November 27, 2012

Why Is the NY Times Islamist Terrorism's Apologist?

The NY Times is not just an apologist, but the leading apologist for Islamic terrorism. It bears responsibility for the results.
It is my strong impression that the indoctrination against Israel in its’ pages has, if possible, gotten more intense, more toxic, more formulaic. A lot crazier.

While the Times may cover atrocities in Rwanda or Sudan, or even the non-stop epidemics of Muslim-on-Muslim violence, it does not always side with the evil-doers.

Todays’ New York Times has extensive articles, (not about Manhattan), but about Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Gaza, and Syria. There is also an article about terrorism law in New York, a lead editorial titled “Close Guantanamo Prison” and an op-ed piece by one Yossi Beilin titled “Support Palestinian Statehood”—eight articles about Muslim countries and Islamist terrorism.

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