August 13, 2014

The White House Stabs Israel in the Back —- Again

The White House Stabs Israel in the Back —- Again
July 14, 2014 by Ari Lieberman

Below is an interesting article.
I also find it interesting that the Palestinian Unity Government is being financed by the US to the tune of over $400 million annually
Hamas, part of this unity government, has been declared by the US as a Terrorist Organization
Is there any other conclusion that the US is financing terrorism?

An interview where Ben Shapiro concludes the Obama administration is “anti-Israel and basically a “jew hating Administration”.......strong words   

Ari Lieberman is an attorney and former prosecutor.

Barack Obama Let us engage in a brief thought experiment. Imagine if a top American official during World War II, say Eisenhower or perhaps Bradly, publically blasted Britain while British troops were slugging it out with German panzers at Caen, while British blood was being used to secure the Allies’ left flank and the roads to Paris. It is an inconceivable thought, but had it occurred, evidence of a fissure among allies would have served to embolden Hitler and would have had a devastating demoralizing effect on our British partners.

Of course, the Allies had their differences (Montgomery and Patton were notorious critics of one another) but generally kept them hush and within the family. It would be unfathomable for members of the Allied powers to publically censure one another, for such action would be deemed counterproductive. On the rare occasion where a ranking member of the Allied forces veered from accepted protocol and issued public criticism, he was scolded and quickly forced to issue a retraction or apology.

Fast forward to July 2014. Israel is currently in the midst of a vicious asymmetrical war with Hamas, an Islamist organization rooted in fascism whose charter would likely make the most ardent Nazi blush. Rockets of all shapes and sizes are deliberately being fired by the terrorist group from civilian areas into civilian areas. While Israel is in crisis and in need of political allies, a ranking member of the Obama administration has chosen this among all times to blast Israel.

On July 8, at a conference organized by Israel’s premiere leftist daily Ha’aretz, Phillip Gordon, President Obama’s special assistant and White House coordinator for the Middle East, issued harsh condemnation of Israel claiming that Israeli policies were a source of regional instability and showered praise on the Palestinian Authority’s unelected strongman, Mahmoud Abbas.  Ironically, the conference was interrupted by rocket fire from Israel’s Palestinian “peace partners,” forcing attendees to disperse and seek safety in more secure rooms.

Gordon is merely echoing the views of his boss, who expressed similar sentiment in an opinion piece written exclusively for Ha’aretz. It is ironic that the President chose Ha’aretz out of all forums to express his views. Ha’aretz maintains a daily circulation that barely hovers at five percent and is near financial ruin for lack of readership. It is a marginal, radical leftist daily that caters to the views of Israel’s most extreme fanatics and on more than one occasion, Ha’aretz was forced to retract featured stories that were proven to be defamatory and false. These facts mattered not to Obama for the radical views espoused by the Ha’aretz editorial board are in line with his own.

As for Gordon’s claim that Israel’s policies contribute to regional instability, the indefatigable David Horovitz said it best when he noted that it’s as though a clueless Gordon had just arrived from the “Planet Zog” and had “mistaken the Middle East for Finland.” That is an accurate summation. With 200,000-plus dead in Syria, Iraq unraveling, Egypt teetering, Iran on the verge of nuclear breakout and the rest of the Arab world imploding, Gordon chooses Israel as the source of the region’s troubles and does so while some 40% of the country is under rocket fire from the very people he expects Israel to do business with. Now if that doesn’t represent the zenith of chutzpah, I don’t know what does.

The praise heaped upon Abbas by Gordon and his boss is equally puzzling and quite disturbing. Abbas is an unelected autocrat whose term of office expired in 2009. He is also an unqualified Holocaust denier who referred to the death of 6,000,000 Jews as a “fantastic lie,” denied the existence of gas chambers and alleged, somewhat contradictorily, that, “The Zionist movement led a broad campaign of incitement against the Jews living under Nazi rule, in order to arouse the government’s hatred of them, to fuel vengeance against them, and to expand the mass extermination.” In other words, the Jews are to blame for their own mass extermination, which incidentally, never actually occurred. Lastly, Abbas has partnered with Hamas, the very group that seeks Israel’s destruction, the very group responsible for the recent kidnapping-murder of three Israel teens and the very group that’s currently trying to inflict maximum civilian casualties by targeting Israeli cities with deadly rockets. These inconvenient truths are seemingly ignored by the Ostrich-like White House.

But to get a true sense of how insidious Abbas is one need look no further than comments he recently made in connection with Israel’s recent counter-insurgency efforts. He alleged that Israel is committing genocide and compared Israel’s defensive measures to atrocities carried out by the Nazis at Auschwitz concentration camp, where at least 1,080,000 people, the majority of them Jews, were murdered.

President Obama and his minions have noted on different occasions that the bonds between Israel and the United States are iron clad and when the chips are down, the administration has Israel’s back. Well Mr. President, you have indeed lived up to expectations. The chips are down and the knife you’re sticking in Israel’s back today has nearly come out the other side.otify me immediately by return electronic mail and delete the original message from your system immediately.

The Jew in You. How real is your Jewish identity?

by Rabbi Jack Cohen

For the past 10 years, psychologist Carol Dweck at Columbia (now Stanford) has studied the effect of praise on children. Her seminal study on 400 fifth-graders sheds light on the stuff that people are made of. Students were administered a series of IQ tests. After the first test, one group of students was praised for their intelligence, while the other group was praised for their efforts.
The second group – those praised for their efforts not talents – consistently proved to be more ambitious when offered a choice between an easy test and a more difficult test. They took responsibility for their failings when unbeknownst to them were given a test beyond their abilities. And, fascinatingly, they did 30% better on follow-up tests than their original test. In contrast, those praised for being smart alone, ironically did 20% worse on follow-up tests than the initial control test they took.
Why is this the case?
The stuff a person is made of is the stuff of truth. If we're praised for being smart, attractive, charming, etc., part of us would like to feel good about it, but in our heart of hearts, we know that we deserve zero credit for any of those qualities. Almost as surely as if we were praised for being tall when we knew we were short.
We received our gifts either through nature or nurture, and therefore the praise is misplaced. It may be true that we're all those things, but the praise as praise is just not true.
We truly live at the battlefront where we make choices. My self, in the truest sense, can be found only at the point at which I am exerting effort.
You don't choose to be gifted, but you do choose what you do with those gifts. In fact, the only thing we choose is how hard we try. If we get recognized for our efforts, that rightfully fortifies our self-esteem, and motivates us to keep trying. On the other hand, the seeming "nicety" of praise for being smart, if detached from the effort we made to work hard, has the opposite effect. It causes us to rest on our laurels and simultaneously feel bad for not making the full use of the gifts we've been given – resulting, counterintuitively, in decreased self-esteem.
Self-esteem must be real. It can't be faked. So how we perceive ourselves must be an accurate reflection of the stuff of what we're made of – which is the fruit of our efforts.

Jewish Identity under Attack

The dichotomy between real and false esteem comes to play with our Jewish identity as well.
As someone who works with 20-something college students, I see upfront that Jewish identity is vanishing. Less and less young Jews identify as Jewish. And the reason is simple: identity must be real. It cannot be based on superficial factors alone. Camp songs, Seinfeld reruns, and mother's guilt just won't cut it anymore. A previous generation’s nostalgic connection has no real bearing on our inner core.
Most young people are content to leave their Jewish identity undefined, nebulous. Until they encounter the reality of anti-Semitism, a cosmic force programmed into the fabric of human history that serves as the crucible for our identity through its applied heat. Anti-Semitism forces us to confront our Jewish identity.
If our response when attacked for being Jewish is, "Maybe it's something we did wrong," our self-doubt compels us to run and try to fix the flaw, like the bullied teenager who changes his wardrobe to avoid the bully's criticism.
But the proud Jew who understands the meaning of Jewish has a different response. When he sees the protests, the riots, the arson of a major kosher super market, threats of attacks on civilians, outcries that remain unheard to massacres many times larger, he is emboldened to take a stand to be unapologetically Jewish. The response is a galvanizing of Jews together.
In the face of raw, unadulterated hatred, we are challenged to stand taller and prouder. It cuts away the superficiality that comprises our Jewish identity and compels us to discover something much more real within.
To be a Jew means to choose to be a Jew. It means thousands of decisions every day in how to think, how to feel, how to treat others, what not to eat, what to strive for. It means being the children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren of survivors sons or survivors sons of survivors – all of whom chose – actively in those thousands of daily decisions – to survive as Jews.
We are living in difficult times. Platitudes, propaganda, and politics are showing their true colors. May we use these forces to deepen our Jewishness and unify, to show our true colors as well.

The Anti-Zionism Lie

The war in Gaza has exposed many myths.
We now know the extent to which Hamas duped the world as it pleaded poverty and used the world’s aid for munitions and missiles – even as it turned its leaders in absentia into multimillionaires.
We now know how cement allowed into Gaza on the pretext that it would be used for the construction of schools and basic infrastructure was misdirected to building the most sophisticated tunnels meant for terror activities on an unimaginable and unprecedented scale.
We now know how those who speak in pious platitudes on CNN about how much they want only to ensure a good life for their children readily use them as shields and praise death and martyrdom as their noblest ideals.
But there’s one more myth which for all too long had many supporters around the world that can now no longer be sustained. The argument about the real meaning of anti-Zionism can finally be put to rest.
Many years ago there were those who already perceived the truth. When they expressed it they were or often mocked, if not vilified. One would have to be blind though, today, not to agree.
Martin Luther King was prescient in recognizing this during his lifetime. He was fearless in speaking truth to power. His words resonate all the more forcefully now in the aftermath of the world’s response to Israel’s long overdue reaction to missiles indiscriminately fired on its inhabitants:
“When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You’re talking anti-Semitism!”
As Stephen Harper, the first Canadian Prime Minister to address the Knesset, said bluntly and clearly in January of this past year: “Anti-Zionism is the new face of anti-Semitism.”
And Harper was criticized. The pundits repeated their mantra: Opposition to Israel isn’t opposition to Jews. Hating Israel isn’t the same as hating Jews. Just because people take issue with Israeli policies doesn’t mean that they have anything against Jewish people all over the world.
Open your eyes now and see what is happening in the supposedly civilized capitals of Europe. In France, demonstrators physically assault Jews in synagogues. Not Israelis. Not the Israeli embassy. Jews. Jews at prayer, Jews who may lean left or right with regard to their views on settlements or may disagree with Israeli policies. As long as they are Jews, they remain the enemy.
Murderous slogans dating back to the days of Hitler have been chanted at pro-Palestinian rallies in Germany. Jewish-owned shops were attacked and burned. The Israeli ambassador to Germany, Yakov Hadas-Handelsman, said: “They pursue the Jews in the streets of Berlin… as if we were in 1938.” There have been reports of protesters chanting “Jews to the gas chambers.”
Dieter Graumann, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, said the rise in attacks was a terrifying reminder of an era that was thought to be in the distant past. “We are currently experiencing in this country an explosion of evil and violent hatred of Jews, which shocks and dismays all of us. We would never in our lives have thought it possible any more that anti-Semitic views of the nastiest and most primitive kind can be chanted on German streets.”
Roger Cukierman, of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France, said Jews were living in fear. “They are not shouting ‘Death to the Israelis’ on the streets of Paris,” he said. “They are screaming ‘Death to the Jews.’”
In Belgium, a sign at a cafe in Saint-Nicolas, a town located just east of the southern city of Liege reads: “Dogs are allowed in this establishment but Jews are not under any circumstances.” In major cities there are reports of Jewish stores being boycotted, of businesses refusing to sell to Jews.
Let us grant for a moment that there may be those who feel Arabs have legitimate grievances. Should we not wonder though why invariably disagreement with Israeli policies legitimizes calls for genocide and a renewal of Hitler’s efforts to wipe out the Jews wherever they may be?
In 2008 a State Department report already cautioned that "New forms of anti-Semitism often incorporate elements of traditional anti-Semitism. However, the distinguishing feature of the new anti-Semitism is criticism of Zionism or Israeli policy that – whether intentionally or unintentionally – has the effect of promoting prejudice against all Jews by demonizing Israel and Israelis and attributing Israel’s perceived faults to its Jewish character. This new anti-Semitism is common throughout the Middle East and in Muslim communities in Europe, but it is not confined to these populations...”
The best way to recognize the current anti-Israel hysteria for its anti-Semitic roots is by making use of Seymour Martin Lipset’s brilliant warning sometime back against “the dangerous confluence between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism” and his recipe for recognizing the difference between them. I would urge everyone to carefully note them and then consider contemporary criticism of Israeli actions in Gaza:
  • "Consider the source. Is the speaker someone with a history of anti-Jewish attitudes? His anti-Zionism is but a cover for anti-Semitism. "
  • "Critics who habitually single out Israel for condemnation while ignoring far worse actions by other countries (especially other Middle Eastern countries) are anti-Semitic."
  • "Likening Israel to Nazi Germany, or to traditional anti-Jewish stereotypical behavior is another sure sign of Jew-baiting and anti-Semitism."
  • "Attacks on the merits of Israel's existence rather than individual government policies are anti-Semitic." 
By all these standards we can finally bury the myth under which Jew haters have so cleverly camouflaged their racism. When Israel is attacked by its critics simply because it refuses to commit suicide we know with certainty that they are no better than a long string of historic figures who sought nothing less than death to the Jews – and that they will most assuredly meet the same fate as all of our enemies.

What Israel Can Expect After the Cease Fire: By Moshe Feiglin

What Israel Can Expect After the Cease Fire: By Moshe Feiglin

Two things have become clear with the cease fire in Gaza.

One: Israel is incapable of defeating its enemies from within the Oslo mentality.

Two: Israelis are still not able to shake free of this mentality. Not yet.

For these reasons, the PM’s decision is a given.

The essence of war is territory. They want the territory on which the Jews are living. They do not want sovereignty alongside Israel; they want sovereignty instead of Israel. To win a war, the opposite result must be achieved: they must lose their territory.

Over the past twenty years, the Oslo mentality has severely compromised the belief of the Israelis in the justice of their bond to the Land of Israel. The handshake of Israel’s leaders – from both Right and Left – with the chairman of the Organization for the Liberation of the Land of Israel from its Jews (Arafat) has turned Israelis into colonialists in Tel Aviv. It has fostered an apologetic mentality, a mentality in which Israelis are guests in their own land.

The Prime Minister cannot change this mentality and thus cannot direct the IDF to conquer Gaza.
Demography is not the  problem. With thought and pre-planning, we can deal with the demographic problem. Israel’s demographic situation is good and a very large wave of aliyah to Israel is about to take place. The Hamas is not the problem, either. The IDF can easily defeat it – if instead of being directed to get entangled in tunnels and alleys, it will be directed to win.

All the tactical problems have solutions. But the real problem is not with the enemy; it is with ourselves. Are we willing now – after all the blows that we have received – to negate the Oslo mentality and internalize that this is our Land?

The answer that the PM gave tonight is ‘Not yet.’
We can anticipate the results of this decision on three fronts:
Terror: All the tentacles of the octopus that threatens us – from Iran to Gaza, from the ISIS to Hizballah, from the Arabs of Judea and Samaria to the extremist Arabs who are Israeli citizens – now understand that Israel is not capable of winning. They have all received a strong tail wind to continue their attack against us. From now, life in Israel will be much less safe, until the next significant round of fighting – which will be much worse.

The diplomatic front: A weak Israel has always beckoned diplomatic pressure. Our lack of faith in the justice of our sovereignty in our Land has not only led to hesitation on the battlefield. It has also caused the West to adopt a new approach according to which Israel is a mistake. And mistakes, of course, must be mended.

Judea and Samaria: The non-defeat of the Hamas will necessarily bring about Israeli submission and unilateral withdrawals in Judea and Samaria (after all, we must find a solution). As our experience with previous withdrawals has proven time and again – the newest round of pullbacks will feed and accelerate the same process of de-legitimization, terror and additional withdrawals.
This is the sorry state of affairs that we face this evening, the eve of Tisha B’Av, 5774.
I am filled with faith in the strength of our Nation of Israel and the State that we have established after 2000 years of exile. These energies will galvanize us to rise, shake off the Oslo mentality, change direction and save ourselves from the strategic danger hovering over our heads. They will motivate us to bequeath to our children a future of both physical and spiritual security and prosperity.

At this point, however, we have not yet crossed the threshold that will engender the necessary revolution of consciousness.

For now, we have to fearlessly tell the public the truth and consistently present the faith-based alternative for leadership of Israel. I will continue to do both. And I know that the Nation of Israel will win.

Let us all rise to this challenge.

ANDREW BOLT: Australian journalist who has no pity for Gaza

Video says it all!

Truly a rare voice of informed reporting in a sea of leftist media terrorist apologists.

10 Myths and Facts about the Gaza War

(1) Israel started this war, using the murder of three Israeli teens as a pretext.



In the first half of 2014 – prior to the outbreak of fighting – Hamas launched nearly 200 rockets at Israeli civilians. When the three Israeli teens were brutally kidnapped, Israel went looking for them in the West Bank; they were later found murdered. To divert attention from Hamas accountability, the terror group launched hundreds of rockets at the length and breadth of Israel, sending 80 percent of the Israeli population racing into bomb shelters.
Israel responded by rooting out the rocket sites in Gaza – in the process fortuitously discovering a vast network of terror tunnels that Hamas reportedly planned to used to stage a single day of mass kidnappings and murder of Jews.

An Open Letter to Wolf Blitzer Re: Blood Libels

Dear Wolf, My Fellow Jew,

You looked distraught in your recent CNN interview with Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan. You had been “very disturbed” by a video from Al-Quds TV in which Hamdan, in Arabic (translation verified by CNN), stated: “We all remember how the Jews used to slaughter Christians in order to mix their blood with their holy matzot. This is not a figment of the imagination or something taken from a film; it is a fact acknowledged by their own books and historical evidence.”
Incredulous that your interviewee would promulgate such medieval slander, you respectfully asked, “You believe that Jews would kill Christians to mix their blood to bake the holy matzot on Passover? Is that your belief, Mr. Hamdan?”

You let him sidestep the question and rant for a couple minutes about Israeli politicians who, he said, were advocating genocide in Gaza. After he referred to Prime Minister Netanyahu and his government as “the new Nazis of this century,” you finally interrupted him with a plaintive: “I understand that, and I just want you to be specific and answer the question. Maybe I’ll remind you of what you said.” Then you played the clip for all your CNN viewers to see it for themselves, and you repeated your question: “So do you believe that Jews used to slaughter Christians to use their blood to bake matzahs?”

 ( Video -

Wolf, what is more incredible – that Hamdan, an intelligent man in the 21st century, could believe the old medieval blood libel, or that you, after witnessing him say it, could believe – could desperately want to believe – that he didn’t really mean it?

After Hamdan ranted on for almost another two minutes, you looked so dismayed when you admitted: ““I was hoping to get a flat denial from you that you would utter such ridiculous words, that Jews would kill Christians to use their blood to make matzah.”

Wolf, how could he deny the words that millions of viewers had seen him utter? And would you, astute as you are, have been satisfied if he had denied it? Would you have slept soundly that night, satisfied that we Jews are not really hated by the people who demonize us?

Although I’m sure you are a faithful reader of, you must have missed my last week’s article about anti-Semitism, in which I mention that blood libels “have persisted from the Middle Ages well into the age of computers.” You might have been edified, as well as horrified, to learn that, as I wrote, “In 1986, Mustafa Tlass, the Defense Minister of Syria, wrote a book called, The Matzah of Zion, accusing Jews of ritual murder. By October, 2002, the book was enjoying its 8th printing and was being translated into English, French, and Italian.”

I know, Wolf, that you work hard to ferret out the truth of what’s happening in the world. We Jews are inveterate truth-seekers. But in one area, we, the ever-rational Jews, are, and historically have always been, in denial: about rabidly irrational anti-Semitism.

For example: When the Nazi juggernaut was taking over all of Europe, Jews figured out that only Jewish men were in danger, because the Germany army could use them in their labor battalions. After all, what use could the Germans make of women, children, and the elderly? Therefore, many young men, at the behest of their mothers and wives, fled eastward, leaving their families behind to the unthinkable fate that only the Jew-hating mind could devise.

Even as late as 1944, when the vast majority of the Jews of Poland had already been exterminated and reports of death factories were being whispered throughout Europe, the Jews in Hungary could not bring themselves to believe that the civilized, cultured Germans would actually murder innocent men, women, and children. Eli Wiesel relates in his autobiography how his family rejected the offer of their Christian housemaid to hide them in her village. After all, even if the Germans deported them, how bad could it be?

Naiveté has proven lethal to the Jewish People again and again.

Surely, Wolf, you are bothered by the violent, anti-Semitic demonstrations that have broken out throughout Europe. And I’m sure you saw the cover of this week’s Newsweek: Exodus: Why Europe’s Jews are Fleeing Once Again. Strangely, though, they’re not.

Newsweek quotes a November 2013 survey by the Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union: “Jews across Europe, the survey noted, ‘face insults, discrimination and physical violence.’” The same survey found that 29% of Europe’s Jews had considered emigrating, as they did not feel safe. Just 29%? What are the other 71% thinking? Are they hoping, as you do, Wolf, that the people calling “Death to the Jews!” don’t really mean it?

Even in France, the country hardest hit by anti-Semitic violence, including the murder of seven Jews in Toulouse in 2012, the “Exodus” documented by Newsweek is a mere trickle:
In 2013, the year after the Toulouse attack, 3,289 left. In the first quarter of this year 1,778 Jews emigrated. “This year I expect 5-6,000 Jews to leave,” says Cukierman [president of the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions].
The Jewish population of France is 480,000. The “exodus” expected this year, even after synagogues were violently attacked, is a mere 1.25% of France’s Jews. Apparently, myopia is a “Jewish disease.”

Natan Sharansky, the head of the Jewish Agency for Israel, is not so sanguine. In a recent Jewish Chronicle article, he declared, “I believe we are seeing the beginning of the end of Jewish history in Europe.”

And Robert Wistrich, professor of European and Jewish history at the Hebrew University and a leading expert on anti-Semitism, said in a recent interview by The Times of Israel: “Since 2000, we are on a very steady rising curve of explosive anti-Semitism and anything could set it aflame in a massive way. All the elements are in place and have been since the beginning of this century… The proposition that it will go back to some low level is completely delusional.”
Wistrich adds portentously: “Having spoken in many parts of the world, I can tell you that Jewish audiences are among the most resistant of all in coming to terms with anti-Semitism – until it reaches an explosive point. … The Jews should get out now when they can… Which rational person who cares about their Jewish identity and what will happen to their children, will want to continue in the same way?”

Wistrich concludes the interview by advising Jews around the world, including the United States, to “wake up to it – not that I expect people will.”

Wolf, I’m not trying to scare you. But as Benyamin Netanyahu declared: “From the Holocaust we should learn that when people say they want to kill you, believe them.” When Arabs say that Jews murder Christians to use their blood for matzah, believe that they believe it.
I have one more question for you as one of CNN’s foremost anchors: Since you know that the blood libel the Hamas spokesman stated is blatantly false, why do you believe anything else he says?
Sara Yoheved Rigler

This Is What REAL US Leaders Do.

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Historic first: IDF operates unmanned APC in Gaza

IDF modifies old M113 APC, giving it ability to carry four tons of supplies to soldiers in the field without endangering lives • Vehicle is operated remotely, can travel up to 50 kilometers per hour • IDF officer: We really broke ground with this.
Lilach Shoval

The unmanned APC
Photo credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Mayim Bialik helps send bulletproof vests to IDF

“The Big Bang Theory” star Mayim Bialik explained Wednesday why she is helping send bulletproof vests to the Israel Defense Forces.
The Jewish actress and outspoken supporter of Israel wrote a brief blog post Wednesday afternoon, titled “Why I Donated Money to Send Bulletproof Vests to the IDF.”