October 2, 2011

Aliyah or Escape?

The quandary remains...Make Aliyah because of the love I have for HaShem & Israel...That is no issue...But is this clear feeling "clouded" by the everyday frustration of working and being surrounded by Goyim? I know there are many righteous Gentiles....Yet

We are so different. Besides the "Pig", the differences begin with seeing such a depreciated or non-existent moral compass.

It does not make me question anything I believe in and I know that my Tshuva is a strength that guides me safely through.

I really don't think that the surroundings that irk me are a motivating force. They make it easier to say ugh and of course I want Aliyah...

Aliyah is not without it's difficulties and the routine that one establishes in the Galut are hard to break away from without a concentrated effort.

So I guess when the time is right...it will hit me.

I look for community here...but everyone seems to have assimilated either in lifestyle or devotion. Still others are very Observant and yet they remain in the Galut. That is confusing.  How can any Observant Jew that believes in the Torah etc. not feel compelled to go home. Why stay, where you remain the minority and are barely considered anything more than Dhimmi? Perhaps there are those that believe you can practice Tikkun Olam and develop your Nefesh anywhere?

The US is clearly suffering from a massive moral decay....

It is the traditional end to virtually all civilizations in history. In these more "modern" times they try to fix the economy and feel that is the strength of their country. The division between the haves and have nots grow. The "deprived" members of this country have nothing to lose and frequently show it...through all sorts of criminal behavior.

I can only assume that this will spiral further towards Sodom & Gomorrah. Whether there will be an outside influence to accelerate this process remains to be seen.

So, the feeling of not belonging and being tolerated in tandem with the obvious winding down of the US...makes you think that as the Country deteriorates...who will the Goyim blame?

Yup, same old-same old....

In the Galut buy some gold, update your passport and perhaps diversify your banking to an international Bank?

The Day of Atonement approaches...are you ready?

Do a Mitzvah today!


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