November 27, 2012

Against the Ceasefire: 10 Reasons Why It Won't Work

Israeli prime ministers are pathologically concerned about favorable Public Relations in the international media.

Thus, in Israel’s current war breaks with Hamas entrenched in Gaza—abandoned seven years ago for the sake of “peace”—Israeli prime ministers readily yield to ceasefires.

These peace-loving prime ministers ignore or fail to appreciate a basic principle of international politics, namely, that no dictatorship can dwell in genuine peace with a democracy on its borders.

All the more so, when the dictatorship is rooted in Arab-Islamic culture, on the one hand, and when the democracy is or appears to be Jewish, on the other.

To clarify this issue, I will enumerate ten contradictions between democracy and Arab-Islamic culture, and I invite opinion makers and decisions makers to open their minds to some demonstrable and empirically

verifiable truths about Israel’s enemies.

1. Whereas, freedom, including freedom of speech, is one of the two cardinal principles of democracy, Arab-Islamic culture is strictly authoritarian, which is why its media is state-controlled.

See the other 10 Reasons:

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