October 3, 2013

If You Want to Shoot, Shoot. Don't Talk

The process of the destruction of the Jews that we know as the Holocaust – this is the historical example from which we must learn, and Netanyahu is correct in presenting the issue as such, despite the ridicule and scorn of his detractors – did not begin in 1939 with the start of World War II. The Holocaust began in 1933 when the leader of a large and important country was elected and from his Reichstag, announced his intention to destroy the Jews. The Jews had no way to react and the world stood by in silence. As a result, a question mark began to hover over the right of the Jews to exist. 

Later, when the opportunity to destroy them arose, this De-legitimization translated into the cooperation of the nations of the world; be it the active cooperation of the East or the passive cooperation of the West.

Yes, there is a bomb even more dangerous than any nuclear bomb: the bomb of De-legitimization. 

When Ahmadinijad began to threaten Israel and proceeded with actual preparations to make good on those threats, the world was confused. It anticipated an Israeli reaction similar to its attack on the Iraqi nuclear reactor. For decades, we have been dragging every visiting VIP to the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, Yad Vashem, pointing to what happens to Jews when they don’t have their own state to protect them and basing our State’s right to exist on this claim. That has been a mistake.

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If you want to Shoot, Shoot, Don't Talk!

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