October 3, 2013

UN = UAN (United Arab Nations)

The history of the UN is an interesting one. If you are Jewish, it is a history of Anti-Semitic Resolutions. If you are a Gentile it seems fairly harmless as they never do anything but make resolutions and condemnations.

The purpose of the UN is of course to allow the Nations of the world a forum with translation.
That was hijacked by the power of Oil.
The Oil Nations (Arab) control each UN voting block...by simply threatening overtly or not to cut off Oil from any member that does support them. Period. Simple. This is the explanation for the overwhelming Resolutions about Israel over the years.

There have been many Countries that deserved debate or Resolutions for their  behavior, but virtually none are discussed or ...well...anything.

Conclusion - Due to the extreme influence of the Arabs, the UN is officially the Worlds number One tool of Anti-Israel and Antisemitism.

The only answer is to remove voting blocks and make the votes private...
But as soon as the Oil is no longer crucial to these Countries...either they will continue as is ...or they will vote in a non bias way...

We will see.
I am not optimistic... 

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