October 18, 2013

US Congress and Israel...

The best part about the fight in Congress about the debt ceiling, ACA.....etc is the fact that they are actually busy doing something besides meddling in the ME.

Congress came to an agreement to kick the can a little  further down the road....

The way I see it, if you can't balance the budget...you either need more revenue or less expenses ...or both. Anyone with any business experience knows that is you are doing business, the rent is almost never to much. But if you are not, it invariably is to much.
At this point most people would agree that we need to De-layer Government.....Villages, Towns, Counties, Cities enveloping the same area is not needed. The benefits offered and paid to these layers are not justified.

Congress needs to go line by line and change the allocation for funds. They also need to mandate layer reduction in a timely basis.

From a revenue standpoint...if our balance of trade is poor...we need to isolate those that we import from and don't import to and then to add tariffs to any imports that will improve our domestic industry to replace the source. Remember this (these) Countries don't really buy our goods...so they need to a surcharge to protect our industry.

The US needs to offset some current debt with some old unpaid debts if they are relevant.
The aid that the US gives needs to change from monetary to volunteers.
Let the peace corp type of programs  be funded instead, so we can pay them to help the other Countries. That way we pay US citizens to the work that this "aid" was doing.

Just a start!

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