October 14, 2013

The Temple Mount Has Already Been Ceded

We are in the midst of a strategic process to cede the Temple Mount. In the past, negotiations were first announced amidst handshakes and fanfare on a lawn in Washington, while the Right demonstrated. The current process is just the opposite: PM Netanyahu has already reached agreements in principle and now he is going to create the facts on the ground and get the public accustomed to the new reality.

The most potent landmines in the past negotiations were Jerusalem in general and the Temple Mount, in particular. Even with Ehud Barak, who was willing to give everything away, the deal fell through over the Temple Mount. That is why the opposite method is being employed in the current negotiations: First, Israel cedes the Temple Mount and Jerusalem while declaring that we are doing no such thing. But the facts on the ground show that we are – in front of our eyes. At a certain stage, the PM will have to admit the truth. The explanation will be, ‘Just as no Jew steps foot in the Eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem, so no Jew will step foot on the Temple Mount.’ This is a process in which the government is peeling layer after layer of Israeli sovereignty from the Temple Mount.

All the Israeli governments since 1967 have ceded the Temple Mount, step by step. On Netanyahu’s watch, this phenomenon has accelerated and in my evaluation is coordinated within the framework of a plan: not a capitulation here and there, but an overall plan. 

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