July 26, 2013

Creeping Sharia is picking up the pace - Pay attention

Give this a listen.
Pamela makes sense and has no axe to grind....
Her examples are clear and the World simply can't believe this type of evil exists...

Pamela Geller explains how Sharia is winning!

Jonathan Pollard and Scary Kerry

Tell our incompetent POTUS that the next visit by any US Official will be refused unless they bring Jonathan Pollard with them.

ENOUGH - Let Pollard Go Home!

Catch and Release Program

Israel needs to change policy ...

Either terminate the terrorists during capture or terminate them after trial...
The first will save a lot of aggravation and may actually serve some purpose a deterrent, probably not to those who value Death more than Life.

Nickname it the 72 for you program!

Global Jihad and the TM

Israel Against Settlement Freeze!

Israelis against Terrorist release...

 An overwhelming majority of 84.9 Israelis oppose another “goodwill” release of terrorists “with blood on their hands,” and nearly two-thirds oppose the scheduled renewal of “peace process” talks, according to a new poll published Friday by the Israel HaYom newspaper.

Israelis Against Terrorist Release