November 26, 2013

NEVER a Country called Palestine.

Also, The Arabs can't pronounce P's, so they fictiously refer to it as (LOL) Balestine.
They can't even pronounce a name they use for propaganda. What a hapless people.

Start at any point in history and describe the Country of Palestine:

When was it founded?
What were its borders?
What was its capital?
What were its major cities?
What constituted the basis of its economy?
What was its form of government?
Name at least one Palestinian leader before Arafat?
What was the language, currency, or religion of the country of Palestine?
What was Palestine proud of? Known for?

When did Palestine declare its independence?
There is no Palestine today. When was it destroyed?
Why have they not declared a Palestinian State in Gaza?
Why are the Arab populations of Gaza, Judea, and Samaria different skin colors?
Could it be because they come from different places....

Who are the assembled Refugees that claim to be Palestinians?

After the Partition that created Trans Jordan (Jordan) the so called Palestinian people had a State.
Why were the refugees never absorbed into Jordan?
Is it because the Arabs simply want to kill all of the Jews and continue their plan from the Mufti and WW2?

Peace in the Middle East starts and ends with Jordan taking their own people back.
President Bush should pull Condi out of Israel and send her to Jordan to negotiate the end of the War. The Arabs will have lost and perhaps can stop trying to kill
everyone and begin the task of helping their own population.

Will Obama do it? I doubt it. He is anti-semitic and is the new King of appeasement and redistribution.........

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