October 24, 2013

Iran - All quiet on the ME front...

So, other than Bibi talking without changing anything...what is changing to stop Iran from getting the bomb?

This is rather unlike Israel....they have destroyed the Iraq and Syria program...so now what?

Moshe Feiglin said best.
Destroy the Iran leadership and forget about Nuke plants and equipment.
Replace the leadership with secular Iranians that want Western life and the nuke threat will fade away.

This can be done in tandem with either the US or some group of Euro allies.
Israel destroy the leaders and comsat etc, the rest provide weapons and material to the Iranians that are the resistance etc.

People say that once Iran has a bomb...it is over...I disagree...
They still won't be able to get out of their own way.
Even if they have a bomb....you can still destroy their leadership and
help the change be made....

What are they waiting for ?
What a bunch of Kerry like gullible fools...


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