October 31, 2011

Schalit Deal Makes Mockery of International Law

Schalit Deal Makes Mockery of International Law

Yet it appears that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will exchange Palestinian terrorists for kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Schalit. Any such exchange, however humane to Schalit and his family, would imperil thousands of other Israelis........

Rabbi Kahane speaks about terrorist release such as Shalit situation

This is unbelievable.  
It was taped during the years that Rabbi Kahane was a Knesset Member .  Years 1984-1987.
Rabbi Kahane on Gilead Shalit situation:

October 24, 2011

Jewish Rights to Palestine Are Guaranteed by International Law

Jewish Rights to Palestine Are Guaranteed by International Law

What is the purpose of International Organizations that make laws and then just ignore them?

Remove the United Arab (UN) Nations from the US and withdraw...They are meaningless..

October 21, 2011

The Wall Is Tumbling - 1987 - Meir Kahane

The Wall Is Tumbling
November 1987

The massive tumble of the great financial Wall Street on the week of Sukkot was such a clear clarion call and such a glaring object of warning, that only the people of whom the Prophet (Isaiah 42:19) said, “Who is blind but My servant, or deaf my messenger,” could neither hear, nor see, nor understand it.  As the Wall Street came tumbling down, sending all the investors – including the newly rich in Flatbush, Staten Island, Monsey and Teaneck – fleeing from the tax shelter; and as three Texas banks collapsed in one week, and as the dollar continued its spectacular plunge; and as the United States trade deficit continued its stupendous gallop; and as more and more U.S. jobs were permanently lost to the Third and Fourth and twelfth Worlds; and as personal debt in the U.S. climbed over the five trillion mark and tens of millions sand deeper into a  quicksand of debt that they can never escape – the Jew saw nothing.  

He neither saw nor understood; he did not wish to see or understand that the American Exile he so confidently claimed “different” and the American fleshpot (Chinese? Glatt?) he knew would never lose its succulence and the new Jerusalem which he had made into a gigantic “Mikdash m’at” was collapsing.  As it must.  As the All Mighty decrees.  The same All Mighty who too many of His dutiful worshippers really take to be a jolly sort of relic to whom one prays three times daily as to keep Him satisfied so that He gives us a good Galut.  A solid Wall Street.

The Exile can never be anything but a punishment and a curse for us, and for those who “despised the beloved land” (Psalms 106:24), the wall will come tumbling down, taking all the Jewish humpty dumpties with it.

And that is the ironic truth.  The Exile of America that is so symbolized by a Wall Street is, indeed looked upon as a wall of permanent strength and tranquility by the Jew – including, G-d help us, the practitioner of Jewish ritual, that irreligious Jew who goes under the title “Orthodox.”  And Israel, on the other hand, is seen as the Sukkah it really is: In Judah is G-d known . . . in Shalem  [Jerusalem] is set His Sukkah, and His dwelling place is in Zion” (Psalms 76:2-3).  But it is seen as a Sukkah in the worst sense  - a weak, temporary, shaky structure, threatened by evil winds that can topple it.  And so they choose the Wall – the gentilized wall of Galut.  Foolish Jews.  Faithless Jews.  No wall of Exile can ever survive for the Jew.  For him there are, in the end, only ghetto walls, walls of Warsaws.  The Galut was made as a punishment, not a place of comfort and stocks and bonds and shares and futures.  There are no Jewish futures in the Exile.

It is walls of Galut that come tumbling down.  It is the Sukkah of Zion that can never be destroyed.  For on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be those that escape” (Joel 3:5).  Jew, come home.  That is the ultimate lesion of the Wall Street.

[Today Rabbi Kahane’s warnings about the economic collapse are seen.  In addition, the  protestors that are occupying Wall Street are blaming the problems on the Jews. Too many are loudly calling for the Jews to get out of America.  The Jews still hear, see and understand nothing.  BG]

Israel, US and the Stinking Fish Rabbi Meir Kahane (1976)

Israel, US and the Stinking Fish  Rabbi Meir Kahane


September 1976

Many times I have spoken of the Talmudic parable of the king, his servant, and the fish.  Never was it more apt.  [Events of today between Bibi and Obama.]
Once there was a king who sent his servant to buy a fish.  The servant returned with a fish that stank.  In fury the king gave the servant a choice of three punishments: “Eat the fish, get whipped for the fish, or pay for the fish.”  In common with most people, the servant chose not to reach into his pocket and he decided to eat the stinking fish but after two bites the stench made him give up and he decided to get whipped for it.  The pain of the lashes, however, made him stop that, too, and he cried out, “I will pay for the fish!”

And so the fool ate the fish, got whipped for the fish and, in the end, had to pay for it, anyhow.  Those in Israel and without, who refuse to understand that nothing will deter America from demanding that Israel make the maximum concessions, play the same fool.  Those who do not understand that there is nothing that Israel can possible do, that there are no compromises it can make, that there is nothing short of full retreat to the 1967 borders that will satisfy the United States-are the same fools as the servant who ate, got whipped and in the end had to pay anyhow,

Their refusal to make the difficult choice of telling the Americans “no”, now, at this moment, will see them making the retreats they hope will avert American anger; it will see this effort fail even as the frontier moves from its present lines within the Arab heartland to new ones close to the Jewish cities; and most important, the Americans will make the same demands they always have envisioned since the days of the Roger Plan-total Israeli withdrawal.  And since this is a thing that not even the most dovish of Israelis will agree to, the result will be an ultimate Israeli firm “no”, an ultimate American anger of the kind all men of “new initiative” propose to avert today by compromise, and exactly the same conditions of confrontation that would come anyhow if the Israelis said their “no” today.  There would be one great difference, however, a “no” today will bring the crisis while Israel stands poised near the Arab capitols.  A “no” tomorrow, after all the hapless and confused compromises and “initiatives,” will bring the same crisis near Tel Aviv, Beersheva and Netanya.

This is what happens when foolish and confused Israelis, by refusing to pay the price of saying “no” to the stinking fish of pressure, attempt to eat it, submit to getting beaten over it and then learn to their dismay that there is no escape from the difficult decision that they should have made in the first place.    
Let the Israeli government, its men of “new initiative” and the Jewish leaders in America understand several basic axioms:
                   1)      America is committed to the Roger Plan (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rogers_Plan)and the world’s interpretation of Security Council Resolution 242, i.e. Israeli withdrawal from all (but insignificant) parts of the lands of 1967.  This includes the Golan Heights, Gaza, the entire West bank and the entire Sinai as well as changing Jerusalem’s present Jewish sovereignty status.
2)      American interests lie, in the minds of most officials in Washington, with
 Arab oil, the huge potential Arab market and with supplanting Soviet influence with American.  This means, at best, an “even-handed” policy rather than a pro-Israeli one.
3)      America is moving steadily to recognition of the “Palestinians” as a people
and of whomever they decide to have as their leaders. Those leaders are clearly the PLO and already the move to “moderate” the PLO, “public-relations-wise” is underway so that Washington can more easily pressure Israel into recognizing them.
4)      The Ford-Kissinger administration is determined to prevent stagnation and
 will pressure Israel into concession after concession.
                  5)      No administration will go to war for Israel and no administration will continue  the present aid level no matter what Israel does or concedes. The frantic search for human allies will end as unsuccessfully as those Jews in the past who forgot what faith in the Jewish G-d was and who turned to Egypt or Assyria or other “allies” for help, only to learn to their dismay that the allies betrayed them.

Stinking fish are not made to be eaten or to get whipped or.  One must have the courage to look at the truth and pay the bitter price of honesty.  America is tired of the Israeli nuisance and wishes it would ea t the fish already.  The time to loudly proclaim “no” is now.

October 14, 2011


      As I stood at the Yom Kippur service, it hit me. This upcoming year is the 20th anniversary of the Oslo negotiations. Twenty years ago I and my neighbor in Bet Shemesh, Joel Bainerman both signed book contracts and began intense research which led in the spring of '92 to my book, The Fall Of Israel (Canongate Publishers) and to Joel's, Crimes Of The President (SPI Books). The highlight of Joel's research was Iran-Contra and with his permission, his findings found their way prominently into my book. Neither of us initially realized that we had exposed the ugly criminality that led to the Oslo sellout of Israel.
    Summarizing Joel's findings; In 1984-5 navy clerk Jonathan Pollard sent reams of stolen documents to Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres. One especially caught his eye. He discovered an arms ship on the way from Greece to Lebanon to buy the release of American hostages. Peres quickly assembled his version of a dream team; Al Schwimmer, David Kimche and Ofir Nimrodi and in September of '85 sent them to Washington to blackmail the Reagan/Bush administration into expanding the one-time arms for hostages operation in Lebanon to a full blown scam to free the 52 American hostages held by Iran. Peres would get his cut by supplying the weapons from Israel.
   Soon into the illegal operation, Peres' men were exposed and they resigned from their posts. Undaunted, Peres hired one Amiram Nir to replace all three and he worked with Oliver North to exploit the Iranians. When North was subpoenaed to testify in what became a congressional trial, Nir was similarly called to Washington. Nir was preparing to spill the beans, which should have seen the careers of George Bush and Peres end in long prison terms. However, luckily for both of them, just prior to his planned departure to testify, Nir was the sole casualty of a Cessna crash in Mexico.
    Joel's research proved that Nir met Bush at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem and warned him that the operation would have no peaceful consequences. "We are dealing with the most radical elements," he said. Bush lied to the congressional committee, claiming he "didn't recall a thing," about his meeting with Nir. And Nir never survived to remind him about what he claimed to have forgotten. Joel was such a powerful investigator that he uncovered the names of the 6 passengers on NIr's fatal crash and even tracked one, the femme fatale it appears, to her home in Ontario.
     Nir's murder saved Bush, but he got his revenge. On September 17, 1992, at Kennebunkport, Maine, President Bush ordered the new Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin to begin negotiating with PLO. The Oslo negotiations began in secret that November. And with them, the beginning of the end of Israel was initiated.
    Now look at the timing: In September, 1992, Joel and I agreed to pool our talents into a monthly newsletter called Inside Israel. Our first issue was released in November, '92. We were investigating the real Oslo hoax "peace" from the get go. How did we get our sources? Do the names Shishi, Monitin, Vreyma, Haolam Hazeh, Hadashot or Davar mean anything anymore? These were real investigatory newspapers and magazines and we read them all, isolated the most significant articles and called the journalists. Post-Oslo, these publications were closed on various pretexts. Israel's press is no longer free.
    Without Haolam Hazeh, we would never have discovered that Israel kidnapped thousands of, mostly Yemenite, babies during the 50s. We gave the story its sadistic twist by disproving the establishment myth that the babies were adopted by childless Jewish couples and were better off for it. Our interviews led us to conclude that most of the babies died in
agony as part of radiation experiments in America.
    Without Shishi, we would have never suspected that Shimon Peres offered the Vatican to take over Jerusalem as its new governors as part of the secret clauses of Oslo.
    Without Chadashot's Arab Affairs reporter Yehoshua Meiri, we would never have known that the elections that brought in Rabin and Labor were rigged with the Labor Party cutting a deal with Arafat to order Israeli Arabs to vote for Labor or its left-wing ally Meretz. In return, the new government would reward Arafat with a state of his own. The number of Arab Knesset members dropped from 17 to 4. The number of seats for Labor and Meretz rose proportionally.
    I admit, I had a personal beef with the government over Oslo. Ten years before, my brigade fought in Lebanon to rid the place of the PLO. Three of my brigade died, including my friend Tzvi Wolfe. The PLO were removed from Lebanon, and terror was now under control. WHY would any Jew reverse the sacrifices and bring the terrorists back? The answer was provided by Joel's and my friend, Rabbi Marvin Antelman. He provided me with his book, To Eliminate The Opiate whose thesis is the founding fathers of Israel believe in the anti-Jewish teachings of Shabtai Tzvi and Jacob Frank. Marvin called me weekly for years and we exchanged perspectives. And it took years for me to understand, that no matter how unbelievable it sounds, Marvin's answer was the only one that could make sense.
    Inside Israel had its last hurrah in March, '97 when The National Review published a long piece by Joel and me called The Peres Gambit. Then came the internet and monthly newsletters like ours saw their usefulness disappear.
    Just twenty years ago I sat in shul in a proud Israel, confident its army would never let it down. The PLO were as good as dead and bankrupt and we were kings in our castle. The new post-Oslo generation bears no resemblance to the Israelis of my time. They think they did something wrong, while they are surrounded by ugly, grey walls to keep their Oslo partners from murdering them.
    Happy twentieth anniversary, Israel!

Why Did Israel Betray Its Victims? Remember the body bags, remains of a stroller, a notebook, Nazi numbers tattoed on burned arms, bits of jewelry, military berets...

The writer, an Italian journalist with Il Foglio, writes a weekly column for Arutz Sheva. He is the author of the book "A New Shoah", that researched the personal stories of Israel's terror victims, published by Encounter. His writing has appeared in publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Frontpage and Commentary.
Everything has been written about the Israeli commitment not to leave its soldiers behind in the field (be they alive or dead), about the fact that no other country in the world would trade one soldier for a thousand of terrorists, about the excruciating torture that Gilad Shalit’s parents have endured over five years and about the need of relief of the Israeli society.
The Shalit affair is the psycological drama of the Jewish tiny nation under siege.
It’s true that once Shalit comes home the Hamas in Gaza will have lost their most valuable human shield of all, but no security reason could have really justified such a deal.
Simply said, Israeli leaders weren’t able to sustain the hard stare of Noam and Aviva Shalit, that is the mirror image of the youthful face of Ron Arad, the love and the nightmare of the Jewish State with his emaciated and dying body. 
Shalit's mode is not political, it is a moral one.
Israel will make the impossible exchange and it is understandable that a country, so little and abandoned to itself, is deeply united around the value of life.
But since this is a psycological drama, let’s be honest: Israel is betraying the families who lost relatives under terrorism. Shalit's family won, the state and the thousands of families destroyed by hatred lost. 
The joy of the murderers and their well advertised victory signs certainly renew the pain and agony. As Ross Douthat recently wrote in the New York Times, “most Americans support the death penalty because they want to believe that our justice system is just, and not merely a mechanism for quarantining the dangerous in order to keep the law-abiding safe. The case for executing murderers is a case for proportionality in punishment: for sentences that fit the crime, and penalties that close the circle”.
Now Israel is crossing all the red lines.
Next week the Israeli bereaved families will see the butchers of their own relatives walking out from prison after spending few years in jail.
I dedicated five years to tracking down and interviewing Israeli witnesses to terrorist atrocities — including people who survived attacks and family members of those who did not.
I am probably the only person in the world who spent more time on the biographies of the Israeli victims as on the horrible details of their end and the desperation of their families.
Many bereaved parents I know are supporting the deal and many others are radically against it. I know that no one is more familiar with the pain the Shalit family is experiencing than families whose child’s life was destroyed by a suicide bomber.
The bereaved parents know what it is to awake every morning and face another day without that precious child and they share with the Shalits the same yearning to touch and speak to him again.
The only concession to families of the victims will be the publication – a mere 48 hours prior to the release – of the names of the prisoners being set free. That’s all. It’s the end of the deal for them.
The Israeli government is saying to these families: “We are sorry, the social pressure was too high, the Arab spring gave us a chance for a deal, this is a political game”.
Next week, when most of the Israelis will share Shalits’ joy and concern about the mental health of their son, let’s hope that many others will remember the aftermath of the suicide attacks: the victims arranged near the carcass of the bus, the bodies placed in black bags, the Polaroid photos, the remains of a stroller, the scattered gray matter on the windows nearby, the Nazi number tattooed on the burned arms, the acrid odor of burned flesh and hair, the teeth and the DNA by which the victims were identified, the little pieces of jewelry that were everything a mother found at the morgue, the school notebooks, the military berets, the tennis shoes, the kippot of every color and the officers’ insignia.
Next week someone should lay a flower near the thousands of plaques bearing the names of innocent Jews displayed along streets, schools, synagogues, cafes, restaurants, markets, parks and gardens.
Despite the war for survival, Israel’s economy is booming, democracy is solid, immigration is growing and demography is thriving.
But the State of Israel betrayed its victims. It's a process that began when Yitzhak Rabin called Ofra Felix, a wonderful Israeli girl killed by the terrorists in 1995, "a victim of the peace process". 
The Talmud says that in Israel, the dead protect the living. Today it's less true.
The question everybody has to answer is: why?

October 7, 2011

Democracy is not about majority

 Democracy is not a problem in itself. Democracy provides for a Jewish state
just as it provides for an Arab or a Christian one—a state of hollow
symbolism. Arabs can accept hollow Jewish symbolism, but not a real Jewish
state. True values can only be forced by a minority upon the majority. As we see
in the Bible, ancient Jews were massively idolatrous, yet the few—whether they
were righteous kings, prophets, or Maccabean fundamentalists—forced them back
into the fold. Democracy seeks a common denominator for the masses. States start
around values, but democracy votes the values away like any other restrictions;
people vote for the most simple, unrestricted, loose life. Democracy shows the
entropy in social systems: eventually, such systems lose any distinguishing
characteristics and descend into the morass of value-less homogeneity. This is
not the typical homogeneity of a repressive regulatory society, but a uniformity
of moral deprivation.

       Democracy plays a trick on peace-loving Jews. As various polls indicate that
the vast majority of Palestinians support a two-state solution and Israeli Arabs
are overwhelmingly okay with Israel's designation as a Jewish state, the
assumption is that the deal is done. Wrong. What matters is not a democratic
majority, but the extremely hostile minority of 25–35 percent who would fight
Israel no matter what. In crises, the most determined group prevails, never the

At any rate, the democratic solution is closed in Israel: Arabs and leftists
make the majority.
       Conservative Jews—and we don’t count the Likud supporters among them—just
cannot prevail by democratic means. But could they revolt? A frog does not jump
out of hot water if boiled slowly. Not annexing Sinai in 1956 and Hebron in
1967, being expelled from Yamit and Gush Katif, conceding to Muslim pollution of
the Temple Mount and the banning of Jewish worship there; concession after
concession has beaten Jewish conservatives into unconsciousness.

       Add to that the conservatives’ traditional laziness. Leftists seek to change
society, and are active. Conservatives seek to preserve, and are passive. Even
Meir Kahane failed to collect money for his campaigns. Out of his hundreds of
thousands of supporters, he could not muster eight thousand poll watchers to
prevent the left from stealing his votes.

       On a positive side, democracy is very weak, unsuitable for wartime or a
perpetual conflict like the one Israel finds herself in. A major upheaval such
as a victorious war, or perhaps a revival of Torah Judaism, could allow the
conservatives to prevail over public institutions. I imagine that many centrists
(people with no values of their own) would sigh with relief if military
putschists would take over the government and impose a  pro-Jewish, anti-Arab
agenda on society, without the need for the majority to make that welcome but
uncomfortable choice.
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October 4, 2011

Over our dead bodies

Israelis are wondering what went through your mind, Mr. Biden, when you said Jonathan Pollard would be given clemency over your "dead body."

Honorable Vice President of the United States of America, Mr. Joseph Biden:

Shalom and a happy Jewish New Year!

Up until several days ago, you, Mr. Biden, were considered "Israel's closest and truest friend in the White House."......................


What a major As#hat

October 2, 2011

Aliyah or Escape?

The quandary remains...Make Aliyah because of the love I have for HaShem & Israel...That is no issue...But is this clear feeling "clouded" by the everyday frustration of working and being surrounded by Goyim? I know there are many righteous Gentiles....Yet

We are so different. Besides the "Pig", the differences begin with seeing such a depreciated or non-existent moral compass.

It does not make me question anything I believe in and I know that my Tshuva is a strength that guides me safely through.

I really don't think that the surroundings that irk me are a motivating force. They make it easier to say ugh and of course I want Aliyah...

Aliyah is not without it's difficulties and the routine that one establishes in the Galut are hard to break away from without a concentrated effort.

So I guess when the time is right...it will hit me.

I look for community here...but everyone seems to have assimilated either in lifestyle or devotion. Still others are very Observant and yet they remain in the Galut. That is confusing.  How can any Observant Jew that believes in the Torah etc. not feel compelled to go home. Why stay, where you remain the minority and are barely considered anything more than Dhimmi? Perhaps there are those that believe you can practice Tikkun Olam and develop your Nefesh anywhere?

The US is clearly suffering from a massive moral decay....

It is the traditional end to virtually all civilizations in history. In these more "modern" times they try to fix the economy and feel that is the strength of their country. The division between the haves and have nots grow. The "deprived" members of this country have nothing to lose and frequently show it...through all sorts of criminal behavior.

I can only assume that this will spiral further towards Sodom & Gomorrah. Whether there will be an outside influence to accelerate this process remains to be seen.

So, the feeling of not belonging and being tolerated in tandem with the obvious winding down of the US...makes you think that as the Country deteriorates...who will the Goyim blame?

Yup, same old-same old....

In the Galut buy some gold, update your passport and perhaps diversify your banking to an international Bank?

The Day of Atonement approaches...are you ready?

Do a Mitzvah today!