November 28, 2013

Crazy? Who would travel to China?

Who would travel to China?
It is clearly a place where you may simply disappear.
The types of places you would be taken and the "work" you would be forced to perform would be enough to guarantee that I would never go near China.

But some people will and do. Who and what are they?
Are they simply humanists that believe all are good until they prove otherwise?
Are they Leftist Liberal humanist?

Or are they simply out of touch with reality?
Westerners that travel to China are taking to large a risk simply for the sake of their own children.

That they risk making their children ophans!
The Chinese government is made up of very dangerous people!

Israeli's that travel to China are leftists too?
Why would Israeli's go there?
Why would they march in the opening ceremonies (Olympics) of such a vile people with a record of massive child and adult abuse?

Why would they lend any validation to this Communist country that kills their own female babies because ...

Would you buy anything from China?
It is full of lead, they export as much of their waste by products as possible...TO YOU.

Avoid China...stay alive and well

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