September 3, 2013

Fiscal deficit not enough for POTUS, add leadership deficit....

We have a POTUS leadership deficit that is out of control.

At each turn the US is removing leadership from ME Countries in hopes of
creating Democracies.
These are all tribal leadership based Countries and Democratic is simply not possible.
Each time we remove one of these leaders the following occurs:

1) The entire population resents out intervention
2) The replacement leaders are either Muslim/Islamists/Nazis or a less viable "thug"
    that will be killed or replaced as soon as the US leaves.
3) Creating a world image of domineering and meddling.
4) We are building a resentful portion of the US that is offended and worse from each group that is from the Country where we have intervened. 
5) We have made the US population confused as to the purpose of ALL of these military actions.   People now beleive that all of these actions are not for the benefit of the US. That there is another purpose.

When the POTUS took office he stated clearly he wanted the US to be a stong player in the World Community. But only a player. When do we act only in tandem with the World community when our interests are not actually threatened?

We need a change of leadership desperately. ASAP!

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