October 25, 2013

The virus of PC and the USA

I wonder if the USA is reaching the PC tipping point?

It is all well and good to be empathetic and to try to make it all equal...
But the price paid a s a society is happening in a vacuum. The rest of the world sees a weak discombobulated Country ripe for picking. they see a Country more concerned with
being PC then being strong and giving all a chance ...through hard work. All is given and the USA has generations of families used to hand outs...No work for pay....

No responsibility. People saying even though someone killed someone...he deserves another chance? NO REPSONSIBILITY...breeds idiots and the rash of murders and school shootings is the beginning.

I am pretty sure that video game violence is the only reason well off Surburban white kids go to school with guns and kill people. I understand there are contributing factors of parental greed causing neglect etc.

The truth is that the Conservative view of returning to basics is good, although it is temped with dealing with the current situation that has PC'd the climate to the point where to survive...these guys come off as the Tea Party...Understand that is just the pendulum swinging....

I think if the USA has not passed the tipping point already...it is near!

New leadership is needed urgently!

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