November 26, 2012

How Israel can deal with the situation brought upon us by witless 'experts'.

We Told You So
As a result of the Oslo Accords, we said they would attack us from any place we withdrew from.
We said that missiles would be fired on Ashkelon from Gaza, and all the leftist, delusionary peace seekers, claimed that we were terrifying the public – and now, ‘Gush Dan’ (greater Tel Aviv) is under fire.
We warned that retreating from Gush Katif would strengthen our enemies, but government and security officials responded arrogantly that, on the contrary – withdrawal would increase security.
We warned that abandoning the ‘Philadelphia Corridor’ at the Egypt-Gaza border would lead to the flow of weapons and missiles into the Gaza Strip, and they said there were agreements with the Palestinians and Egyptians that nothing would trickle in from Sinai to Gaza. And lo and behold, for years, a constant supply of missiles and other weapons have streamed into Gaza through Sinai.
We said that retreating would bring Hamas to power, and they argued – on the contrary, it would strengthen the P.L.O.
We said that if, after the withdrawal, we have to fight them, it would be much more difficult; we would have to fight in urban areas, and our situation in the eyes of the world would be much more problematic. They argued the exact opposite – if after retreat the Arabs open fire on us, we will be able to strike them relentlessly.

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