October 25, 2013

Time Warner Cable and (Racist) Al Jazeera America announce deal....

Please consider complaining to time Warner. This is a Racist anti women station, at the best!

"Time Warner Cable and Al Jazeera America announced Thursday that they have reached an agreement for the cable company to start carrying the channel".

If this is carried out and this station is added to your lineup, I will spread the word and try to get this reversed. There are millions upset by this move that will contribute to this fraudulent station in their subversive attempt to promote Sharia.. Al Jazeera is a journalistic fraud owned by the government of Qatar. Qatar's legal system is a mixture of civil law and Islamic law. Shari’a is one of the sources of Qatari legislation, and is applied to aspects of family law, inheritance, and certain criminal acts. In some cases in family courts, a female's testimony is worth half a man's and in some cases a female witness is not accepted at all. This is racist and Anti-Women!

"In every generation, there are always a few who understand; Always understand... even if you remain among the few." - Meir Kahane

Avigdor Gidon Rudofsky

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