November 21, 2013

Israel, Parshah and Us

So we read Parshah and try to understand more and more.
Where do we fit in?
How do we carry out Hashem's statutes effectively?

It is the secular lifestyle that pulls us away from sanctifying.
It pulls us away from holiness.
But this is the purpose of life...

It is what we need to do to elevate the Neshama.

So how does this involve Israel?
Israel faces the same problem.
The secular/politician Bibi has to face the pull of Hashem against
secular leadership in congress with the other Nations.

He is unable to clear away the smutz of his confusion and to just lead
Jewishly.  So, instead of following his heart and Hashem's wish's ...he listens to his fellow man.

Israel needs Torah Leadership NOW.

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