November 25, 2013

Churchill compares "Mein Kampf" to Quran

by Daniel Pipes
February 21, 2008

As the Dutch politician Geert Wilders nears the release of his film expected to present the Koran as analogous to Hitler's Mein Kampf ("My Struggle"), a point he has already made, it is worth recalling who else has made this comparison. Yes, in recent years, it's become a quite common theme on the right – for example, Fox News Channel host Bill O'Reilly did so on his show in 2002.

But the really interesting comparison is Winston Churchill's, though he did it the other way around. It comes on p. 50 of From War to War, the first part of the first volume of his 6-part Second World War. Chapter 4 deals with Adolf Hitler, including a close look at Mein Kampf, which Churchill called "the new Koran of faith and war: turgid, verbose, shapeless, but pregnant with its message." 

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