October 16, 2013

When Will Israel Act?

This is an interesting question.
This can be applied to many topics.

But the reader assumes it relates to Persia.

What do the Jewish people want?\
Where is the true poll that tells you?

Did the people vote for a right wing leader? Yes

Did they get one? not really.

Living in the Galut, it is not possible to relate to the post Shoah Israeli mindset.
It is just not possible. They want peace, of course they want peace.
The enemy wants blood and the ME to be Judenrein.

This is still how you feel when the bully in yard wants to fight and you don't.
It is time to win. No fighting is relevant.
Expel the enemy and let the UN or whoever relocate them.
Round them up and offer them $$$ to relocate and then a deadline to leave or expel them.

Who can do it?

Kahane Tzadak!
He was right then and he would be right now.

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