October 3, 2013

5774 - Bibi Talks Tough...Obama Sends Kerry

Lets review....

UN speeches..

Bibi and the rest of the world know that Iran's leadership is religious and slightly behind the scene.
Bibi also knows that under no circumstances can the terrorist Government of Iran be allowed to have Nukes. That is of course assuming they don't already.

Either way, the answer is not in killing the snake...it is cutting off its head.
Israel will not attack the Nukes themselves, they will attack the leadership and destroy the facilities,
communication etc. Hopefully they will eliminate the Religious leadership and enable the good citizens of Iran to "rise up" and take control of their own Country.

1) At the same time, Israel needs to remove Muslims from the TM and make the TM a safe place for all. Sounds good. Why note? The current leadership is worried about incitement. At some point the Jewish population will simply overrun the TM and take control. THEN there will be incitement.
So the correct thing to do, with no forewarning is to send in the IDF to clear everyone from the TM for a "Nuke Bomb Scare" and then not let the undesirables back. There should be enforceable security with the IDF running the show.

2) With regard to Judea and Samaria...the new construction needs to go full scale. The illegal Arab squatters need to be removed. Israel needs to offer real big incentives for Olim etc to move there.

3) Gaza - The population of Gaza will then need to be transferred to their real home Jordan. This needs to be explained to the King and he has to understand there is no choice. The population will be transported to the border and the King of Jordan needs to be ready to process his citizens back into Jordan.

At this point Israel is the strongest country in the ME and needs to show it whenever threatened (seems to be daily) . I would begin to restrict access to any non citizen Arab that comes into Israel "to work".

In addition, when Mahmoud Abbas  says that any Balestinian State will be Judenrein...it is time to counter with the first step is to expel all of the Arabs from Gaza, Judea and Samaria...then we will talk.

No more caring what the world thinks NO MORE.

Take care of Israel first..


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