November 19, 2013

Jewish Country - Jewish Identity - Feiglin

True Jewish education for every Jewish child in Israel.

Authentic Jewish culture.

A justice system based on Jewish values.

An efficient and ethical economy based on Jewish labor.

Restoration of the values of courage and victory to Israel's army.

Policies that reflect the firm conviction that the Land of Israel belongs to the
Nation of Israel.

Media that reflect Jewish values and morals.

Encouragement of aliyah to Israel so that every Jew can come home and feel at home.

Definition of loyalty as a national code: Loyalty to family, to Israel's POWs and to its allies.

National security: Fighting evil instead of compromising with it.

During the two thousand years of exile, our Jewish identity had shrunk to no more than rituals of observance. When we returned to Israel to build a Jewish state, though, we once again experienced the full spectrum of Jewish life. What should our army look like? What constitutes a cultural event? How do we relate to poverty? Jewish identity is much more than observance of the commandments. It is a return to our natural, Jewish state of consciousness; when our entire being is motivated by our connection to G-d.
The Jewish State is the instrument for establishing the sovereignty of the Jewish People in the Land of Israel. It is the tool for realizing the teachings of the prophets; an example and a model for the entire world.
The following is an overview of the three basic principles that should guide an authentic Jewish state.

Love of Israel, Torah and the Land

Love of Israel
Solidarity toward every Jew, because he is a Jew - without any differences of opinion, party, community or standing - will be the banner and basis of Israeli society. Love of the nation is the love of the entire nation: the similar and the different; the near and the far; the average and the exceptional; love of Jews who fear G-d and love of Jews who do not; love of the Right and love of the Left.

Love of the nation is expressed by awareness of the needs of the poor - both those poor materially and those poor spiritually - and by individuals and the general public undertaking to answer their needs. It is enhanced by refraining from gossip and slander. This, of course, will mandate a change in the role of the media in public life.

Love of the Torah
The Torah of Israel is the Law that was given to Moses at Sinai, including the teachings and the commentaries of our sages in every generation. Love of the Torah is the recognition that it is the reason for our existence as a distinct people, it is the reason for our miraculous survival through the ages, and in it is hidden the positive import of our existence in the future.

An authentically Jewish state should initiate, support and encourage institutions of Torah learning of all kinds, for both the religious and non-religious population - equally and in accordance with standards of proper government - with the sole requirement that these institutions will not foster any anti-Torah efforts.

Love of the Land
Love of the Land is the complete faithfulness to the Land of Israel; the Land that was promised in its Biblical borders to the Fathers of the Nation by the Creator of the world. It includes the understanding of the positive connection between the Land and the ability of the Nation of Israel to fulfill its earthly goals. Love of the Land involves a deep, positive connection of the Jewish soul to the Land, to Biblical and historical sites, to the scenery as well as the strict conservation of nature, the ecology, and archeological sites.

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