October 21, 2013

US remains distracted....

Does the US care about Iran....sure, do they care about the ME? sure, do they care about Russia? sure, BUT the US is distracted....

I understand the 2 perspectives..

Those in the US that voted for Hope and those that voted for what they perceived as reason.
There are many issues that are substantial in the US that need to be resolved, but timing and the strength of the economy do seem to have a role in the US ability to make those changes.

The Economy, Fuel, Health care and Terror seem to be the most important to the average "Joe".
Creating jobs, improving Health care (not revamping it, becoming energy independent and allowing others to manage their own terror issues could all be accomplished in a limited, phased approach.
The current POTUS approach is all encompassing and simply is overwhelming for a Federal system that is not very functional at much.

Where we stand now is quite interesting...there are some who say it is improving and there are those that say the US is heading toward Depression. Who is right?  Will the fact that they can't agree create  the usual gridlock? Probably ...is that good or bad? perspective.

Will the ACA work in any way? Perhaps. Could it have been implemented in a worse fashion. Sure, but they have had 3 years to have the computers ready to roll and apparently did not even bother to consider scheduling applicants over a 6 Month period with limited amounts of groups allowed to sign up each week etc. Just the typical Federal planning....

Will the ill effect of the awful roll out of the ACA cause more damage then good? You know working people losing Insurance to insure those that don't work etc? Seems so.

The US "culture" is deteriorating so rapidly that there are few under 45 that even notice.....
There is a very long way to go on the decline...or is there?

I want Moshiach now!

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