November 18, 2013

Torah Code

The basis for Mr. Roffman's Torah code work on the Ark of the Covenant are tables having the key word for Ark of the Covenant and Jerusalem plus names of places that satisfy a constraint which makes them interesting to Mr. Roffman. There are two places just on the coast of Egypt that Mr. Roffman finds interesting. They are Zuqba and Bardawal. The table below has all the four key words. From the י of ירושלם, Jerusalem, to the צ of צקב, Zuqba, it is 7 rows down and 22 columns across. A triangle with opposite side of 7 and base of 22 has an angle whose tangent is 7/22=.3182. The angle is the arc tangent of .3182 which is 17.65 degrees. Starting from north, which he aligns with the top of the table, and rotating clockwise to 270 degrees less 17.65 degrees comes to 252.35 degrees. Zuqba is interesting because the geographic course heading from Jerusalem to Zuqba is 252.35 degrees. A similar kind of reasoning indicates that Bardawal is interesting.


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