November 22, 2013

J-Street Favors Iran Sanctions.

J-Street Favors Iran Sanctions.

I know that Iranian sanctions are useless as do most people.
The fact that J-Street supports sanctions as is or with additional says it all.

J-Street is clearly anti-Semitic and anti-Israel.

The fact that there are "Jewish" groups in the Galut that advocate anything short of
not allowing Iran to get/use Nukes is astonishing.

How many times does this sort of thing have to occur before these groups understand the truth and what kind of people they are dealing with...

Israel stands alone and you are either with them or against them.
I say that in the light that the division is right and wrong.
Those that are against any issues that relate to Israeli security etc...speaks for itself.

Those that claim anything about Israel, have not experience in or with Israel, are not affected by Israel's existence in any way etc....  are simply either uneducated or anti-Semites.

Iran (Persia) has done this before and in this case it is clearly being driven by Muslim/Nazi's.
The people of Iran need to rise up and remove and destroy the current barbaric leadership for their own survival. At some point, they will suffer for standing by and not organizing against the Mullahs.

This is a fairly common occurrence.
It is happening in Israel now. Otherwise, The Knesset would be led by the Kach party and the
Arab/Muslims would be relocating as you read this. And they should.

Kahane Tzadak!

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