October 25, 2013

Syria, Iran, Islamist Terrorism, Qatar, Jordan, Gush Katif.....

Syria must have quieted down, I barely hear anything about the Muslim Civil war there. I think the POTUS is doing such bad things in the USA...that people are worried about domestic policy, rather then our enemies fighting each other?

Iran and the bomb...I guess those sanctions must doing a heckuva job, cause Iran is out of the news ...unless you hear Bibi make his usual feckless empty threats. I only hope his behavior is a ruse and that the Country of Israel is going to take some sort of action shortly.

Islamist Terrorism is being taught in Mosques all over the USA...do you think Al Jazeera being broadcast by Time Warner in the USA will be an easy portal for the Terrorist to direct their cockroaches?

Qatar. Sharia law and the Al Jazeera broadcast....hmmm. Time Warner is allowing a fraudulent Network to propagandize and build the Islamist cause in the US. This station is owned by a Country where Women are still chattel.

Jordan...still waiting for Jordan to over throw their King and bring home the Balestinians who all have Jordanian passports....

Gush Katif. This is the symbol ( See Amona ) of the failed policies of the Israeli Government lead by Bibi and a Knesset that is 10% Arab! .

We are waiting for the spirit of Meir Kahane to allow the people and Government of Israel to retake biblical Israel and throw the Arab/Muslim/Nazi's out

All in all the world is a mess and the you have people like Obama, Kerry, Powers and the whole incompetent administration...Listening foreign leaders cell phones etc...Booooo

It is NOW really time for a change!!

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