September 27, 2013

5774 - Start the Torah - Review needed.

So where does the world stand?

There is a clear axis of Evil and then there are the other Countries that are:

1) Powerful and engaged for whatever reasons.
2) Not powerful and engaged whatever reasons.
3) Powerful and not engaged for whatever reasons.
2) Not powerful and not engaged whatever reasons.

You can make a list yourself. The only Countries that are relevant to the discussion are those engaged.

The engaged do make or try to make policy for those not engaged. Either directly or by omission.

The major issues are ( not in order) :

 1)  War on Terror
 2)  Dictator States
 3)  Global warming
 4)  Health
 5)  Economies
 6)  Nukes
 7)  Poverty
 8)  Racism
 9)  Aid
10) Water
11) Oil/Energy
12) Human rights
13) Free trade
14) Iraq
15) Middle East
16) Islamists

All of these issues affect directly or indirectly Israel.
Because of the antisemitism promoted primarily by the Arab/Muslim/Nazi's (AMN), Israels actions are
misconstrued on a daily if not hourly basis.

The US suffers from a similar type of problem. By promoting Democracy worldwide, they are seen as imperialistic ...through the very clouded lens of the countries they are trying to free. This is usually promoted by the AMZ and the local despot, dictator that obfuscates the truth.
No matter what any Country or individual says...If any of these Countries adopted Democracy ...the despot, dictators would be removed. Some may say that there would then be a new "ruling class" elected to rule and beholding to special interests that put them there. This may be true ...but it does appear to be so much better for the general population then can be discussed here.

If the world was Democratic the issues listed above would change completely...
Democratic leaders would be able to negotiate instead of fighting....MAYBE.

In addition a new collection of know A league of Nations could be established ...
Perhaps like the original body...

This did not and will not happen.

So we return to the list above and realize that the issues has different urgency for each country.

As a world body, the eradication of the AMN would eliminate the terror and the nuke threat ...or at least go a long way towards being in control of the threats.

When the Islamist threat is removed from the world stage..the rest is downgraded  and can be dealt with for the benefit of all.

For Israel, the threat is external and internal.
They are surrounded by the enemy and also have a fifth column inside the Country now.
The US has a Fifth column completely originated by the House of Saudi ...a bitter enemy...even if the US Government doesn't recognize it or simply is drunk with oil. If the oil is that important, the US should have taken over Saudi Arabia , seized the oil and been done with it. The AMZ think that is how the West is. But alas, it is not.

The Mosques in the US, created by the Wahhabi Saudis are the future implementers of terror and the leaders in the Islamist quest for World domination.

The other issues pale compared to AMN.

What do you think?

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