July 31, 2012

The enemy comes nearer, the dangers are closer

The enemy comes nearer, the dangers are closer, and I sit on a mountain and blow
 the trumpet.  Arise, O slumbering Jews and save yourself, save your body, save your soul!

I sit and blow the trumpet and the Jew sleeps on, or reacts in vicious anger and shouts: Silence, we sleep!  I sit and blow the trumpet and plead with brothers and sisters to arouse themselves, their people – to bring the Messiah now.

Another year enters the volumes of time and the next takes its place in the march
 toward Jewish destiny.  The sands of the New Year are already running.  Running out.  The sands slip through, the clock ticks away and the Almighty waits to see whether the sleeping Jew will awaken from his slumber to reclaim his greatness and destiny before there are no more years left.

Meir Kahane

I sit on the mountain (7)

A Land of Israel in which the economy dies even as the men of fraud pretend that it improves; a land in which unemployment and disaster will unravel the social fabric leading to chaos and anarchy in the streets.  A land in which young Jews, released from the army, find themselves unemployed, as greedy Jewish employers prefer two Arabs for the price of a single Jewish worker.  A land in which cities see entire areas becoming Arab, as Ishmaelite arrives, cash dollars in hand, dollars that come across the Jordan bridges from the PLO coffers, and buys apartments, in neighborhoods and towns.
A Land of Israel that sees a Knesset populated, not only by Arab enemies of the state, but by Jewish ones. Jews who are enveloped with blind, obsessive hate against religion, against Judaism.  Jews who cannot sleep without dreaming of ways to liquidate Judaism.  Who yearn to go to war against Judaism and erase it from the earth and who are so spiritually sick that they prepare to go to war and murder the Jews they so hate.
A Land that sees the Arab, free of obligation to serve the country, free of paying his full share of taxes, multiplying at a rate that sees the Galilee and Wadi Ara and the Triangle, filled with a majority of Arabs, Arabs whose quantity is matched by a quality stemming from Jewish madness as the Hellenists in their guilt and self-hate took an ignorant, illiterate peasant’s child and turned him into an educated intellectual who is the greatest danger to the survival of Israel, who is the future leader of the PLO.  A land that sees Jewish madmen subsidizing the Arab birthrate by paying checks each month for every child.
A land that, through a perverted  “democracy” and “coexistence” calmly salutes national suicide as it allows the Arabs to grow swiftly and move towards a majority, a majority that will vote Israel out of existence on the way to slaughter that will be a thousand fold that which they commit against each other daily in Lebanon.
A Land that sees immigration into the country dry up even as Israeli Jews seek to flee the country, their main obstacle being American and Western immigration quotas.  A land that is unhappy, that has lost confidence in itself, in the justice of its own cause and in the iron guarantee that “Israel can never go under.”  A land in the hands of the gentilized Hebrews, the hideous Hellenists, the mixed multitude.

I sit on the mountain (6)

I sit on the mountain and, behold, the enemy, the terrible dangers, are in full view.  There they are, there they approach, those who travel, as armed men.  Jew, can you not see them:

A Land of Israel that sees the Jewish character of the land disappear under the hobnailed boots of the storm troopers of the self-hating and fascist Left.  The ones who spiritually destroyed Sephardic Jews and who kidnapped young Yemenite Jewish infants even as they stripped Jewishness from the souls of their parents.  The ones who, driven by self-hate and with a Judaism that they see as hideous hump they cannot escape, attempt to destroy our children, our people, by ordering enforced gathering together of Arab and Jewish youngsters in Arab villages and Jewish towns, in weekends and dances and songs, sounds of music that are a funeral dirge for Jewish survival.  A land that opens the doors to the impurity and pollution of intermarriage and assimilation and calls them “good.”  A land that in the moves to increase the defilement of the Jewish seed and Jewish purity, that is seen already all too clearly in the Jewish women living in Arab villages, in the Jewish prostitutes and their Arab pimps, in the Jewish girls sitting and laughing with Arabs on the beaches and in the coffee houses.

I sit on the mountain (5)

 I sit on the mountain and, behold, the enemy, the terrible dangers, are in full view.  There they are, there they approach, those who travel, as armed men.  Jew, can you not see them:

A Land of Israel in which the army is slowly destroyed as a fighting force and the morale of its soldiers shattered by timid and frightened orders, conceived in gentilized concepts and born in fear of that gentile, not to strike with an all-powerful hand at the enemy – lest women and children, who are an integral part of that enemy, be hurt.  A land that ties the hands of its soldiers and thus passes a death sentence on them, a land that sees more and more Jews fearful of army service and fearful of taking the action that will save their own lives
A Land of Israel that sees our enemy grow bolder, encouraged by the madness and gentilization of the Hellenists, the mixed multitude who destroy the Jewish state in stages even as they pretend to govern it.  A land that see Arab boldness and confidence increase in proportion to Jewish insecurity, guilt, weakness, confusion, stumbling and fear.  A land that sees a guarantee of worse, much worse, Arab action and slaughter of Jews, as the barrier of fear is swept away, a land that will make Northern Ireland appear idyllic, as the wild man who is Ishmael, emerges in all his barbarism and savagery.

I sit on the mountain (4)

I sit on the mountain and, behold, the enemy, the terrible dangers, are in full view.  There they are, there they approach, those who travel, as armed men.  Jew, can you not see them:

A land of Israel in which there are funerals each week, funerals of Jews who did not fall in battle but who were murdered in the streets and in the fields of Eretz Yisrael, and an impotent Jewish government “gropes at noonday as the blind gropeth in darkness,” and has no answer, even as it frees 1100 terrorists and jails Jewish heroes.  A land in which the glory of Samson is shorn from our heads by the Peresitic Delilahs and strength ebbs from the body Israel even as the Palestinian-Philistines pledge: “See wherein his great strength lieth and by what means we may prevail against him…. And we will give you every one of us eleven hundred pieces of silver.”

I sit on the mountain (3)

I sit on the mountain and, behold, the enemy, the terrible dangers, are in full view.  There they are, there they approach, those who travel, as armed men.  Jew, can you not see them:

A Land of Israel in which fear stalks the highway, and the inner psyche of the Jewish citizen, as soldiers and civilians are murdered regularly and the proud new Jew, the product of the Zionism of Herzl, and Borochov and Jabotinksy, the one who left Minsk and Pinsk and Fez and Sa’ana, who fled the fear and psyche of Minsk and Pinsk and Fez and Sa’ana and the psychological ghetto of the exile.  A land in which fear grips the Jew and Zionism dies a pathetic spiritual death.

I sit on the mountain (2)

I sit on the mountain and, behold, the enemy, the terrible dangers, are in full view.  There they are, there they approach, those who travel, as armed men.  Jew, can you not see them?

A Land of Israel in which the “stranger”, so beloved by the guilt-ridden eyrev rav, mixed multitude, of our times, the “stranger”, the Arab, “rises above us higher and higher and we sink lower and lower.

I sit on the mountain (1) - Meir Kahane

I sit on the mountain and, behold, the enemy, the terrible dangers, are in full view.  There they are, there they approach, those who travel, as armed men.  Jew, can you not see them:
A land of Israel that sees Arabs rioting without fear of an army hobbled by tragic orders of small men, fearful of the nations and what they will say; little men who never thought for a moment of fear: What will G-d say?  A land in which soldiers and civilians – are stoned by howling Arabs whose self-confidence and certainty grow in proportion to the hesitation, uncertainty and loss of confidence on the part of Jews.  A land in which Arab citizens of Israel puncture the absurd myth of “loyalty” to the Jewish State by carrying the riots and hatred and the cries of  “We will free Palestine,” into the Jewish cities of Jaffa and Lydda and Acre.  A land of Israel which sees its Jewish citizens, frustrated and bitter at the impotence of the government, who are gripped by the terrible thought: Perhaps, G-d forbid, the State will not survive…

July 30, 2012

Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me - (Barack Hussein Obama)-

Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me
by Naomi Ragen on July 28th, 2012

I have never felt more challenged than I did four years ago when I did my
best to enlighten my American list-members to some of the dangers of hopping
on presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama’s bandwagon. But nothing
swayed his Jewish supporters: not the fact that he had radical left-wing
political mentors, nor his Islamic heritage and education, nor even his
close 20-year relationship with the virulently anti-Semitic Reverend
Jeremiah Wright. They weren’t even worried about his anti-Israel advisers,
like Zbigniew Brzezinski, Simon Malley and Samantha Power, who once
suggested the US invade Israel.
In fact, the response of my staunchly pro-Israel list to these revelations
astounded me: “As a Jew, I am offended by what you have written about Barack
Obama… You are tedious and unwelcome in the lives of Americans who are
hopeful for the change that is due us,” wrote Susan.
“We wish no harm to our homeland, but we live in another country,” wrote
Judi. “We too have issues of importance. I cannot believe for a moment that
Senator Obama would place Israel in a position of harm.”
“This is my home first, and if I don’t protect my back yard I will lose my
ability to further support Israel. You need to do a reality check,” wrote
“Obama knows how important Israel is and will most likely be more a champion
to Israel than McCain,” wrote Samuel. Over a thousand of my American
list-members wrote nothing at all, simply unsubscribing to my list in silent
protest to my anti- Obama stance.
I tried to understand them. During his campaign, Obama promised an
“unshakeable commitment to Israel’s security” and “support for secure,
recognized, defensible borders.” “Israel’s security,” he told numerous
Jewish groups, “is sacrosanct.”
Unlike some of my Jewish list members, Hamas spokesman Ahmed Yousef wasn’t
convinced: “If Obama wins the election… I do believe he will change the
American foreign policy in the way they are handling the Middle East,” he
told WABC radio host John Batchelor and World Net Daily’s Aaron Klein. It
turns out that he was right and the Jews who voted for him were wrong.
Obama is hoping that this time around his Jewish voters won’t remember that.
“If during the political season you hear some question of my
administration’s support for Israel, remember, it’s not backed up by the
facts,” Obama, as president, told the 71st General Assembly of the Union of
Reform Judaism on December 16, 2011.
Really? Well, let’s review the facts, especially given the short memories of
most voters.
Obama began his administration by reaching out to Muslims, giving his first
formal interview to Al-Arabiya. Next, he bowed deeply to the King of Saudi
Arabia and visited Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, skipping Israel. He used
fulfilling his promise of giving his first foreign policy address in an Arab
capital to distance America from Israel: “The US does not accept the
legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements.
It is time for these settlements to stop,” he told cheering crowds in Cairo.
But worse was still to come. “The aspiration for a Jewish homeland is rooted
in a tragic history that cannot be denied. It is also undeniable that the
Palestinian people, Muslims and Christians, have suffered.”
By adopting the rhetoric of Arab anti-Semites that the desire of the Jews to
live in their homeland started with the Holocaust and has no other roots,
Obama, in the words of Charles Krauthammer, “In three minutes… did more to
delegitimize the existence of Israel than any president in American
Worse, comparing what the Jews suffered in the Holocaust to the treatment of
Palestinians under Israeli rule was downright despicable. Or “outrageous and
embarrassing,” according to Oklahoma’s Senator James Inhofe.
Obama followed up with an incessant campaign questioning Israel’s desire for
peace. We, who lived through two intifadas, who saw our families and friends
and neighbors blown to bits to satisfy the world’s desire to see Israel
“make sacrifices” for a fake peace, were horrified. Obama lectured Israeli
leaders that they “must engage in serious self-reflection on their
commitment to peace.”
The absolute gall!
Obama went one further, adopting the old Arab demand that Israel cease
building on any land claimed by Palestinians, refusing to understand that if
Israel did that, there would be nothing left to negotiate.
“Settlements have to be stopped,” Obama said, and Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton relentlessly echoed: “He wants to see a stop in settlements, not
some settlements, not outposts, not natural growth exceptions.”
Under Obama, American foreign policy adopted the nonsensical idea that all
Middle East conflicts would be solved if only Israel gave in to Palestinian
demands. In this fantasy, the incessant brainwashing of Palestinian children
to hate and kill, the atom bomb in Iran, the murderous control of Gaza by
Hamas, which denies any solution short of pushing Jews into the sea, were
not allowed in, nor was the fact that the disengagement from Gaza resulted
not in peace, but in terrorist bomb-launchers replacing Jewish lettuce
The incessant demands of the Obama administration on Israel were never
balanced by equal demands on Palestinians. This carte blanche led not to
peace, but to increasing Palestinian intransigence.
After all, how could President Mahmoud Abbas allow himself to be seen as
less hawkish than Obama? Indeed, Netanyahu’s capitulation to American
demands by declaring a 10-month settlement freeze did not bring Abbas to the
negotiating table.
It simply whetted his appetite. The sky, it seemed, was the limit.
Abbas was proven right during the March 2010 visit of Vice President Joe
Biden. When building plans for Ramat Shlomo, already a large neighborhood in
northern Jerusalem, were announced, the Americans inexplicably exploded.
Hillary Clinton called it “insulting,” even though Jerusalem had never been
under a settlement freeze. The Israeli envoy to the US said that US-Israel
ties were the worst they’d been in 35 years. At the very time Israel was
being lambasted as an obstacle to peace, Mahmoud Abbas was publicly honoring
the terrorists of the 1978 coastal road massacre which took 37 Israeli
lives, with never a peep out of the White House – a fact not lost on Abbas,
who continued to refuse to negotiate with Israel during the entire 10-month
settlement freeze.
No matter. While Netanyahu got shuffled into side doors at the White House
and Obama refused to dine with him, Abbas was an honored guest with photo
ops and a smiling president gifting him with an extra hundred million
dollars to build “environmental housing” for Palestinians.
This attitude of the US administration had a domino effect on other Arab
countries. Turkey, with whom Israel had always had warm relations, thousands
of Israeli tourists filling Antalya hotels, suddenly turned hostile. Headed
by its new Islamist Prime Minister Recep Erdogan, called affectionately by
Obama his “closest friend in the Middle East,” it sent six ships to break
Israel’s legitimate sea blockade of terrorist Gaza, including one with armed
terrorists who met Israeli soldiers with knives and clubs, stabbing, beating
and throwing them overboard.
Yet even before investigating, the US refused to veto the Turkish resolution
condemning Israel. A furious US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta demanded
Israel “restore good relations with Egypt and Turkey,” while former defense
secretary Robert Gates called Israel “an ungrateful ally harming American
In the spring of 2011, Obama said: “We believe in borders based on the 1967
lines,” finally breaking all precedents of previous US administrations,
which recognized that the 1967 lines were not defensible borders but simply
armistice lines where the guns had stopped.
Obama’s support for indefensible borders, sometimes called “the lines of
Auschwitz,” is yet another open wound, as is the attempt of Abbas to bypass
negotiations with Israel, unite with Hamas and bring his case for statehood
directly to the terror-friendly UN. Moreover, Obama’s timid pussyfooting
with Iran has given it the time to purify enough fuel for five atom bombs,
all proof positive that the Obama administration has pushed the Middle East
further from peace than ever.
As summed up by Liz Cheney: “There is no president who has done more to
delegitimize and undermine the State of Israel than President Barack Obama.”
And for those American Jews who say they have an obligation to put America
first, how’s that working for you so far with Obama heading the nation? In
this coming election, Israeli and American interests seem to coincide. Obama
managed to do so much harm while taking more vacations and playing more golf
than any other president in US history.
I shudder to think what another four years might bring.

July 25, 2012

The Olympics are a symptom of the Sick Gentile World We Live In...

I at times thought that I didn't like the Olympics because of the Russian paid athletes competing as Amateurs or the German Men taking hormones to compete to win as women....but no...those were never the reason.

The reason was 1972 and the Germans ...just being Germans. They knew that the world cared not for Jews and acted like it. With their indifference to the sensitivity of the 40 year Hitler games...their indifference to security issues for Israel, their indifference to dead Jews at the Olympics.....

Germany will be judged and for me, it should have divided, dispersed and not allowed to attempt to function as a member of a world community.

The concept that Israel works with Abu Mazen 
(http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/biography/Abbas.html)  is just maddening.

They didn't care, they don't care and you can be sure like the Polish and Austrians...they have taught their children the same as their sick parents....

Judge and be Judged.....May Hashem take care of all of them!

Boycott the fraudulent Olympic Games...now and forever!


Olympic Silence

Forty years after 11 athletes were murdered in Munich, Israel still mourns alone.

I was 11 years old and a fanatical sports fan. I could stay glued to the TV and radio for hours on end, rooting for my hometown teams. The pinnacle sporting event was the Olympics, providing not only a panoply of world-class athletics, but a once-in-four-year opportunity to root for my “special Jewish home team”: Israel.
The 1972 Munich Olympics started with a bang. Mark Spitz, the mustachioed Jewish-American swimmer (who proudly participated in Israel’s Maccabiah Games) entered seven swimming events – and promptly set an incredible seven world records in the course of winning a record seven gold medals.
For American Jews, this was a huge source of pride. The last Olympics  held on German soil – the 1936 Games in Berlin – were exploited as a Nazi showcase festooned with goose-stepping and swastikas. Hitler’s rabid anti-Semitism infected the athletic events as well: Two Jewish-American runners – Marty Glickman and Sam Stoller – were removed from the U.S. lineup at the last second, thus becoming the only members of the U.S. squad to travel to Berlin and not compete. For the racist Nazis, it was enough that a black man – Jesse Owens – had won the prestigious 100-meter dash; Hitler reportedly asked U.S. officials not to embarrass him any further by having two Jews win gold in Berlin.
Hitler’s rabid anti-Semitism directly infected the athletic events.

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July 23, 2012

Has Israel Lost Control Over the Iranian Situation?

On the sleepy afternoon of March 21, 2012, alarm sirens went off all over Jerusalem, sending me and my racing heart lunging toward our air raid shelter. Squeezed in among my neighbors, bags of old clothes and various bicycles, I found my mind wandering back to elementary school at the Hebrew Institute of Long Island. “Get down beneath your desks and cover your heads with your hands,” Mrs. Ganeles instructed us. It was the Cuban Missile Crisis. But I remember thinking even back then: This is ludicrous. Nothing is going to save us from that great white mushroom cloud.
Being a Jew in Israel as Iran’s self-proclaimed genocidal regime methodically prepares its annihilation fantasy makes me feel like the lobster in the “How to cook a lobster” recipe: “First put the lobster into a large pot of warm water, then slowly turn up the heat.” Having made aliyah more than 40 years ago, I, along with the rest of my fellow Israeli citizens, am no ingenue when it comes to being maligned, threatened and physically attacked. For years now, we Israelis have been hearing ourselves described in vicious Nazi terms by the Iranian mullahs. Back in 2001, they called us “thieves and criminals.” In 2008, we were likened to “a black and filthy microbe,” and in 2011 to a “cancer cell” that must be removed.
Threats to wipe Israel off the map are nothing new either. In my senior year of high school, on May 16, 1967, Cairo Radio declared: “The existence of Israel has continued too long . . . The battle has come in which we shall destroy Israel.” The Six Day War followed, and for a time we all lived in the afterglow of defeating our blowhard enemies. It didn’t last long. Wars with various other names followed: Yom Kippur, Lebanon, Galilee Peace. . .
But this time, I feel we are facing something completely new.

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Keeping the Faith....

I saw Bibi on the news yesterday and he said all of the right things for this US audience.
His perfect English makes him a very friendly Israeli face. On the other hand he still makes moves like a politician with an empty Kippah.

The US is increasingly being infiltrated by Muslims as they try to worm their way into mainstream America.
The threat they offer is to large to ignore, yet by and large...they are being ignored. This is because the US suffers from "Melting Pot Syndrome" The basis of all PC behavior.

The economy is grinding to a halt and it is most noticeable in the ares where the economy was already failing...as people move to look for work the places they leave are increasingly unable to afford the same level of services and are starting to feel the crisis.

The news has been relegated to spin mode, believing still that if they instill consumer confidence the economy will begin to recover....

Is this the dawn of increased Terrorism? Will these events begin to occur on US soil?
Will every warning to the public continue to be ignored or shot down as "crazy"?

Maybe....Get your passport in order and buy diamonds for transportability not profit!


Iran, Arabs and the rest of the world...

So here we are 5772 and much remains the same:

1) The Persians hate us and want us annihilated.
2) The Arabs hate us and want us annihilated.
3) The Rest of the World hate us and don't care if #1 and #2 annihilate us.
4) The Terrorists (Muslims) want to kill everyone...

The Matsav in Israel is the same, the government bends over backwards to be fair to Arabs (the enemy).
They don't protect Jews, they expel them and bulldoze their homes...
The empty Kippah's in charge are politicians and not Torah observant Jews...

In the main Diaspora - USA - J-Street is helping the administration and all anti-Semites to De-legitimatize Israel....

From here, I struggle with Shuva and convincing my wife that Orthodoxy doesn't treat women as property and make them walk a step behind. Feminism is to blame since what she wants to be able to do...she doesn't want to do anyway....My children are not following me on the Shuva trail ...so quickly...
On the other hand I am not so sure how fast I will wear Tzitzit or a Kippah to work...not necessarily because I am not ready to wear them....I will not wear them here out of concern...for ...well you know.

The Jewish Community in CNY is dwindling....not because of Aliyah....no, not because of Aliyah...because of Assimilation, because if you are not a Torah Jew...why would you care about doing the right thing- Jewish-ly, because all of the jobs have left, because when the kids graduate they move to find work.....

From here, the concept of moving to Israel is a dream. The hardships that everyone warns of are of no interest. 

“Baffled” Bob Costas To Call Own Minute of Silence During Olympic Broadcast for Slain Israeli Team

One of the best known sportscasters in America may soon make history by defying the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) decree that it would not honor the memory of the murdered 1972 Israeli Olympic team, and conducting an on-air memorial of his own.

Bob Costas, famed NBC sportscaster and regular frontline broadcaster of the Olympic games, told The Hollywood Reporter that he would not stand behind the IOC’s “baffling” decision to deny Israel’s request for a moment of silence to acknowledge the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes and coaches by Palestinian terrorists 40 years ago at the 1972 games in Munich, Germany, and that he would take it upon himself to highlight the injustice during his broadcast of the London games opening ceremonies on July 27.

If officials of the Olympics continue to refuse to honor the victims with a moment of silence, Costas says "I intend to note that the IOC denied the request," he tells THR. "Many people find that denial more than puzzling but insensitive.  [So] Here's a minute of silence right now."
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Conference on Annexing Judea and Samaria Draws Big Names, Big Turnout

HaBayit HaYehudi Chairman Daniel Hershkowitz speaking at the Conference for the Application of Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.
HaBayit HaYehudi Chairman Daniel Hershkowitz speaking at the Conference for the Application of Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.
Photo Credit: Shlomi Shalmoni
Hundreds of Israelis from across Israel gathered in Hebron last Thursday to participate in the Conference for the Application of Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, and to hear a growing cadre of politicians, experts, and opinion-makers discuss their perspective on how to realize this goal.

The Conference, the second of its kind organized by Women in Green, saw a speaker list that appears to reflect a sense that annexation of Judea and Samaria is an increasingly viable option. Beyond the attendance of the expected nationalist politicians – like government minister and Chairman of Habayit Hayehudi Rabbi Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz, National Union MK Uri Ariel, and Likud MK Tzipi Hotovely – also appearing were Caroline Glick, a senior editor at the Jerusalem Post; Yoram Ettinger, former Israeli ambassador to Washington; and Eran Bar-Tal, the economic editor of the Makor Rishon newspaper, among many others.
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Debbie Wasserman Schultz Touts Obama’s Creds, Many Remain Unconvinced

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (L) at the Elkins Park, Pennsylvania event. Seated on the right is Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz (D-PA).
Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (L) at the Elkins Park, Pennsylvania event. Seated on the right is Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz (D-PA).
Photo Credit: Lori Lowenthal Marcus / JewishPress.com
If the goal of the Jewish Americans for Obama event was to rally the home crowd and pound away at well-worn talking points about why Jews should support Obama, an event held at a Philadelphia suburban synagogue on Monday night was just what the doctor ordered.

If the JAO's goal was to inform and educate those who were not already fervent supporters of the president, the cantankerous headline speaker and a determined and equally partisan segment of the audience made sure that did not happen.

More than a thousand people filled the auditorium of Congregation Keneseth Israel in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, Monday night, to hear Congresswoman and Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz tout President Obama’s record.

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July 17, 2012

Crazed Palestinian Gunman Angered By Stereotypes

HEBRON, WEST BANK—In an emotionally charged press conference Monday, crazed Palestinian gunman Faisal al Hamad expressed frustration over the stereotyping of his people.

Faisal al Hamad, seen here shrieking anti-U.S. slogans, says that "not every crazed Palestinian gunman is exactly alike."
"As a crazed Palestinian gunman, I feel hurt by the negative portrayal of my people in the media," said al Hamad, 31, a Hebron-area terrorist maniac. "None of us should have to live with stereotyping and ignorance."
He then began screaming and firing into a busload of Israeli schoolchildren.
"It hurts that in this supposedly enlightened day and age, people still make assumptions about other people," al Hamad said. "We should not rely on simple generalizations. Each crazed Palestinian gunman is an individual."
Al Hamad said that he himself has often been unfairly stereotyped. "Any time I enter a crowded temple with fully loaded AK-47s in both hands, people just assume I'm going to open fire," he said. "That really hurts."
"Yes, I sometimes do gun people down in the name of the One True God," he noted. "But there is so much more to me."

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July 16, 2012

Birth Of A Leather-Kippah Jew

“Let me be honest with you,” the rosh yeshiva began.

It was not a good sign. I was sitting for a farher, an entrance interview, with the rosh yeshiva of a well-known yeshiva in Jerusalem, and it was about to go very badly.

I was, to be fair, a very unusual applicant. I had just graduated from law school. My classmates and friends were headed off to prestigious clerkships or to seek their fortunes. I had other plans. My secular learning had now outpaced my Torah learning, and it was time, I believed, to catch up.

So I applied to a yeshiva renowned for its commitment and the dedication of its students. I prepared thoroughly and was sure my learning – my scholarship – was up to par.

I hadn’t gotten the look down quite right, I knew. My suit was too blue; my shoes too un-scuffed; my black hat somehow at the wrong angle. But surely, I told myself, these things didn’t matter; my commitment, my dedication and my ability were what mattered most.

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Death of the Blue-Hat Jew?

Once upon a time, there were Orthodox Jews who wore blue hats. Blue hats! Some wore brown, or shades of gray. In the summer, they wore white, or amber hats of straw.

Those hats are gone now. No big deal; they were only cheap, colored cloth. But the Jews who wore those hats are disappearing as well. And the death of the Blue-Hat Jew is a very big deal indeed.

What are Blue-Hat Jews, and why should we care about them?

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July 15, 2012

Anti-Israel Billboards Posted at NY Metro Stations

Anti-Israel billboard in New York
Anti-Israel billboard in New York
Photo Credit: FM News 101.9
Billboards with a series of maps that purport to show Israel's continued and systematic expropriation of 'Palestinian land' have gone up at suburban New York train stations, including heavily Jewish populated Westchester County, the JTA reported.

The ads depict a succession of shrinking Palestinian territories in four maps and are accompanied by a statement that reads: “4.7 million Palestinians are classified as refugees by the United Nations.” The ad claims to cover “Palestinian loss of land” from 1946 to 2010.

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Draft Israeli Arabs

MK Michael Ben Ari speaks in front of police officers during a rally by Jewish ultranationalists in Nazareth, Israel's largest Arab town, calling to draft Israeli Arabs.  Military service is a rite of passage for most Israelis, who view the army as a core element of national identity. That is where the problem starts for many Arabs, who associate more closely with the Palestinians and feel alienated in a country created in 1948 that defines itself as a Jewish state.
Nationalist Phone Message to Arabs: Time to Serve.
10,000 Nazareth homes receive voice message from nationalist Marzel who will march there Sunday.
By Gil Ronen
First Publish: 7/12/2012, 5:39 PM

Picture loading...
About 10,000 homes in Nazareth received recorded phone messages from Our Land of Israel Chairman Baruch Marzel Thursday, ahead of the planned march by activists through the streets of Nazareth Sunday.
In the message, Marzel addresses the residents of Nazareth with the IDF march playing in the background.
"Marhaba! ['Welcome' in Arabic]. Residents of Nazareth, this is Baruch Marzel, Chairman of Our Land of Israel speaking. On Sunday I am coming to Nazareth to recruit you to the National Service in the state of Israel. So that our courageous soldiers can be free to wage war against the enemies surrounding us, I call on you to enlist and pull your weight in the work that needs to be done at this time – in construction, paving of roads and agriculture. If there are no obligations – forget about the rights. As our rabbi and teacher, Rabbi Meir Kahane, blessed be the memory of the holy tzaddik, used to say: You want equality? You want National Insurance? You want rights? First of all – [give] three years of service to the state. Only thus will we realize the 2,000-year-old hope, to be a free nation in our land."
Our Land of Israel spokesman Itamar Ben Gvir said that the phone message is part of a campaign that will reach its climax on Sunday when activists led by MK Michael Ben Ari and Marzel will hold a demonstration near the home of MK Hanin Zouabi and the offices of the Balad party. (See above article)
"We call upon [Yesh Atid leader] Yair Lapid and [former Shin Bet head] Yuval Diskin, who appeared at the demonstration for equal service by hareidim, to join us and demonstrate for equal service by all sectors and in all places, including Nazareth," said Ben Gvir.
To view blog:  www.mkmichaelben-ari.blogspot.com

July 14, 2012

Annexation or Fade Away: By Moshe Feiglin

The Levi Report on the settlements in Judea and Samaria was like cold water on a parched landscape. The members of the committee who drafted the report and dared to publicly say what every child in Israel can and should know deserve credit and appreciation. The report factually states that there never was an occupation in Judea and Samaria because no entity there was ever occupied.

In the War of Independence (1948) Jordan forcefully took over Judea and Samaria. After World War I, the Commonwealth of Nations transferred the mandate on the territory to Great Britain so that the Jews could establish a national home in what was slated to become Israel. Later, the Jordanians refuted any claims of sovereignty on the territory. Thus, when the IDF captured Judea and Samaria from Hussein, who didn't even pretend to be its owner, it was hardly an occupation.

The local Arabs, who have suddenly invented the Palestinian Nation, cannot claim that the territory was captured form them. First of all, they are the ones who started the War of Independence, dragging the regular Arab armies into the fighting. According to international law, whoever initiates a war cannot claim territory that they lost during the fighting. But what is even more important is the fact that there never was national "Palestinian" sovereignty: Not in Judea and Samaria or in any place on the globe. In the Six Days of Miracles, the IDF liberated Judea and Samaria from the Jordanian army, not from the residents of Ramallah.

Those of us who have become unfortunately accustomed to the State toeing the brazen and false radical leftist line – the Talia Sasson Report, for example – might see the Levi Report as a sign of the Messianic era. However, respect and appreciation for the authors of the report and the PM for requesting it notwithstanding, the logical conclusion is missing from its findings.

It is like an expert doctor who has been called to the bedside of a dying man. The doctor calls in a team of experts, who examine the patient from every possible angle. When they finish, they call the family together and announce their conclusion: The patient is allowed to get better. And then they leave.

It is difficult to know if the Levi Report heralds real change or if it is just part of the zigzag syndrome that we have been witnessing recently. It is very important to stop the damage wrought upon the settlement enterprise by the Sasson Report. But the fact that the Levi Report is not coupled with positive measures means that the strong forces that have been pushing Israel into harmful declarations and deeds for years can continue their activities, undisturbed. The Report does say that Israel is not an occupier, but it doesn't draw the logical conclusion: This is our Land. The Report does not recommend the vital next step: Israel must immediately annex all parts of the Land of Israel in our hands, as we did with all the territory captured by the IDF in 1948, to a lesser extent in Jerusalem and fully in the Golan Heights. This is the Israeli law: Every part of the Land of Israel under Israeli control at any time automatically becomes part of the territory of the State of Israel.

Since the days of Menachem Begin, the Jewish majority in Israel has received glorious gifts that turned out to be nothing more than fancy wrapping. Begin's "There will be many more Elon Morehs" turned into the reality of the great retreat from Sinai and the destruction of the Yamit settlements. On one hand, the Likud has built more than any other ruling party. On the other hand, all the destruction and major retreats are also on its resume'. Without faith-based leadership for Israel, the Right will necessarily drift leftward; if not in word, then in deed.

The Levi Report is another step in the right direction. It is a positive development, along with MK Yariv Levin's proposed legislation against the High Court dictatorship and MK Miri Regev's proposals for annexation of Judea and Samaria. While the PM put the brakes on those two proposals, the very fact that they were brought up creates a positive cumulative effect.

We must not fool ourselves, though. If tomorrow Abu Mazen turns around and shows willingness for some type of compromise, the entire media will clamor to advance "peace" full steam ahead, the justice system, security officials and academia will join in to ensure that the new 'peace' will get past the public's healthy skepticism and the Levi Report will make no difference as we march toward another mass destruction.

While there is an important, positive evolution taking place with regard to the settlements, what we really need is to revolutionize our leadership and its ideas. If not, this evolution will end up as another forty years in the desert and the loss of much that we hold dear.

Jews are not foreigners anywhere in the Land of Israel.

Yehuda Z. Blum, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations had this to say on June 11, 1979:

"A corollary of the inalienable right of the Jewish people to its Land is the right to live in any part of Eretz Yisrael, including Judea and Samaria which are an integral part of Eretz Yisrael. Jews are not foreigners anywhere in the Land of Israel. Anyone who asserts that it is illegal for a Jew to live in Judea and Samaria just because he is a Jew, is in fact advocating a concept that is disturbingly reminiscent of the 'Judenrein' policies of Nazi Germany banning Jews from certain spheres of life for no other reason than that they were Jews. The Jewish villages in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza district are there as of right and are there to stay.

"The right of Jews to settle in the Land of Israel was also recognised in the League of Nations 'Mandate for Palestine' which stressed 'the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and ... the grounds for reconstituting' - I repeat, reconstituting 'their national home in that country.'

"The Mandatory Power was also entrusted with the duty to encourage 'close settlement by Jews on the land, including state lands and waste lands not required for public purposes.'"

Speech at the Louis D. Brandeis Award Dinner of the Zionist Organization of America.
(Washington D.C., 11 June 1979)

Nigeria's black Jews re-discovered

New Yorker's documentary takes in depth look at Igbo tribe in Nigeria and their path at rediscovering Jewish heritage 

A new documentary by New Yorker Jeff Lieberman called Re-Emerging: The Jews of Nigeria is taking an in depth look into one of the most unique 'Jewish' communities in the world: The Igbos of Nigeria.
Lieberman's film is a rare testimonial to the daily life of a group that for years has been living off the official Jewish radar and in a political atmosphere of massacres between Christians and Muslims with the constant threat of destruction over their heads.

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But There is a G-d in Israel - Kahane

THEY MUST GO – written in 1980, printed in 1981


But There is a G-d in Israel (excerpts)


The analysis and proposed transfer of Arabs from Israel that I have set down are not personal views.  They are certainly not political ones.  This is the Jewish outlook, based on halakah the law as postulated in the Torah.


The removal of all Arabs who refuse to accept the exclusive, unquestioned Jewish sovereignty over Eretz Yisrael is not only logical and normal for any Jew with a modicum of an instinct for self-preservation; it is also the Jewish halakic obligation.  It is important that we know this in order to realize what true “Jewishness” really dictates and in order to instill in ourselves the faith and assurance that if we do this, all the nations in the world will be incapable of harming Israel.

The Jewish people are not merely one more nation.  “Though I put an end to all the nations among whom thou art scattered, but I will never put an end to thee” (Jeremiah 30:11).  Israel is indestructible.  It is unique, it is holy, it is the Chosen of the L-rd; it has a reason for being.  Its national uniqueness is built on an idea, on an ideology, that it alone has.   The Jew is selected and obligated to be a religio-nation, commanded to obey the laws and follow the path of Torah.  The covenant.  The Jewish people took upon itself the yoke of the L-rd, acknowledging Him as G-d and observing His laws.  The Almighty chose them as His unique people, pledging that they would be indestructible and would live in peace and prosperity in their own land, Eretz Yisrael.
The land was given as a reward, as a blessing.  But it is more, much more, than that.  The people of Israel have more than a right to the land; they have an obligation.  “For you shall pass over the Jordan to go in to possess the Land which the L-rd your G-d gives you, and you shall possess it and dwell therein” (Deuteronomy 11:31).
A unique people given, uniquely, a particular land.  Unlike all the other faiths that are not limited to one special country, the Jew is given a particular land and commanded to live there.  And for a reason, as Moses explains:  “Behold, I have taught you statutes and judgments, even as the L-rd, my G-d, commanded me, that you shall do so in the Land whither you go to possess it. (Deuteronomy 4:5).
It is impossible to create a holy, unique people that dwells as a minority within lands that belong to others.  The majority culture must infiltrate, influence, corrupt, woo, tempt, pervert.  The Jew is commanded to create for himself a holy nation, and that can only be done free of others, separate, different, apart.  That is why the unique nation, chosen for holiness and unique destiny, was given a land for itself: so that it might create a unique, holy society that would be a light unto the nations who would see its example and model.
And as the Torah clearly commanded: And you shall drive out all the inhabitants of the land from before you…But if you will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you, then it shall come to pass that those which you let remain of them, shall be thorns in your eyes and thistles in your sides and shall torment you in the land wherein you dwell.  And it shall be that I will do to you as I thought to do to them” (Numbers 3:52-56). 

Far better than foolish humans did the Almighty understand the dangers inherent in allowing a people that believed the land belonged to it to be given free and unfettered residence, let along ownership, proprietorship, citizenship.  What more natural thing than to ask to regain that it believed to be rightly its own land?  And this over and above the need to create a unique and distinctly separate Torah culture that will shape the Jewish people into a holy nation.  That “uniqueness” can be guaranteed only by the non-Jew’s having no sovereignty, ownership, or citizenship in the state that could allow him to shape its destiny and character.
This is Torah.  This is Jewishness.  Not the dishonest pseudo “Judaism” chanted by the Liberal secularists who pick and choose what “Judaism” finds favor in their eyes and who reject what their own gentilized concepts find unacceptable.  They weigh “Judaism” on the scales of their own intellectual arrogance – arrogance, incidentally, of intense ignorance.

And if this is not only the right of Jews but their obligation, what do we fear?  Why do the Jews tremble and quake before the threat of the nations?  Is there no longer a G-d in Israel?  Have we lost our bearings that we do not understand the ordained historical role of the State of Israel, a role that ensures that it can never be destroyed and that no further exile from it is possible?  Why is it that we do not comprehend that it is precisely our refusal to deal with the Arabs according to halakic obligation that will bring down on our heads terrible sufferings, whereas our courage in removing them will be one of the major factors in the hurrying of the final redemption?

What is wrong with us?  Who blinded us and blocked from our memories the existence and power of the G-d of Israel?  Did a Jewish people exist for 2,000 years without state, government, or army, wandering the earth interminably from land to land, suffering pogroms and Holocaust and surviving powerful empires that disappeared into history, just by coincidence?  Did a Jewish people return to its land from the far corners of the earth to set up its own sovereign state – exactly as promised in the Bible – through mere natural means?  What other nation ever did such a thing?  Where are the Philistines of Goliath today?  Where is imperial Rome with its Latin and its gods?  Who defeats armies in six days, and on the seventh they rest?
Who if not an Israel because there is a G-d in it!  The Land of Israel is His divine Land; the State of Israel is His divine hand.  History is not a series of random events, disjointed and coincidental.  There is a Creator, a Guide, a Hand that plans and directs.  There is a scenario to history.  The Jew has come home for the third and last time.  “But the third shall be left therein” (Zechariah 13:8).  The first redemption was that from Egypt; the second, the redemption of Ezra.  The third will never end” (Tanhuma, Shoftim 9).

We live in the era of the footsteps of the Messiah, the beginning of the final redemption.  The rise of the State of Israel from the ashes of Auschwitz marks the end of the night of black humiliation and agony, of Hillul Hashem, and the beginning of the dawn of the final, total redemption, of Kiddush Hashem, sanctification of G-d’s name. The State of Israel is not a “political” creation.  It is a religious one.  No power could have prevented its birth and none can destroy it.  It is the beginning of G-d’s wrath, vengeance against the nations who ignored, disdained, and humiliated Him, who found Him irrelevant, who “knew Him not.”  But, it is only the beginning.  How the final redemption will come, and when, depends on the Jews.

The exiles shall be ingathered only through “faith” (Mechilta, Exodus).  If we have it, if we truly believe in the existence of the Creator and Guider of history, the G-d of Israel, we can bring the final redemption today.  “When will the Messiah come? ‘Today, as it is said:  “Today, if you will hearken unto my voice’” (Psalms 95:7, Sanhedrin 98a).

The Arabs of Israel represent Hillul Hashem in its starkest form.  Their rejection of Jewish sovereignty over the Land of Israel despite the covenant between the L-rd of Israel and the Jews constitutes a rejection of the sovereignty and kingship of the L-rd G-d of Israel.  Their transfer from the Land of Israel thus becomes more than a political issue. It is a religious issue, a religious obligation, a commandment to erase Hillul Hashem.  Far from fearing what the Gentile will do if we do such a thing, let the Jew tremble as he considers the anger of the Almighty if we do not.

Tragedy will be ours if we do not move the Arabs out.  The great redemption can come immediately and magnificently if we do that which G-d demands.  One of the great yardsticks of real Jewish faith in this time of momentous decision is our willingness to reject fear of man in favor of awe of G-d and remove the Arabs from Israel.

The world?  The nations – united or otherwise?  What do they matter before the omnipotence of the Almighty?

“Why do the nations rage…the Kings of the earth set themselves and the rulers take counsel together, against the L-rd and against His anointed…He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh, the L-rd shall mock them…”  (Psalms 2:1-4).  The Jewish people and state cannot be destroyed.  Their weapon is their G-d.  That is reality

Let us remove the Arabs from Israel and bring the redemption.


July 13, 2012

4th of July – Gut Yom Tov!

Hot Dog!!
The hypocrisy of the liberal Jews is amazing. They allow themselves to say whatever they want, but when an Orthodox Jew says what he wants, that's suddenly against the rules. Yesterday, in what smacks of a Middle Age witch hunt and blood libel, I was ridiculed and attacked by two supposedly liberal Jewish bloggers, one who pictures himself as a bear, and the other as a dog, two non-kosher animals. They published snips and scraps of things I have written over the past several years, as if I were on trial in Russia. I didn’t know I had such devoted readers, who carefully documented my every word and kept them on file. Maybe they work for the Israeli Shabak or the FBI? This is all the more interesting since their attack on me falls on the Fourth of July, which for them is a cherished holy day, honoring the American principles of equality, pluralism, and freedom of speech, which obviously don’t apply to “idiot lunatic Zionists” like me who disagree with their leftist, anti-Torah opinions.

Ignoring the fact that my writing style often employs humor and exaggeration to make my points heard, they quoted things I have written, as if they were words carved in granite at The New York Times. One of the things they don’t seem to like, or agree with, is a blog which included a humorous (not to them) somewhat tongue-and-cheek list of government policies that I would initiate if I were the Prime Minister of Israel. I think what really bothers them, and their fellow liberal groupies, is that, deep inside, they know that the religious will one day be the majority in Israel, and that many things are going to change, in opposition to their more “enlightened values.” Since several of their readers asked if I really support these “outrageous” propositions, here is the platform they quoted with some explanatory comments. One thing I failed to mention is that I would immediately work toward establishing the Torah as the Law of the Land, with the reinstitution of the Sanhedrin and Supreme Court of Torah Sages.

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Mazel Tov, Rabbi Tzvi Fishman!!

Rabbi Tzvi
An amazing thing happened to me last night! While I was sleeping, an angel appeared in a dream and told me to start a new Jewish religion.

“A new Jewish religion?” I asked, bewildered.

“That’s right,” he replied.

I was certain that I was hallucinating because I had fasted yesterday and that my mind was playing tricks. So I went back to sleep. But the angel appeared once again and told me to start a new Jewish religion.

Two times is already a sign that a dream is true, so I was really at a loss for words.

“Why me?” I asked.   “You have a nice beard,” the angel replied.
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Jewish Identity Quiz

Many Jews make the mistake of thinking they are Jewish because they are members, in one form or another, of the Jewish religion. To their way of thinking, their main identity is as Americans, or Englishman, or Frenchmen, or Canadians, and they also belong to the Jewish religion, just like there are Americans who are Protestant, Catholic, or Baptist. But this isn’t the case at all. Being Jewish is a nationality, not merely a religion. We Jews are the Children of Israel. We are members of the Nation of Israel. It doesn’t matter where we live. Only because of having been exiled from our own Jewish Land and scattered to foreign countries for the last 2000 years do we mistakenly think we are members of those foreign, gentile nationalities. Yes, a Jew may have citizenship in the United States or France, but he is still, first and foremost a Jew. Without going into the deeper, spiritual explanation of our unique Jewish souls, this is a simple, basic truth that we have learned the hard way throughout our history, again and again and again. Wherever we wandered, whenever we thought we were good Yeminites, or good Spaniards, or loyal Germans, or dedicated Russians, or faithful Poles, sooner or later, the gentiles always reminded us that we were tragically mistaken – we were Jews – dirty stinking Jews.

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July 11, 2012

So Different Yet Similar


Music played loudly while the men danced. On the women’s side of the mechitzah, we tried to speak over the sounds. I leaned over the table to hear what my co-worker’s wife was saying.
“Well, because we are both Belz, it just made sense,” Zeldy said with a smile, then continued picking at the chicken on her plate.
“The Belzer Rebbe even had a hand in our shidduch; he told both of our parents that it was a good idea.”
“By the time a young couple meets,” another woman, Toby, piped in, “the families know so much about each other. All that remains is for the couple to meet. They sometimes even get engaged that night. I remember when my brother was about to meet a girl for the first time, I caught my mother buying candy for a party, and I said, ‘Ma! You’ve already decided they’re getting engaged?’ But they actually did. They got engaged that night!” Toby said with a laugh.

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July 6, 2012

Yasir Arafat Is Still Dead and We Know Who Really Did Him In

This article was first published here. Yasir Arafat is still dead. True, he was once alive. I sat across from him in his Gaza office, for example. And he even had a copy of my history of the PLO on his book shelf so he must have been of sound mind at the time.  It’s not my fault. I told him to start jogging and cut down on sweets.But he didn’t listen. On November 4, 2004, he died, a fate he previously delivered to thousands of far more innocent people.

 The effort now by various Palestinian factions to imply Israel killed him is the funniest thing in the Middle East since the CIA director’s congressional briefing when he said the Muslim Brotherhood was a secular democratic organization.

What’s dismaying is how much play Western media are giving this charge as if it should be taken seriously. When the West behaves in this way it signals at the least a dangerously naive credulousness and amnesia; at worst, it signals a profound anti-Jewish and anti-Israel complex on their part. But there’s something else in this story, something very chilling indeed. Revolutionary Islamists especially, but many Muslims otherwise, believe that Jews tried to murder Muhammad, the founder of Islam, and even if they failed that the poison shortened his life.

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July 5, 2012

Hands Behind Our Backs

a Palestinian is attempting to provoke a reaction out of an Israeli Border Guard policeman, while his friends are taking pictures. Kinda’ makes your blood boil, doesn’t it.
Hands Behind Our Backs

Online Anti-Semitism Doubles in Spain

Online anti-Semitism in Spain doubled in volume last year, according to a Spanish Jewish community monitor.
In a report on anti-Semitism in Spain in 2011, the Observatory on Anti-Semitism in Spain counted more than 1,000 anti-Semitic sites and web pages that the observatory says were created in Spain. In 2010 the observatory counted only 400 such sites. The observatory includes Spanish Facebook pages and groups in its reports.
The document on 2011 is the observatory`s third annual monitor report. The observatory was co-founded by the Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain.
In addition to the observatory`s research of anti-Semitic websites, the observatory received a total of 57 reports of anti-Semitic incidents in 2011. Of those, the observatory deemed 42 to be anti-Semitic. In 2010, the center received half the number of reports.

July 3, 2012

Rabbi Ariel Under Criminal Probe, ‘Banned Indefinitely’ from Temple Mount

A criminal investigation has been launched against Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, founder of the Temple Institute.
A criminal investigation has been launched against Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, founder of the Temple Institute.
Photo Credit: The Temple Institute
Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, the 78 year old founder of the Temple Institute and a former Israeli paratrooper who took part in Israel's liberation of Temple Mount in 1967, has been banned from entering the holiest Jewish site by Israeli Police. Ariel was informed of the ban last week after attempting to visit the site. Although an official reason was not given at the time, the Rabbi was told by police officers that he was banned indefinitely. A spokesman for the Jerusalem Police told the Jewish Press that the rabbi conducted himself in a manner which is not in compliance with the law and a criminal investigation has been launched against him. Rabbi Chaim Richman, International Director of the Temple Institute, wrote an email in response to a Jewish Press inquiry, saying: “The Israel Police's recent shift of policy towards Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount is a throwback to the dark ages of totalitarian rule. The draconian, illegal suppression of Jewish presence, prayer and identification is a stain on this great country's record of democracy. While on the one hand, the State of Israel champions human rights and pluralism, the treatment of Jews on the Temple Mount bespeaks utter contempt, insensitivity to religious feelings, and a brutal quashing of the most basic human rights." Rabbi Chaim Richman added that "it is inconceivable that Jews are treated as criminals for expressing a desire to pray at their holiest site. It is equally unconscionable that Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, who served with the paratroopers that liberated the Temple Mount in the 1967 Six Day War, risking his life and burying his comrades for the sake of the Jewish sovereignty of the Temple Mount, should be served with an order distancing him from the Temple Mount indefinitely. His 'crime' was giving thanks to God, in that very spot – for the return of the site to the Jewish people.

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July 2, 2012

Go figure Tom Friedman

Op-ed: Top columnist writings on Israel ludicrous, offer wildly contradictory advice

Martin Sherman

Tom Friedman is journalist of undoubted talent. He has produced numerous insightful and thought-provoking columns on both US domestic politics and on international affairs that range from the ascent of modern India to the potential profitability for inventiveness in environmentally friendly technologies. However, when it comes to Israel – specifically the Israel-Palestinian question – his writing morphs from the lucid to the ludicrous.
Indeed, since the beginning of the Obama Administration in late 2008, Friedman has sallied forth with series of articles that have not only been harshly critical of Israel, but also decidedly haughty and hostile. But as irritating as his condescending and contemptuous style may be, what is far more troubling is how the substance of his writings has become so detached from reality and/or so devoid of context.
In his Driving Drunk in Jerusalem (March 2010), Friedman adopted the most malevolent and mendacious aspects of anti-Israeli slander. In it, he suggested that the Israel government was putting the lives of American troops at risk – all because during a visit by Vice President Biden in Jerusalem, it approved an interim planning stage for the future expansion of an existing neighborhood in its capital, situated closer to the Knesset than Du Pont Circle (in central Washington DC) is to the Capitol.

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July 1, 2012

2 Stater's : Where will you live, if you survive?

Both sides say the other refuses to look at realty. The 2 Stater's say that the Arabs will never leave and we just need to figure out a way to live with them peacefully. We understand clearly that a 2 State Solution is the road to the final solution. The Arabs want Israel and the Jews eliminated from the ME. There simply is no way to live peacefully with Arabs. This fact is indisputable.

I understand a little the Jews that say Study Talmud, live a Jewish live and let HaShem take care of us with the Redemption. It did not work for 6 Million and that won't work for he 6 Million in Israel....

We are supposed to kill our enemy first, before they kill us....Meir Kahane said expel the Arabs and annex the land....This is the ONLY solution...the rest is "commentary"

The World continues to hate Israel and the Jews. The reason is irrelevant, it is their reason and has nothing to do with Jews.

Bibi is to weak and Kahane is gone....Michael Ben-Ari and Baruch Marzel are ready to take up the charge. There are still JDL's around the world...waiting....to help..

Where does this begin? The politics of Israel look like a Torah Jew will never be PM and be able to command a coalition....

In the Galut, what can I do? Strive for Tshuva and support Israel whenever possible.
I am sure that we can go home after the current residents of Israel get rid of the Arabs...
We will all go home...We will all go home...