November 27, 2013


Paintings of your ancestors is Goyish - Finding your ancestors is Jewish. 

Sweaters worn over shoulders as scarves is Goyish - Scarves worn over hairdos as rain bonnets is Jewish.

Sketches of the children are Goyish - Sketches by the children are Jewish.

Cattle is Goyish - Cows are Jewish

The Practice was Goyish - Boston Legal is Jewish

Skippy-your son's name, is Goyish - Skippy- your dog's name, is Jewish. 

Tupperware is Goyish - Waxed paper is Jewish

Gatorade is Goyish - Ice tea is Jewish

The Outer Limits is Goyish - The Twilight Zone is Jewish

Olive loaf is Goyish - Liverwurst is Jewish

Duck hunting is Goyish - Bargain hunting is Jewish

Shake 'n Bake is Goyish - Breadcrumbs is Jewish 

Crew teams are Goyish - Chess teams are Jewish

Shirley (Laverne and Shirley) is Goyish - Laverne is Jewish

Collecting ceramic ducks is Goyish - Collecting duck sauce packets is Jewish.

"The New Yorker" is Goyish - "New York Magazine" is Jewish.

Riding lessons are Goyish - Piano lessons are Jewish.

Chow mein is Goyish - Lo mein is Jewis.

School cheering squads are Goyish - School newspaper staffs are Jewish.

Area rugs are Goyish - Wall-to-wall carpeting is Jewish.
Black pepper is Jewish, Wasabi is Goyish.

Blue is Jewish, Spirit is Goyish.

George (on Seinfeld) is Jewish, Kramer is Goyish.

Marie Barone (Everybody Loves Raymond) is Jewish, Evelyn Harper (Two and a Half Men) is Goyish.

Black and White Cookies are Jewish, Twinkies are Goyish.

Star Trek (original Series) is Jewish, Babylon 5 is Goyish.

ShopRite is Jewish, Acme is Goyish.

Hellman's Mayonnaise is Jewish, Miracle whip is Goyish.

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