November 28, 2013

Obama, Israel...the World

I was a life long Republican. I mailed out my application to switch to the Democratic party to the Board of Elections 8/29/08. Primarily because I have had enough of the appearance of Republican indifference. I still walk a fine line between not believing in trickle down economics and curbing social programs. Strangley though....I voted for the old man and the idiot....Republicans, because I knew Obama was completed incompetent to be POTUS.  Little did I realize the wealth redistribution and removal of US exceptionalism programs were his primary goal.

As far as Israel, my future may seem non-humanist, but I think Kassam rockets should be answered by return fire each time, 10 X in response.

When the enemy fires weapons at us , we should return each rocket with a
larger response in the general direction they came from (careful not
to hit ourselves of course). Perhaps when their villages and and schools are bombed the Gaza Arabs will blame the source of their war ...themselves.

Why on Earth should we care , this is war...kill the people who are out to kill you...first.

Hamas said they will only step up the bombing after any future "disengagement".
Why does Israel protect the Refugee Arab Human Shields? The USA is the
official world police not Israel. After all .. the entire Arab
population in Gaza etc are all terrorists or relatives of the terrorists that stand
watching & cheering.

Were the Residents of Dresden in WW2 all military ...No. The US did what was necessary! There is no reason not to strike and then expel the enemy.

The world is against Israel, the entire world with few exceptions.
Regardless of what Israel their eyes it will be wrong (See the resolutions of the Racist, anti-Semitic UN).
So Israel: Protect the Jews first and only.

Israel has the weapons and control. Yet Israel does not want control for fear of negative world opinion...from those who hate us anyway. Perhaps quietly the USA wants
Israel to to sweep in and sweep them out & set up permanent borders and annex what they want. Then the issue for the USA would become helping refugee Arabs return to Jordan etc.

The disengagement was the start of a slow suicide, but you already know that.

Rabbi Meir Kahane was right.
Israel must proactively create their destiny. Hashem will only allow what he wants.

Born with little interest in Torah or Shul, a place where they would not display the Israeli Flag , they wanted to be "Jews" but not be identified with Israel. I knew no better.

My Brother in Law went to Israel in 2003 and told me of the digs he
went to and something clicked. A connection was made. Now I
understand. I went back and reread Torah and am very, very slowly teaching myself
Hebrew. It is a very slow road because I can't find a Carob tree to study under...

I feel the connection. Hashem is always there.

I am a member of the Religious right - Orange Jews. I favor Manhigut Yehudit to
lead Israel. My Hope & Prayers are with all the Jews in Israel.

Lets Go Israel!

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