November 29, 2012

Jonathan Pollard - Enough!

Jonathan is still at:

Jonathan Pollard #09185-016
c/o FCI Butner
P.O. Box 1000
Butner, NC
U.S.A  27509-1000

Write him there. 
Jonathan tried to protect Israel, whatever else he may have done (including the 60 Minutes interview) is irrelevant to me. He has more than served any time he was due.

Release Pollard Now!

The simplest, most secure way to send a monetary gift to Jonathan or to contribute to his cantina fund is with a personal check sent to the NATIONAL COUNCIL OF YOUNG ISRAEL. NCYI will assume responsibility for transferring funds to the National Inmate Lockbox for Jonathan. Checks should be made out to NCYI Charities, designated for Jonathan Pollard and mailed to:
National Council of Young Israel
111 John Street, Suite 450
New York, NY
USA 10038

Telephone: 212-929-1525 ext 115
Fax: 212-727-9526


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