October 21, 2013

Terror! - written by Meir Kahane 1988


For the Jew, the worst of terror is not some “Palestinian” gang, but the frightening thought that the United States will stop supporting Israel.  That is the specter that haunts the Jew; that is the terror that gives neither sleep to his eyes nor slumber to his eyelids.

On the one hand, the Jew is gripped by fear of the gentile and on the other, by the perceived need of the gentile.  Both psychoses stem from the same tragic source:  Lack, utter lack of faith and belief in the L-rd, G-d of Israel.  And lacking faith, the Jew of practicality also lacks total understanding of Jewish destiny.

“The exiles will not be ingathered except through the merit of faith.”  The words of the Rabbis in the Mechilta (B’shalach).  A statement based on the verse of Hosea (3:22): “And I will betroth thee unto me in faith, and thou shalt know the L-rd.”  It adds nothing to Jewish merit that this verse is said daily by the Jew who puts on the tefillin.  And to whom it means nothing.

A clearer statement could hardly be found.  The exiles will not be ingathered except through faith.  Does anyone believe it?  Really believe it?  Really take the words seriously?  Does the Jew who is spellbound and convinced of the magical efficacy of Ronald Reagan and the miracle of American aid really believe that the only way of betrothal to G-d is through perfect faith and belief that G-d is the One who can save the Jew – the only one?

Hardly.  The decision by the gentiles in Washington to begin talks with the PLO led to a combination of surprise, shock, fear and foreboding from Jews who are totally convinced that the United States is beginning the abandonment of Israel and that without the United States, Israel cannot survive.  Small people; little people of little faith.
Just as the first Jew was chosen because he believed, because he had faith in G-d and was prepared to stand alone against an entire world (as it is said [Genesis 15:6]: “And he believed in the L-rd, and He counted it to him for righteousness”), and just as the Jews of Egypt were saved in the first redemption only through faith (as it is said [Exodus 4:31] “And the people believed”}, so shall the final redemption of the children of the first Jew come about only through faith.  And indeed, it is the only way the redemption of glory and majesty can come.

The Jew will never believe as long as he has even one ally.  For as long as he is not alone, he will always maintain that his survival is due to the “ally.”  People of little faith cannot ever have the strength to think anything else.  THAT IS WHY THE ALMIGHTY WILL GUARANTEE THAT THERE WILL BE NO ALLIES.  For only when there is absolutely no one upon whom the Jew can lean and thus delude himself, only then, when faced with absolute hopelessness, will the Jew – with no other choice – turn to the All Mighty.

And so, the beginning of the end of the delusion of American support is the beginning, too, of the end of the delusion that Israel’s survival depends on the gentile.  It does not.  And so, cease the hand-wringing and the moaning.  The Americans are not relevant to Jewish survival.  The Russians are not relevant to Jewish survival. Only the All Mighty is.  And because we do not believe it, we are about to embark on the painful process of learning it the hard way.

How foolish of us!  How needlessly we bring on ourselves tragedy!  Cease our dependence on the gentile and return to the L-rd.  Faith in G-d and a powerful Jewish arm will bring us the redemption in glory and majesty.

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