November 26, 2013

Is Israel Calling You?

I know it is calling me. But why, what makes long for a place I have never been?
What makes my children want to go to a place they have never been? Two of my children have been to Israel!
They want to go back....

What makes me so proud that they wanted to go, were willing to go and perhaps had to go? Is it a religious calling? Not consciously at least. I don't think that is the impetus. It is much more than that.

We have all grown up hearing about Israel and our heritage. Even if my immediate Mishpacha is not from Israel, somewhere back a few years further....we are.

It is a place that celebrates the Jewish holidays not someone else's. A place that uses a Hebrew calender and language.

Israel remains the only place a Jew can feel safe from his own countries population.

I listen to Arutz Sheva, HaaRetz, Ynetnews and the JPost for the different perspectives of Jewish life and Government. It seems that there is a return to Religiosity and that the Jewish people want a new PM that will protect Ha Eretz Yisrael and defend the population.

It is time to think of going home. Home to a place you may never have been...but yet remains the biblical and spiritual home for every Jew.

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