November 26, 2012

War makes certain things clear - Caroline Glick

I fail to understand how anyone can side with Hamas against Israel without being Hamas supporters, and therefore by definition supporters of the destruction of Israel. Hamas has never tried to hide its genocidal, Islam-inspired intention to destroy Israel and eradicate the Jewish people. They've proudly asserted it.

Here too it is worth noting that an attempt to "avoid escalation," is actually an attempt to preserve Hamas rule over Gaza. That is, an attempt to "avoid escalation" is pro-Hamas position. And again, any pro-Hamas position is an anti-Israel position because Hamas's reason for existing is to destroy Israel and eradicate the Jewish people. 

Now, for anyone still unconvinced by reality, or so snowed by the bigoted reporting of all the international media outlets that seek to hide reality rather than report on it, here are a couple of revealing videos.

See Videos:

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