October 29, 2013

Liberal Media Bias in US - POTUS - Most Evident Now..

The number of scandals and unresolved situations surrounding the Obama Presidency is quite impressive...hiring Islamists for key Governmental positions, repeating the same speeches repeatedly,  simply not addressing Benghazi etc...

Yet the media has smoothed over these situations over and over again.
It is clear. This POTUS is simply in no way able to do any of the tasks correctly as the people want.
Whenever the people loudly say what they want....Obama corrects everyone by stating that the people are not always right and that he needs to do the correct thing...whether due to nore information or arrogance. It does not matter, new leadership is needed now. 

As a US citizen, Obama was fully entitled to be elected by the people of the US.
That of course is where it ends for his qualifications. With a person so concerned with being right and proud of his (?) accomplishments, one would think more info from his briliant College years and Law School - We get bupkiss...

I for one, believe that unless you were a Governor first ... it would be very difficult to show me a candidate that has experience pertinent to being POTUS.

In this case, Obama may have never had an actual job before being elected POTUS.
Obama's election is a clear indication that the 47% have taken over.
They are so numerous that ...they are able thorugh Obama to require the competent to pay for their welfare.

There are many legitimate families that deserve and need help. But there are an unbelievable amount of lazy good for nothings out there.

This is easily the poorest POTUS ever.

New leadership now!

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