim in the War of Independence. Finally, as he neared his centenary, he succeeded, and a promise by Moshe Dayan was honored at long last...

Read the rest:

Israels Newest General

October 18, 2013

Segulot (unique Jewish remedies)

Segulot (unique Jewish remedies):

* For fear of dogs, place right thumb inside left palm and say: "אלהא דרבי מאיר ענני."

* If you feel fatigue, say 7 times "נותן ליעף כח, ולאין אונים עצמה ירבה"

* For success and lasting memory, say in the morning as many times as possible in one breath, "Eliyahu HaNavi".

* For livelihood, every Wednesday light a candle for Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess, zs'l, and ask for livelihood.

* To be saved from a fire; on Sat. night after Havdalah, relight the Havdalah candle after it was extinguished.

* To feel happiness, after Tefilat HaShachar (first part of morning prayers) say 3 times
"מיכאל הכהן הגדול שר ואפוטרופוס של ישראל".

* To be saved from sinning, the Sh'la HaKadosh says in the name of Rabbi Moshe Cordoviro, zs'l, to say, 'אש תמיד תוקד על המזבח לא תכבה''.

* To find a lost item, give Tzadaka and say 3 times: "אמר רבי בנימין, הכל בחזקת סומין, עד שהקדוש ברוך הוא מאיר את עיניהם. מן הכא, ויפקח אלוקים את עיניה ותרא באר מים, ותלך ותמלא את החמת.
אלהא דמאיר ענני, אלהא דמאיר ענני, אלהא דמאיר ענני. בזכות הצדקה שאני נודב לעילוי נשמת רבי מאיר בעל הנס, זכותו יגן עלינו, למצוא את האבידה שאיבדתי".

* To sell a house, give Tzadaka and say "יהי רצון מלפני אבינו שבשמים, שימצא לנו קונה לדירתנו, ונוכל בזה למלא חפצנו לעסוק בתורה ובמצוות בלי כל הטרדות, ולעשות רצונך בלב שלם".

* A tremendous Segula for not suffering Chibut HaKever is Melave Malka

* To have health, after using the bathroom, say the Asher Yatzar Prayer

* To eliminate unseen destructive powers, say Kriyat Shema before going to sleep.

* For health, livlihood, spouse, peace of the house and all general requests, say Nishmat Kol Chai.

* To succeed in court, read Parshat Beshalach till "שם המקום סוכות" and during court session, hold a kosher mezuza in the right hand.

* For any trouble; say 15 times consecutively Tehillim Chapter 20.

* To succeed in learning, "חלקי אלוקי אמרתי לשמור דברך, כלתה לתשועתך נפשי, לדברך יחלתי, מה אהבתי תורתך, כל היום היא שיחתי, הורני אלוקי דרך חוקיך ואצרנה עקב. ואח"כ יאמר: שיר השירים אשר לשלמה, ישקני מנשיקות פיהו כי טובים דודיך מיין, לריח שמניך טובים שמן תורק שמך, על כן עלמות אהבוך

* Prayerer for others to succeed learning Torah; יהי רצון מלפניך, שתרחם על (פלוני בן פלונית) ותהפוך לבבו לאהבה וליראה שמך, ולשקוד בתורתך הקדושה, ותסיר מלפניו כל הסיבות המונעות אותו משקידת תורתך הקדושה, ותכין את כל הסיבות המביאות לתורתך הקדושה כי אתה שומע תפילה ברחמים ברוך שומע תפילה.

* Prayer to sweeten judgments on you:
אני מאמין באמונה שלמה, שזה הצער והיסורים שבא לי הוא בהשגחה פרטית מעם ה`, והנני מקבל עלי באהבה, וכל זה בא לי מסבות עונותי הרבים, וצדיק אתה ה` על כל הבא עלי כי אמת עשית ואני הרשעתי. ויהי רצון שיהיו אלו היסורים לכפרה על עונותי הרבים (ואם בעת רצון יאמר גם כן ולהקל בזה צער שכינת עוזינו כביכול וצערן של ישראל). והנה מצד הדין הייתי צריך לפרט ולשוב ולהתודות על החטא והעון שבסיבתם בא לי אלו היסורים, אבל גלוי וידוע לפניך שאין אתי יודע עד מה.לכן יהי רצון מלפניך אבי שבשמים, שתמחוק ותשרש החטא ועון ופשע שגרמו לי אלו היסורים, ויומתקו כל הדינים מעלי ומעל כל ישראל, ויתהפכו כל הצרופים לטובה, וימשך חסדים טובים ומגולים לנו ולכל בית ישראל עד עולם אמן.

* To be saved from the evil eye, say: יהי רצון מלפניך ה` אלקינו ואלקי אבותינו שתעשה למען שמך הגדול ולמען רחמיך הרבים יהי נא חסדך לרחמנו ולהסתירנו תחת סתר כנפיך ותן לנו חיים של תורה ויראת שמים

* To go someplace and succeed, say: הריני רוצה לילך (למקום פלוני) ברשות הקב"ה יתברך למען שמו. ריבונו של עולם, בדברי קדשך ככתוב: "הבוטח בה` חסד יסובבנו" הקב"ה, אלוקי אמת, תן לי ברכה והצלחה בכל מעשה ידיי, כי בטחתי בך שתשלח לי ברכה ויקויים בי מקרא שכתוב: "השלך על ה` יהבך והוא יכלכלך", אמן

* The Arizal says for spiritual elevation, say Ana Be'Koach (do NOT say the small letters, only think it)
אָנָּא, בְּכֹחַ גְדֻּלַּת יְמִינְךָ תַּתִּיר צְרוּרָה: אב"ג ית"ץ
קַבֵּל רִנַּת עַמְּךָ, שַׂגְּבֵנוּ, טַהֲרֵנוּ, נוֹרָא: קר"ע שט"ן
נָא גִבּוֹר, דוֹרְשֵׁי יִחוּדְךָ כְּבָבַת שָׁמְרֵם: נג"ד יכ"ש
בָּרְכֵם, טַהֲרֵם, רַחֲמֵי צִדְקָתְךָ תָּמִיד גָמְלֵם: בט"ר צת"ג
חֲסִין קָדוֹשׁ, בְּרוֹב טוּבְךָ נַהֵל עֲדָתְךָ: חק"ב טנ"ע
יָחִיד גֵּאָה, לְעַמְּךְ פְּנֵה, זוֹכְרֵי קְדֻשָּׁתְךָ: יג"ל פז"ק
שַׁוְעָתֵנוּ קַבֵּל וּשְׁמַע צַעֲקָתֵנוּ, יוֹדֵעַ תַעֲלֻמוֹת: שק"ו צי"ת
and then whisper, ברוך שם כבוד מלכותו לעולם ועד

* For burns from fire or water; say immediately each line 3 times :
יברכך ה` וישמרך
יאר ה` פניו אליך ויחונך
ישא ה` פניו אליו וישם לך שלום

* To remove bad judgement or evil; say 12 times consecutively "אין עוד מלבדו", and then say 3 times "אני מאמינ/ה באמונה שלמה שהכל נעשה מאת ה` יתברך יתעלה ואין שום כוח אחר בעולם כלל".

For Shalom Bayit, read from Tehillim, Chapter 119, the letters of ש ל ו ם ב י ת
Another Segula; immediately after Shabbat fold the Talit (it is also a Segula for long life and health for the wife).

For a protected home, check your mezuzot at least once in 3 years.

To eliminate anger, ask HKB'H to merit you to live in Eretz Israel.

To succeed in a business deal, before sunrise say the following 3 times:
למנצח בנגינת מזמור לדוד בקראי ענני אלוקי צדקי בצר הרחבת לי חנני ושמע תפילתי בני איש עד מה כבודי לכלמה תאהבון ריק תבקשו כזב סלה ודעו כי הפלה השם חסיד לו השם ישמע בקראי אליו רגזו ואל תחטאו אמרו בלבבכם על משכבכם ודמו סלהזבחו זבחי צדק ובטחו אל השם רבים אומרים מי יראנו טוב נסה עלינו אור פניך השם נתתה שמחה בלבי מעת דגנם ותירושם רבו בשלום יחדו אשכבה ואישן כי אתה השם לבדד לבטח תושבני.
Then say this Bakasha 3 times,
יהי רצון מלפניך השם אלוקינו ואלוקי אבותינו למען שמך הגדול היוצא מהמזמור הזה שהתפללתי אליך ,שמע לקולי, אמן כן יהי רצון.

If any person (any age) does not speak, give him pistachios to eat, and while chewing, should say the following pasuk, "והיה פריו למאכל ועלהו לתרופה"

To be debt free, daven with more devotion and after prayer, accept to take on a new spiritual Mitzvah and say: "יהיה רצון מלפניך, שתפרע מעלי את כל החובות שאני חייב/ת לכולם, בגודל רחמיך המרובים.

To pray with more devotion and concentration, insert the word נשמה with your name. For example, if your name is יעקב, write or say this prior to praying: י - נ- ע- ש- ק - מ - ב - ה

For a successful day, after Netilat Yadaim in the morning, say in one breath 7 times Uriel and then, הצליחני

For protection, say Tehillim chapter 91 and afterwards, say pasuk 'ז seven times consecutively.

US Congress and Israel...

The best part about the fight in Congress about the debt ceiling, ACA.....etc is the fact that they are actually busy doing something besides meddling in the ME.

Congress came to an agreement to kick the can a little  further down the road....

The way I see it, if you can't balance the budget...you either need more revenue or less expenses ...or both. Anyone with any business experience knows that is you are doing business, the rent is almost never to much. But if you are not, it invariably is to much.
At this point most people would agree that we need to De-layer Government.....Villages, Towns, Counties, Cities enveloping the same area is not needed. The benefits offered and paid to these layers are not justified.

Congress needs to go line by line and change the allocation for funds. They also need to mandate layer reduction in a timely basis.

From a revenue standpoint...if our balance of trade is poor...we need to isolate those that we import from and don't import to and then to add tariffs to any imports that will improve our domestic industry to replace the source. Remember this (these) Countries don't really buy our goods...so they need to a surcharge to protect our industry.

The US needs to offset some current debt with some old unpaid debts if they are relevant.
The aid that the US gives needs to change from monetary to volunteers.
Let the peace corp type of programs  be funded instead, so we can pay them to help the other Countries. That way we pay US citizens to the work that this "aid" was doing.

Just a start!

October 16, 2013

How Taqiyya Alters Islam's Rules of War - Defeating Jihadist Terrorism

by Raymond Ibrahim -  Middle East Quarterly
Winter 2010  -  http://www.meforum.org/2538/taqiyya-islam-rules-of-war

Islam must seem a paradoxical religion to non-Muslims. On the one hand, it is constantly being portrayed as the religion of peace; on the other, its adherents are responsible for the majority of terror attacks around the world. Apologists for Islam emphasize that it is a faith built upon high ethical standards; others stress that it is a religion of the law. Islam's dual notions of truth and falsehood further reveal its paradoxical nature: While the Qur'an is against believers deceiving other believers—for "surely God guides not him who is prodigal and a liar"[1]—deception directed at non-Muslims, generally known in Arabic as taqiyya, also has Qur'anic support and falls within the legal category of things that are permissible for Muslims.

Taqiyya offers two basic uses. The better known revolves around dissembling over one's religious identity when in fear of persecution. Such has been the historical usage of taqiyya among Shi'i communities whenever and wherever their Sunni rivals have outnumbered and thus threatened them. Conversely, Sunni Muslims, far from suffering persecution have, whenever capability allowed, waged jihad against the realm of unbelief; and it is here that they have deployed taqiyya—not as dissimulation but as active deceit. In fact, deceit, which is doctrinally grounded in Islam, is often depicted as being equal—sometimes superior—to other universal military virtues, such as courage, fortitude, or self-sacrifice. Yet if Muslims are exhorted to be truthful, how can deceit not only be prevalent but have divine sanction? What exactly is taqiyya? How is it justified by scholars and those who make use of it? How does it fit into a broader conception of Islam's code of ethics, especially in relation to the non-Muslim? More to the point, what ramifications does the doctrine of taqiyya have for all interaction between Muslims and non-Muslims?

The Doctrine of Taqiyya

According to Shari'a—the body of legal rulings that defines how a Muslim should behave in all circumstances—deception is not only permitted in certain situations but may be deemed obligatory in others. Contrary to early Christian tradition, for instance, Muslims who were forced to choose between recanting Islam or suffering persecution were permitted to lie and feign apostasy. Other jurists have decreed that Muslims are obligated to lie in order to preserve themselves,[2] based on Qur'anic verses forbidding Muslims from being instrumental in their own deaths.[3]
This is the classic definition of the doctrine of taqiyya. Based on an Arabic word denoting fear, taqiyya has long been understood, especially by Western academics, as something to resort to in times of religious persecution and, for the most part, used in this sense by minority Shi'i groups living among hostile Sunni majorities.[4] Taqiyya allowed the Shi'a to dissemble their religious affiliation in front of the Sunnis on a regular basis, not merely by keeping clandestine about their own beliefs but by actively praying and behaving as if they were Sunnis.
However, one of the few books devoted to the subject, At-Taqiyya fi'l-Islam (Dissimulation in Islam) makes it clear that taqiyya is not limited to Shi'a dissimulating in fear of persecution. Written by Sami Mukaram, a former Islamic studies professor at the American University of Beirut and author of some twenty-five books on Islam, the book clearly demonstrates the ubiquity and broad applicability of taqiyya:
Taqiyya is of fundamental importance in Islam. Practically every Islamic sect agrees to it and practices it … We can go so far as to say that the practice of taqiyya is mainstream in Islam, and that those few sects not practicing it diverge from the mainstream … Taqiyya is very prevalent in Islamic politics, especially in the modern era.[5]
Taqiyya is, therefore, not, as is often supposed, an exclusively Shi'i phenomenon. Of course, as a minority group interspersed among their Sunni enemies, the Shi'a have historically had more reason to dissemble. Conversely, Sunni Islam rapidly dominated vast empires from Spain to China. As a result, its followers were beholden to no one, had nothing to apologize for, and had no need to hide from the infidel nonbeliever (rare exceptions include Spain and Portugal during the Reconquista when Sunnis did dissimulate over their religious identity[6]). Ironically, however, Sunnis living in the West today find themselves in the place of the Shi'a: Now they are the minority surrounded by their traditional enemies—Christian infidels—even if the latter, as opposed to their Reconquista predecessors, rarely act on, let alone acknowledge, this historic enmity. In short, Sunnis are currently experiencing the general circumstances that made taqiyya integral to Shi'ism although without the physical threat that had so necessitated it.

The Articulation of Taqiyya

Qur'anic verse 3:28 is often seen as the primary verse that sanctions deception towards non-Muslims: "Let believers [Muslims] not take infidels [non-Muslims] for friends and allies instead of believers. Whoever does this shall have no relationship left with God—unless you but guard yourselves against them, taking precautions."[7]
Muhammad ibn Jarir at-Tabari (d. 923), author of a standard and authoritative Qur'an commentary, explains verse 3:28 as follows:
If you [Muslims] are under their [non-Muslims'] authority, fearing for yourselves, behave loyally to them with your tongue while harboring inner animosity for them … [know that] God has forbidden believers from being friendly or on intimate terms with the infidels rather than other believers—except when infidels are above them [in authority]. Should that be the case, let them act friendly towards them while preserving their religion.[8]
Regarding Qur'an 3:28, Ibn Kathir (d. 1373), another prime authority on the Qur'an, writes, "Whoever at any time or place fears … evil [from non-Muslims] may protect himself through outward show." As proof of this, he quotes Muhammad's close companion Abu Darda, who said, "Let us grin in the face of some people while our hearts curse them." Another companion, simply known as Al-Hasan, said, "Doing taqiyya is acceptable till the Day of Judgment [i.e., in perpetuity]."[9]
Other prominent scholars, such as Abu 'Abdullah al-Qurtubi (1214-73) and Muhyi 'd-Din ibn al-Arabi (1165-1240), have extended taqiyya to cover deeds. In other words, Muslims can behave like infidels and worse—for example, by bowing down and worshiping idols and crosses, offering false testimony, and even exposing the weaknesses of their fellow Muslims to the infidel enemy—anything short of actually killing a Muslim: "Taqiyya, even if committed without duress, does not lead to a state of infidelity—even if it leads to sin deserving of hellfire."[10]

Read the rest:


When Will Israel Act?

This is an interesting question.
This can be applied to many topics.

But the reader assumes it relates to Persia.

What do the Jewish people want?\
Where is the true poll that tells you?

Did the people vote for a right wing leader? Yes

Did they get one? not really.

Living in the Galut, it is not possible to relate to the post Shoah Israeli mindset.
It is just not possible. They want peace, of course they want peace.
The enemy wants blood and the ME to be Judenrein.

This is still how you feel when the bully in yard wants to fight and you don't.
It is time to win. No fighting is relevant.
Expel the enemy and let the UN or whoever relocate them.
Round them up and offer them $$$ to relocate and then a deadline to leave or expel them.

Who can do it?

Kahane Tzadak!
He was right then and he would be right now.

Look who stole all of the Jews "stuff"

 Big surprise...Rome, Vatican hmmmmm..

 Interior of Parma, Italy’s Palatina Library, home of one of the world’s largest collections of Hebrew manuscripts

 Sabina Magrini, director of the Palatina Library, explained in a Skype conversation this week that its collection was significant not only because of the size of its Hebrew manuscript collection, but because it was “very rich and various,” with materials from both the Ashkenazi and Sephardi worlds from the 13th to 18th centuries.

Interior of Parma, Italy's Palatina Library, home of one of the world's largest collections of Hebrew manuscripts (Courtesy of Palatina Library)

Not friends of the Jews....ever!

Interior of Parma, Italy’s Palatina Library, home of one of the world’s largest collections of Hebrew manuscripts

October 14, 2013

The Temple Mount Has Already Been Ceded

We are in the midst of a strategic process to cede the Temple Mount. In the past, negotiations were first announced amidst handshakes and fanfare on a lawn in Washington, while the Right demonstrated. The current process is just the opposite: PM Netanyahu has already reached agreements in principle and now he is going to create the facts on the ground and get the public accustomed to the new reality.

The most potent landmines in the past negotiations were Jerusalem in general and the Temple Mount, in particular. Even with Ehud Barak, who was willing to give everything away, the deal fell through over the Temple Mount. That is why the opposite method is being employed in the current negotiations: First, Israel cedes the Temple Mount and Jerusalem while declaring that we are doing no such thing. But the facts on the ground show that we are – in front of our eyes. At a certain stage, the PM will have to admit the truth. The explanation will be, ‘Just as no Jew steps foot in the Eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem, so no Jew will step foot on the Temple Mount.’ This is a process in which the government is peeling layer after layer of Israeli sovereignty from the Temple Mount.

All the Israeli governments since 1967 have ceded the Temple Mount, step by step. On Netanyahu’s watch, this phenomenon has accelerated and in my evaluation is coordinated within the framework of a plan: not a capitulation here and there, but an overall plan. 

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