October 27, 2013

Affordable Care Act... (Obamacare) My Personal Review

I was able to sign up through the NY Health exchange. Initially unable to see plans etc.
Friday, I was able to see the plans available to my family.

There were 42 plans listed by 5 different companies...Fidelis, Excellus etc.

My Health Care Coverage for my family is $1800 per Month with Excellus with full coverage, responsible for a deductible of $500 per member max family deductible $2000 after the first $2500 that was 80/20.
The Affordable Care Act offer was for $900 per Month with a higher deductible and no more than 50% coverage of hospital stays or Dr's..This includes a federal contribution due to my income.The $3000 family member deductible is laughable.

Oh, and because of the penalty program for business..my employer notified us that he has officially stopped offering health care due to the Affordable Care Act.
Personally, I believe it is an excuse he is able to cite to cut and expensive benefit..but we are not alone..Employers all over the Country decided that offering Health Care to their employees was a bad thing.

The Affordable Care Act is just another example of the USA POTUS not understanding the economy, health care etc. He is totally incompetent to lead.
His actions are destructive now and for the long run of the USA.

I will sign up for Health Care if and when I get Ill and not before.
End of the wonderful era of preventative medicine.
This will quickly destroy the entire health system

Obama is clearly the worst POTUS in the history of the US. He is the laughing stock of the World. New leadership is required ASAP

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