September 12, 2013

POTUS, Putin and the Gas....

It seems as though people have actually learned how to effectively play people or groups or even Countries.

The way it works is the evil people understand the basic nature of the non-evil person.
They have learned to appeal to their sense of fair play.
Meanwhile the evil ones are planning to take advantage of the seemingly disarmed.
They are led to believe that anyone who is this reasonable or rational is trustworthy....

When on Earth did the former leader of the KGB and current despot in charge of Russia and plenty of FSU Countries become trustworthy or reliable.

Putin is known for stealing rings and creating UN vote roadblocks simply to try to make Russia a player.
Without the Nukes, Russia is ....hmmm Ukraine? Well, you get the idea.

Israel is catching on that they are the fall guy in all of the POTUS's plans.
No matter how the ME ends up, the POTUS wants to make Israel beholding to the US for protection.
The POTUS wants to disarm Israel in a sense if not literally and then claim to provide some Sicilian certain costs...Jerusalem....Israel pulling back to 1947 borders etc....

Syria is filled with people that are no friend of the US or Israel.
Syria is engaged in a civil war ...the POTUS is confused because the US usual M/O is to support the despotic leader until they are to much trouble for one reason or another. In this case
the non-secular alternative is worse and the only collateral damage seems to be fleeing the Country
in huge numbers.

Where is the POTUS petitioning the UN for international rule in Syria with protection for Assad?

Where are the human rights groups now?

They are to be seen because Israel is not involved.
Where was the US Rep to the UN during the Syria vote? On personal business...why?
Cause Israel was not involved.
This administration's blatant Anti-Semitism is growing in transparency.

The POTUS is the red line for the US.
He has crossed is time to recall the POTUS


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