The KGB has staged a comeback in Russia and is active abroad. 

A Danish correspondent who spent many years in Russia—where he was obviously recruited by the KGB, as most other pro-Russian journalists are—published unnecessarily explosive anti-Islamic caricatures and announced plans to reprint Holocaust caricatures from an Iranian newspaper. He even declared that Muslims should learn to accept insults in democracies. That’s a classic KGB provocation.

Russia sells weapons to Iran and supports it in the UN, and aids just about every anti-American force in the world. The KGB has returned to the communist strategy of peripheral conflicts with America and its allies: Russia, though generally anti-Islamist, supports Hamas and Iran. The KGB has established a firm grip over the Russian economy, particularly oil and gas exports, to finance its endeavors. The KGB was mainly a political police before, but has become a for-profit corporation with its own political and business interests.

 Putin’s Russia is a modern East India company on grand scale. The KGB stops at nothing to further its aims. Minor political assassinations at home and abroad and corporate robbery of unfriendly oligarchs do not count. The KGB blew up several buildings in Moscow to blame on Chechens and start the war; Sept. 11 was modeled on those bombings.

The KGB established full control over the Russian media and, in the proven communist manner, left decidedly insignificant media (Russian Internet) free to vent dissent.
Israel was made in Russia’s image. Stalin, a wise monster, knew that the Jews who established a totalitarian communist empire would build its likeness in the Middle East—and backed Israel.

Since their inception, Mossad and Shabak were leftist domains. They didn’t admit the right-wingers and stalked right-wing politicians. Both still hunt the right-wingers; Shabak specializes in installing agents-provocateurs. The security agencies use the license to root out Islamic insurgents to operate against the Jews beyond public control; Shabak’s “Jewish section” applies the refined methods of anti-terrorist operations to conservative Jewish groups. Both Mossad and Shabak have created vast economic empires (Shabak largely with the Palestinians, Mossad farther away).

Israeli security services long ago developed their own political agenda and preferences. They killed prominent Jewish politicians: Kahane, Rabin, Ze’evi, and likely Sharon, and won’t hesitate to impose their will on Israeli society. They might not ignore the tempting example of the KGB’s takeover of Russia.