November 9, 2012

This is the Year 5773, and Obamanation is the Man

The Obamanation that makes desolate, the 11th horn dude (half Muslim half Xtian iron mixed with clay) has won his 2nd term.  It will likely be America's last election.  He will rule by fiat and by Executive Order.  Horrors await those who stay in America.  For Eretz Yisrael, please see my previous post for what happens next!!  It will be good here when that international conference to destroy us is held this year 5773.  But with Fiscal Armeggeddon looming, millions of Americans will soon head for the Canadian border with their wealth in tow after converting immobile assets to gold or silver.  In Texas a major Revolution is being conceived as I write this.  Many counties in Texas are prepared to revolt already.  Ask Judge Tom Head of Lubbock County, Texas how the revolution will proceed.  This is it folks.  More later.  I am tired after a long night.  I need to daven and get some sleep.

So I was correct about how Hurricane Sandy would help Obamanation look pretty and Presidential.  American voters could care less about good and evil anymore.  Their elected one is pure evil, and he showed it is Benghazi, and still they could care less.  And even worse, he called for revenge, against whom, we will soon find out....And he still won.  More later.  Again please read my previous post again.  It will now all transpire this year.  all of it.  This Zohar VaYeira has a track record.  The signposts have occurred on schedule.  So the main event for the international one state conference that Obamanation has planned will also come true.  Baruch HaShem.  But get out of America now!!  Make Aliyah!! Let your gentile neighbors head for Canada.

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